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Making Your Trade Show Stand In San Antonio A Social Media Darling

By September 11, 2012May 14th, 2018Trade Show Displays

Has interest in your trade show stand in San Antonio been flagging the past few years? Do you feel like it’s being neglected in favor of table top displays or banner stands in Austin that have more to say? Stop and re-evaluate the real reasons. It may be that your competitors are taking advantage of social media outlets in ways that are driving interest right to their Austin trade show stands. Promoting your booth properly in the brave, new world of Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter and Stumble Upon can be daunting, but using these social sites can bring you a string of renewed interest at your next industry event.


Smart Phones And Your San Antonio Trade Show Stand

San Antonio conference attendees are now using their smart phones and tablets as a way to keep up with what’s going on at an individual trade show stand in San Antonio in order to ensure they aren’t missing anything crucial as they wind their way through the countless Austin banner stands and table top displays. Austin venues are seeing similar actions, with attendees taking full advantage of this relatively new way to streamline their trade show commitments while maximizing what they really want to focus on. Getting good coverage on social media will quickly drive visitors to your trade show stand, so be sure information about your company and some images of your Austin table top displays can be downloaded and reviewed by conference attendees.


Make Plans For Later

Most visitors on the convention floor are hurrying around trying to grab up the free gifts, briefly shake hands with other exhibitors, and get moving. It’s not conducive to take the time to really focus on any individual trade show stand in San Antonio, but it’s the way most people manage to juggle visiting table top displays in Austin and banner stands that catch their eyes. But in some cases, they’re in such a hurry they miss your San Antonio trade show stand entirely. What happened? Most likely, there was simply not enough time. To overcome the time constraint, our event professionals at Xtreme Xhibits recommend scheduling a meet-and-greet or cocktail party close by after the trade show floor is closed. If you can rent a private space ahead of time, you can even set up your San Antonio trade show stand in that room, where it will have far more impact because it’s no longer surrounded by the clutter of dozens or even hundreds of competing exhibits. Visitors will be able to relax, unwind and connect with you and your trade show stand in San Antonio without worrying about the time or having to hurry away. Let your innovative San Antonio trade show stand from Xtreme Xhibits multi-task for you.


Keep On Tweeting

Twitter isn’t the only game in town; there’s also Facebook, FourSquare and a host of other social media outlets that you can use to give interested parties more information and keep your trade show stand in their thoughts. Announcing unique giveaways, free consultations or the promise of cookies and a great cup of coffee will have people flocking to your trade show stand, where your Austin table top displays and banner stands in Austin will capture their interest and promote your product or service while they’re indulging a bit.


Any time you post a good photograph of your Austin banner stands or table top displays online, you’re creating a new interest in your company’s product or service. Blogging from the event floor is another great way to keep things lively at your trade show stand. San Antonio event professionals from Xtreme Xhibits note that updates from the floor are particularly popular in some industries if they are tied to photos, demonstrations or interesting industry links. Some people may simply be too busy to visit all the table top displays on the floor, but if you’ve uploaded videos or pictures, they may save that information and get back to you after the trade show has packed up and gone home.


While some industry leaders lament the intrusion of social media into the traditional realm of the trade show stand in San Antonio and elsewhere, we believe that it is the beginning of a new way to become interactive and generate more interest in today’s highly creative table top displays and banner stands in Austin and across the country. If you haven’t started using social media yet, now is the time to take advantage of it to cleverly promote your next trade show stand in San Antonio.

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