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Make A Big Impact With A Tabletop Display

By September 8, 2015August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Make A Big Impact With A Tabletop Display For Your Trade Show Booths In San Antonio

When an employer is looking to hire a top-performer for their company, many factors are considered. How well will this new employee fit into our existing team? Is this person versatile? Can he or she clearly articulate the goals of our company? A similar process takes place when a company considers which products to incorporate into their trade show booths in San Antonio.

One product that can meet the needs of a company with high expectations, and is easy on the budget is the tabletop display. As a smaller, more portable and economical choice for trade show booths, the tabletop exhibit may be the best choice for companies looking for those qualities.

Small Display. Big Impact.

A tabletop display is just what its name describes, a product designed to be placed upon a table, rather than stand on its own. Typically they weigh between 10 to 60 pounds. Designed to be one of the focal points of your trade show booth, this type of exhibit provides that powerful, succinct impact that exhibitors want to make.

Benefits of the tabletop display are numerous. While some trade show booths in San Antonio require a hired crew to transport, assemble, and disassemble; a tabletop setup only requires a crew of one. What’s more, the convenient size of this exhibit product will save a company money, because in most cases does not need to be shipped or stored off site.

Contrary to what some may think, the size of exhibits within a trade show booth is not always directly related to the success of the exhibits. The best exhibits allow for connections to be made between products and clients, regardless of the exhibit’s size. Using a tabletop display keeps the display space reasonable and leaves ample room for interaction with attendees.

Many Uses For The Tabletop Displaytrade-show-booths-San-Antonio

While a large exhibit with several pieces creates a striking exhibit environment, it is tough to use that type of display in many different settings. A tabletop display can continue performing on a company’s marketing team even after its use in trade show booths in San Antonio. Here’s another trade show tip, this reasonably sized display can be used well after the trade show. It can be used in a variety of settings such as special events, conferences, presentations, storefronts, and many more. Even in a constrained space, a well-designed tabletop display will professionally and impactfully present a company’s brand and product.

Another notable feature that makes the tabletop display versatile is that it can easily be combined with other types of displays. A new company may only be able to make a modest investment in their first trade show booths in San Antonio. In the future, a further investment in additional custom exhibit products can be made and incorporated with an existing tabletop display.

Maximize Space Through Smart Design

When considering what to put on a tabletop exhibit, it is best to select a design like a billboard, rather than a brochure. Selecting one large image to communicate the brand is better than including as much information as possible. The use of a single, easily readable font and colors that have high contrast will grab the attention of attendees more than smaller environments with a great deal of visual distraction.

Simplify your trade show booth by getting rid of all other clutter in the exhibit environment. By eliminating everything that isn’t necessary, the display will take center stage and open space will be created for conversation and connection. The use of technology can and should still be a part of a tabletop display booth. Using tablets will create opportunities for sharing videos and pictures of products and demos. They can also be used for lead management systems.

Most exhibit design companies offer custom-printed table throws and covers that give your trade show booth a polished look. They are designed and printed using colors and logos that are consistent with your company’s brand.

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc. is a premier producer of trade show booths in San Antonio. They offer a wide variety of design options for tabletop displays and a creative services team to help your brand look its best. Contact them and let them explain how their quality exhibit services can help your company stand out.