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Four Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit POP

Are you worried your trade show exhibit will be lost in a sea of boring, ho-hum sameness? Have no fear! With a little work, some creativity, and of course expertise from Xtreme Xhibits, you can generate more excitement, more traffic, and more leads.

Exciting Trade Show Exhibit IdeasBe Bold – Use Color & Images

You’re competing for eyeballs, and our eyes love color and strong images. Don’t be afraid to stand out from all the tans and grays with some bold, bright colors. Make sure to use your branding color especially in some element of your booth to strengthen that connection. Use bigger images, not more images, to create maximum impact.

Create Space – Use Lighting, Height and Even Flooring to Make a Trade Show Exhibit People Want to Enter

Brightly lit booths will stand out from the crowd. Using backlighting, accent lighting, colored lighting, and even moving lights to draw attention. You want to create a space that’s inviting to enter and stay in. Your trade show exhibit can go above and beyond the ordinary by using dramatic height or even something as simple as attractive flooring.

Get Attention – Use Movement and Props

People are drawn to movement, so consider using elements like rotating signage or even just move about your booth while making your presentation. Props are a tried and true way to stand out – think classic motorcycles, unusual objects, and lots more. Get creative and people will come by just to see what you’ve done.

Embrace Technology – Use Video & AV Tech

Combining the advantages of bold colors and lighting and movement, plus the ability to tell a story, video is a must-have. It can be as simple as a Powerpoint presentation, but it can be big-screen full-motion video if your budget allows.

With a little effort and creativity, you can increase the excitement and make your trade show exhibit a must-see.