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Skyline’s Convenient Merchandising Stands For Better Sales

By September 26, 2016August 21st, 2017Trade Show Marketing

Skyline’s Convenient Merchandising Stands Make Trade Show Sales Easier

Convenient merchandising standsIf you’re looking for ways to make merchandising in your trade show booth easier and more effective, Skyline offers a wide variety of convenient merchandising stands, shelving units, and shelf stands to help you create a successful display. First, you’ll need to decide whether a store or a showroom type display will be most effective for your products and sales model. In general, showroom-style display is best for products the customers will not be carrying out, and store-style merchandising is more effective for items you expect customers to purchase and carry off immediately. Trade show merchandising shares a lot of the same retail psychology principles as merchandising in a brick and mortar store.  You get a lot less space to work with, though, so it’s critical to design a display where every square inch counts, without making it feel uncomfortably crowded.

  • Shelving Units – Shelving units give a great deal of display space with a smaller footprint than other display pieces, and offer an additional space to display graphics that draw attention to your products and message. When you design a booth using shelving units, it’s important to keep traffic flow in mind. If your floor plan causes a bottleneck of people trying to get in and out to see what’s on your shelves, people will spend less time interacting with the products and people walking by on the aisle will be less likely to enter your booth in the first place. If the people in your booth block view of your products from the aisle, this can also serve as a deterrent, so think about placing shelving units perpendicular to the aisle, so there is always some view of your products for passers-by.
  • Tables – Placing your product on a table immediately sets that product apart in the minds of your visitors. “What is this? Why is it special? I should go see!” Of course, tables are also ideal for hand-on demonstrations, so not only are people more likely to approach, but your both team get an additional opportunity to engage those people and get the product into their hands.
  • Individual Shelves – If space is tight and your exhibit won’t fit a table or full-sized shelving unit, banner stand with individual shelf accessories offer a way to throw the spotlight onto smaller products. Visitors will still be drawn to notice whatever you display in the shelf, though they may need some friendly encouragement to pick it up and try it out. There’s a fine line between sending the message that this thing is special and giving the impression that it’s too special for them to pick up and handle.

Options For Every Space And Purpose With Skyline’s Convenient Merchandising Stands

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline helps hundreds of exhibitors in Austin and San Antonio to create ideal merchandising displays for every type of product and trade show booth space. Contact us to learn more about how our convenient merchandising stands can help boost your trade show sales.