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Attract Traffic To Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit

By May 24, 2016May 7th, 2018Trade Show Marketing

Attract The Right Traffic To Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit

san antonio trade show exhibit

MOSCOW – FEBRUARY 26:Exhibition hall on CPM Collection Premiere in Expocenter February 26,2010 in Moscow, Russia

Trade show marketing is all about the face-to-face opportunity to convert prospects to sales. We hear a lot of advice about how to attract visitors to your booth, but the bottom line is that you can waste a lot of time and money attracting and courting the wrong visitors. It’s true that you have to spend money to make money, but smart companies spend that money in carefully considered ways, targeted to generate sales. Think about it this way: You could take a bag of dollar bills up to the roof and throw them off. That would undoubtedly draw a crowd, but would it lead to any closed deals? Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies who are so focused on increasing traffic that their efforts are not much more effective than throwing money off the roof, because all they’re doing is bringing in warm bodies. Marketing is a numbers game, but you can give yourself a big advantage by stacking the deck with qualified numbers.

What Is The “Right” Traffic For My Company?

The answer to that question depends upon what you’re selling. Is your product or service something that any company or household could use? You’ve got an easier time of finding the right traffic and you can take a much broader approach to attracting potential buyers. Marketing and advance efforts will certainly help you succeed, but your sales team is going to do the heavy lifting here.

Is your product or service targeted to a niche market? You’ll need to work harder and plan ahead more to bring in genuine prospects. Your sales team is obviously still a key part of the process, but your ultimate success will depend more heavily upon marketing and pre-planning.

Different Avenues For Different Traffic

Here are some ideas for both broad and narrow focus approaches to bringing traffic to your San Antonio trade show exhibit:

  • Charge Them Up – One brilliant strategy for attracting a broad spectrum of traffic is to set up a charging station in your space. Using smaller, portable pieces with custom graphics, like Skyline Displays’ Mirage Case Table or Stratus table, your charging station will not only attract visitors, but keep them there for a little longer than usual, so your team gets more of an opportunity to interact with them.
  • Soothe Their Nerves – Another great way to attract all kinds of people is to set up a massage chair in your space. You can create a separate area using banner stands, or, if you’re fielding a larger display, you might consider a conference room. Either way, people will stay put longer and be in a more relaxed and receptive frame of mind.
  • Pave The Way – If you’re dealing with more of a niche market, you can do yourself a huge favor by starting to attract traffic to your booth before the show ever opens. Give qualified leads a reason to come see you – speak on a panel, offer an opportunity to see and order a pre-release item, or offer special pricing or a value-added bundle for the duration of the show – and invite them to come. In some cases, you may want to consider offering complimentary or subsidized tickets to the show itself. Whatever strategy you adopt, give them a genuine incentive to come, and present your announcement in the light of an exclusive invitation. Many trade show attendees plan ahead with a list of exhibits to see; Make sure your business is on the lists of your best prospects.
  • Smarter Give-Aways – If you’re going for those niche market prospects, don’t spend money giving items away to everyone at the show. Plan a give away of something people outside your niche are less likely to want. Sure, if you give an iPad away, you’ll get a bowl stuffed with business cards, but how many of those are going to be useful to your company? This is where you really need to understand your market; What will your buyers be excited to win, that someone outside your market would walk right past?

Use Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit To Attract Buyers

At the end of the day, you want to leave a trade show with buyers, not lukewarm leads and a stack of cards from people who only came to win some cool gadget from you. Use your lead time going into the show to begin warming leads and building buzz, and planning a booth space that will support your marketing goals. For more marketing strategy or help designing your San Antonio trade show exhibit, contact Xtreme Xhibits online, or by phone at 210-299-5000.