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Ask About These Three Services When Sourcing Trade Show Companies in San Antonio

By September 26, 2017May 7th, 2018Trade Show Marketing

Searching for the best trade show companies in San Antonio to help you plan your next exhibit is one of those exciting tasks that can soon become frustratingly difficult. The multitude of trade show companies in San Antonio alone can boggle the mind and make you lose sight of your marketing or convention needs. Before you’re swayed by beautiful designs and low-budget numbers, ask the company representative if they offer these three things:

  • 3 Key Factors in Choosing a Trade Show Company in San AntonioCustom Designs
  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Support Services

If a company offers all three of these services they’re definitely worth a second-look. Here’s why these three services are so important and why you’d be smart to work with the trade show companies in San Antonio that provide them.

Custom Designs

Firms that provide customized exhibits are your best shot at getting seen on the busy convention floor. Trade show companies in San Antonio that offer customized exhibits allow you to design the booth around your business, your needs and your goals and expectations for the show. Not only that, when you create a custom booth with professional exhibit designers you’re benefitting from their years of experience and, often, the latest and greatest options in design. A standard booth picked out of a catalog will never provide you with everything you want in a display, but a customized booth from Xtreme Xhibits can.

Trade Show Companies In San Antonio Offering Exhibit Rentals

Working with a company that provides rental exhibits might seem counterintuitive given the fact that we just recommended you partner with trade show companies that offer custom exhibit designs! But it’s not and here’s why. Rentals are a great way to test the waters and find out what kind of exhibit works best for you without a big upfront investment. By partnering with a company that offers rentals you also have the opportunity to add select pieces to any exhibits you already have, allowing you to update or customize them to meet your changing needs without investing in an entirely new exhibit. Full-service trade show companies in San Antonio, including Xtreme Xhibits, will have tables, chairs, monitors and even tablets available for rent, all of which can boost your visibility at the event.

 Support Services

Support services are those behind-the-scenes services that are not glamorous but are critical to the success of your exhibiting experience. Look for trade show companies in San Antonio that offer to help you set up and tear down your display. Even if you plan to do this work yourself and never use these services, knowing that they exist as back-up can ease your mind and decrease the stress-level of the busy prep time before an exhibition. Perhaps more important are repair services. You never know what a convention will throw at you, including exhibit damage. Trade show companies that can provide you with experts to fix any damage or problems that occur means they can be counted on take care of the repairs while your staff focuses on interacting with visitors.

Sourcing trade show companies in San Antonio doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Contact Xtreme Xhibits today to start identifying your needs and planning your next exhibit!