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Tips for Successful Trade Show Lead Management

By September 13, 2017May 7th, 2018Trade Show Marketing

After the rush of the trade show crowds, after the hands are shaken, after the lights go out, what do you have? Leads. Piles of them, hopefully. What happens next will be what makes the difference between a successful trade show or a flop. Lead management is a crucial step in trade show marketing.

Lead Management Top Tips


Austin Trade Show Lead Management

Lead Management is more than keeping track of business cards.

Get more than a business card.

A name and a phone number is great, but ideally you need much more information. Use software to make sure you’re capturing as much as you can about each potential customer. Ask questions, get to know them, and then write down what you’ve learned.

Get great communication from your trade show booth staff.

Make sure that what the booth visitor has communicated to you is captured in your lead system. Don’t let this chain get broken, of you’ll end up frustrating your potential customers by asking them again for information they’ve already told you.

Concentrate on qualifying your leads.

You’ll encourage follow-up because your salespeople will know they aren’t wasting their time contacting someone who really isn’t interested. Even better, you’ll know more about what exactly your lead is looking for, which will help you try to meet that need.

Have a plan before you even go to the trade show.

Don’t wait until after the show to say, “Well, now what do we do?” Make plans for lead fulfillment before you even arrive. Know the steps you want to take, and you can even start to take them during the show. Plan a workflow of touches (calls, emails, mailers) over the next days and weeks that will keep your leads engaged and communicating with you.

Follow these tips and maximize your company’s trade show and display ROI with great lead management. Don’t let those leads slip through your fingers.