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A Helpful Checklist For Your Trade Show Display In Austin

By February 16, 2015May 7th, 2018Trade Show Displays
Austin Trade Show Display

Austin Trade Show Display

There are a lot of lists in life: grocery lists, to do lists, and the one-day-I’ll-get-around-to-this list. There is something about a list that helps us get things done, isn’t there? Lists have a way of focusing our thoughts and attention on what we need to accomplish. The same is true for exhibiting. In this review, Xtreme Xhibits shares a helpful checklist for enhancing your trade show display in Austin.


  • Make sure your exhibiting objectives are in sync with the bigger picture of the entire organization. Everything you do in terms of exhibiting should support the overall vision of your company.
  • Write down your exhibiting objectives for your trade show display in Austin. It is important to not only clearly define the objectives, but also to include specific timelines for those objectives.
  • Develop a budget for your exhibiting expenses. Keep in mind that about one third of your budget should be allocated to renting booth spaces at the trade shows you will attend. Decide where the rest of your money needs to go throughout the coming months.
  • Determine which trade shows, conferences, and other events at which you want to present your trade show display in Austin. Remember to take several factors into consideration, including the distance to the venue and the level of exposure it will provide you.
  • If you have exhibited in the past, be sure that you register for the events that have given you the greatest results in previous years.
  • Register for the trade shows you want to attend in advance. Many times your company will save money by signing up earlier rather than later.
  • When designing your trade show booth, make sure it clearly communicates to consumers who your business is, what products and services you offer, and what advantage you offer your customers.
  • Choose trade show products that make the setup and teardown process as smooth as possible, saving your team potential frustrations. This will also allow them to spend more time and energy interacting with event attendees.
  • Do your best to interact with visitors prior to the event. This can be done in a variety of ways, including social media, email, advertisements, and more. You want your company to be fresh on their minds when they arrive at the event.
  • Arrive at trade shows and other events early. That way if you encounter any difficulties during setup, you have ample time to resolve them.
  • Figure out how to add value to visitors. Ask yourself what you are offering them in return for visiting your trade show display in Austin. The more creatively you can add value, the more memorable you will be to visitors.
  • Staff your trade show display in Austin with energetic, friendly employees. This will make your booth more inviting as well as represent your brand in a way that attendees will appreciate.
  • Have a plan for collecting sales leads. Your staffers should be prepared to effectively gather sales leads from attendees that they interact with.


For more information on how to make your trade show display in Austin successful, contact Xtreme Xhibits.