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4 Tips For Using Pop Up Displays For Maximum Effect

By December 15, 2010August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Pop up displays are currently one of the most popular kinds of portable exhibits available. A pop up display offers the convenience of a portable, lightweight display component that has high impact. Unless you understand just how unique these displays are, you may not use it to its full potential. We’ve put together some tips that will help you understand the nature of pop up displays and how you can take advantage of their unique features.

Pop Up Displays Feature Easy Assembly

The design of a pop up display in San Antonio is actually quite simple. Printed fabric is stretched over a metal frame that folds down when not in use. When you’re ready to set up your display area, the display will literally ‘pop up,’ with very little work involved. The majority of pop up displays can be put together by one person without any tools. This is a departure from more traditional booth designs that may require a set-up team and hours of work. With the minimal set up requirements, a pop up display is easy to assemble. The most difficult task you may need to perform is connecting some snaps to properly stretch the fabric over the metal frame.

Pop Up Displays Can Enhance An Existing Booth Or Work Alone

One of the nicest features of a good pop up display is the easy way you can intergrate it into a more complex or larger booth. These portable exhibits are a great way to promote a new service or product your company offers. You can display them prominently within a larger booth display to highlight a particular service or product, or use them as stand alone displays at regional events where space is at a premium.

How Are Pop Up Displays Different?

There are plenty of portable exhibits you can use for your next trade show or event, but not all of them have the features found in a pop up display. For one thing, pop up displays aren’t created to be adaptable; they don’t have Velcro backing so that you can switch out various sets of printed images and text. A pop up display features top quality, printed canvas that is specifically designed to look great stretched over its metal frame. The result is a portable display that has the look and feel of high tech, custom design.

Banners stands don’t offer the same high tech, futuristic look. Pop up displays also come in several sizes so that you can order larger displays that are still easy to put up, take down, and transport. If you travel frequently, they are a great way to put up an impressive display quickly and easily.
If you travel a lot and will be presenting alone at various conventions or trade shows, pop up displays are a great choice.

Pop Up Displays Deliver Value Not Found With Other Banners Stands and Booth Set Ups

Pop up displays are affordable for most companies because they fall squarely in the middle price range for trade show booth components. While the exact price will vary depending on size, type of graphics, and final dimensions, it’s an affordable choice that will have an impressive impact on display visitors. Because they are portable, strong, and easy to use, it’s a sound business decision to choose pop up displays. San Antonio trade show pros rely on them for a variety of venues.

If your marketing plan and your available budget aren’t meshing, consider investing in a pop-up display. You won’t need to do frequent updates because they are durable and professionally printed, so you can generate great advertising on a shoe-string budget. If you need portable exhibits that have to be updated or changed frequently in order to make it useful for a variety of products, you may want to invest in a different style. There are other portable exhibits available that will meet your needs if a pop up display isn’t right for you.