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Using Banner Stands To Create Strong Portable Displays

If your marketing staff is like most, you think of banner stands as a useful addition to other portable displays, or as a small component of a larger booth. Many companies make use of banner stands, but few use them to their fullest potential.


Banner Stands Offer Unmatched Convenience

Anyone who has worked with banner stands in the past knows how easy they are to set up, take down, and transport. Banner stands are probably the single most easily handled unit at the average trade show event. They are able to roll or fold into a small carrying case. They are easy to ship. They fit in virtually any vehicle, even a small passenger car. Their cases keep them safe, yet aren’t bulky and unwieldy to handle. Finally, they’re inexpensive, which makes them available even to the smallest of companies.


Building Portable Displays From Banners

Although banner stands are excellent additions to larger units, they can be just as dynamic when used alone. The trick is learning to use them in the right way, so that they have maximum impact. To do this, you’ll need to take a look at what banner stands have to offer, and how you can best use that to your advantage.

First, remember that banner stands are usually tall and narrow. Most portable displays built of banner stands combine two, three, or four of these tall and narrow units to create one unified display space. This combination allows you to have a very stylized display that presents strongly to your visitors. Some companies choose to have one cohesive image across the disparate banner stands, while other will split it up somewhat. Ultimately the choice is yours; either of these design strategies will make a bold statement when done well.


Placement Of Text Matters

Unlike many other portable displays, banner stands can have messages printed anywhere on them, from foot level to eye level. The sheer size of these units can lead to some easily avoided design blunders. When you have so much room to work with, using that space wisely is really critical. You don’t want to put important information in a place where people will rarely be able to see it. The very bottom of your banner stands is better used for a bold graphic or other interesting – but not overly important or informative –design feature.

Ideally, the crucial information should be at eye height, if not slightly higher. This will place it at the perfect level to catch the attention of most visitors, without being so high that no one will be able to see it. More detailed information can be placed below that, but should not be any lower than mid-chest. People won’t want to bend their heads too much to see the text.


Use Banner Stands Outside Conventions Too

One of the best features of portable displays composed of banner stands is that each stand can be used outside the trade show as well. Design them properly and they have a place at corporate events, in reception areas, and in many other business settings.