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Use A Professional To Design Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

By August 7, 2014August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Use A Professional To Design Your San Antonio Trade Show StandsA trade show is one place where you go out of your way to impress a bunch of strangers. You hope, of course, that by show’s end, there are a whole group of them who are no longer strangers, but potential customers for your company. You still need to maintain a professional presence even with the ones you have a relationship with, but as the old cliché says “first impressions are lasting.” This means that at a San Antonio trade show, stands, giveaways, booth literature, and everything about your display should meet the same high standards that concerned you when you first selected your trade show booth. To help you achieve that, partner with Xtreme Xhibits, specialists in trade show design and management.


Proper Design For San Antonio Trade Show Stands


Today, virtually every person with a laptop has access to graphics programs that enable them to store, edit, overlay text, and add special effects to pictures. Having access to Photoshop or other graphics programs does not make everyone who owns software a graphic designer. Equipped with pictures they have sized or enhanced themselves, many people who work in sales or marketing order trade show stands and other items for the booth online.


Sometimes this works out fine if the pictures are of good quality, but if the resolution is too low or the color balance is off, the finished product might not be very good quality. When the product comes, it may look okay to the staff, so off to the trade show it goes. Once in place, the graphics used on the stand may not be of the same caliber as what most other vendors at the show have displayed.

Acquire The Expertise You Need To Design Your Booth Accessories


Word to the wise: use a professional booth designer with an understanding of graphics when preparing your San Antonio trade show stands and other elements. Amateurs may not always get the color, lighting, fonts, and graphics placement right on trade show art. Where in-house expertise really comes into play in preparing trade show stands and anything else is in helping define what a company should be emphasizing in graphics and text. Ordering online trade show stands with home-adjusted graphics seldom results in the best quality.


You may have someone with a good graphic sense who works within your company. While this can be an asset in keeping costs down, even an in-house artist may not be an expert at effective trade show marketing. Knowing the latest graphic techniques is important, but knowing what works at a trade show is what maximizes your marketing dollars.


Go For An Experienced Trade Show Marketing Firm


To ensure high-quality displays that present the best image of your company, rely on a team that knows the specifics of your business, has professional-level graphic skills, and has know-how in trade show marketing. Working with an experienced trade show marketing company like Xtreme Xhibits will ensure that professionals with knowledge in graphic design particular to trade show exhibits will properly present your company’s message. Contact us today.