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Successful Austin Tradeshow Exhibits: Planning Before, During And After The Show Is Crucial

By October 16, 2012August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Xtreme Xhibits knows there’s nothing as important to the success of Austin tradeshow exhibits as proper planning and execution. Whether you plan to use table top displays, island exhibits or banner stands in Austin, proper planning will be essential to how well your Austin trade show display performs on the trade show or conference floor. Carefully planned marketing strategies that are executed properly are the key to getting your money’s worth from any event. Breaking down the planning and preparation into specific segments – before, during and after the event – can help you stay focused so that your Austin trade show display from Xtreme Xhibits garners plenty of ROI and enhances your brand image.


Before The Show: Prepping Your Staff To Run Austin Tradeshow Exhibits


If it were as easy as setting up an Austin trade show display and sitting back while motivated buyers visited Austin tradeshow exhibits to throw down money and leads, everyone would love attending these events. But it doesn’t happen that way. For optimal response, you have to do some step-by-step planning that may seem dull, but advanced planning will always lead to better results. Be sure you begin training your booth staff a month or two in advance so that they can seamlessly run your Austin tradeshow exhibits. A well trained staff sets certain Austin tradeshow exhibits head and shoulders above the crowd on the trade show floor.


Make A List, Check It Twice


Preparing a checklist several weeks before your next trade show can prevent snags in anything from transporting and setting up your tradeshow exhibits and banner stands in Austin to proper branding of your products, services and your company’s trade show representatives. A typical checklist might look like this:


  • Confirm your Austin trade show display space with the event manager
  • Determine what your goals are each time you are involved with Austin tradeshow exhibits
  • Become familiar with the venue’s marketing brochure and event program
  • Put your plans in writing and create a staffing schedule for the event
  • Confirm that your Austin trade show display presents a unified, clear message and is properly branded for optimal success
  • Practice your company’s pitch with your trade show staff for a smooth, successful presentation
  • Confirm that all needed materials, including brochures, business cards and giveaways, have been ordered and delivered.
  • Make sure you have backups for all elements of your Austin trade show display in the event of an emergency


The Big Day (or Days): Critical Elements For Success On The Floor


You and your employees must be ready to greet attendees and give them a flawless pitch while answering any of their questions. It takes both physical and mental stamina to spend hours meeting, greeting and networking with potential leads. Your checklist for the big day should include anything you can improve or change at the present time, including:


  • Enforcing an appropriate dress code for your Austin trade show display staff that’s professional yet comfortable
  • Making sure everyone has sufficient breaks for eating, a restroom stop and simple “down time” to recharge
  • Encouraging all of the staff at your Austin tradeshow exhibits to be upbeat, optimistic and helpful to every visitor


The Final Phase: After The Event, Proper Follow-Through Is Essential


It would be nice if you could simply sit back with a sigh of relief after the trade show displays and banner stands in Austin have been packed up and shipped to your next event, but you still need to do some follow-up work. Among the many steps you should take to ensure your Austin tradeshow exhibits continue to be successful long after the lights are off are:


  • Properly sorting and compiling new and updated leads and entering them into your company’s records
  • Mail follow-up marketing packets and any requested, additional materials as soon as feasible
  • Touch base periodically with your leads so that your company is fresh in their minds when they are ready to sign a contract or make a purchase
  • Hold a post-trade show meeting with all staff members who worked at your Austin tradeshow exhibits as well as any managers or marketing strategists so that you can brainstorm the weak spots and strong points. Then you can learn from any mistakes and improve your ROI with each one of your Austin tradeshow exhibits moving forward


Proper planning and preparation will always deliver better results when you’re on the trade show floor. If your Austin trade show display isn’t delivering strongly, you may need to focus more on all aspects of the before, during and after phases in order to ensure future success.


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