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Marketing Your Band: Improving Visibility With A Trade Show Exhibit

By December 21, 2010August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Your band may rock the house whenever it’s performing, but getting the media attention and fan loyalty you need to really make it big is all about marketing. You can offer great band merchandise such as CDs, tee shirts, and signed photos at a trade show stand at each performance. You’ll also be able to supplement your income with the sale of these great promotional items. With the double benefit of earning more money and getting your name and CDs in the hands of your fans, it’s obvious that a trade show exhibit should be a part of any band’s equipment.

Transforming A Trade Show Stand: It Makes A Great Band Display

You probably think a trade show exhibit set-up doesn’t really fit in with your band’s personality or style of music, and you may fear it will seem out of place at a concert. But promoting your band is a form of marketing, and the right style of trade show booth can work for any situation.

You need a bold, noticeable trade show stand that will capture fans’ attention and encourage them to buy. Companies at trade shows have the same goal, so you can use a trade show exhibit and get great results for your band if you make some changes to the overall look of the typical trade show stand.

Creating An Awesome Trade Show Exhibit For Your Band

As a musician, you understand that any trade show exhibit has to reflect the power and creativity of your music. It also needs to suit you band’s personality. You don’t want a corporate look or feel; you want your trade show stand to look as genuine and real as your music. Put together some sketches of several trade show exhibit designs that reflect your music. If you have a band logo, incorporate it into the display. Don’t forget the boring details, like how many people will be working at your trade show exhibit and how much merchandise storage you’ll need. Taking these issues into consideration before you order will save you possible problems down the line. If you aren’t sure what you need, talk to a consultant here at Xtreme Exhibits for guidance.

Organization Is Important To The Success Of Your Booth

Ordering your trade show exhibit and having it delivered will be exciting, but it’s not the end of the story. You’ll need to set it up for the best possible results. You’ll want to put your merchandise out in an organized way and keep different sizes or CD titles separated so people can easily find what they’re looking for. If you have a particular item you really want to promote, put it front and center in your trade show exhibit, where it will be quickly noticed.

Who Will Man Your Trade Show Booth?

You probably have friends and family, or even fans, who will be glad to work as your sales staff in your trade show exhibit. After all, they’ll get to hear you perform free of charge, and they may get a free shirt or CD as well, depending on how you want to pay them. Do be sure you can trust each of your staffers, as they will be handling your merchandise and the money. Your trade show exhibit staff will probably get lots of question about your band, so make sure they know your music and the members of the band well enough to answer fans’ questions.

Let Your Band’s Trade Show Stand Take Care Of Itself

Don’t fester about your trade show exhibit on the day of your next show. If you have a professionally designed trade show stand and reliable staff manning it, you shouldn’t have any problems. In fact, after the show you may discover that you’ve made a good deal of money on you promotional items.