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How To Create Outstanding Portable Exhibits: Banner Stands, Table Top Displays, And More

By July 19, 2011August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays, Trade Shows

Although most modern venues can accommodate the standard 10′ by 10′ trade show display, there are many situations where you cannot bring a full size unit, or where it would be prohibitively inconvenient to do so. In that case, having portable displays to take the place of your units will make a strong statement wherever they are used and be an excellent back-up.


Option #1: Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the most flexible and inexpensive types of portable exhibits. They look great once set up, with vibrant colors and a relatively large display area. However, they can be packed away into a much smaller container for travel, which makes them ideal when space is tight. Typically, banner stands actually roll up, and then their actual stand can be folded away. They fit easily inside small cases, often able to be put over a shoulder or hand carried. There are many different variations that build upon basic banner stands, including curved models, double-sided banner stands, and even banner stands with built in literature holders and room to display small and lightweight products.


Option #2: Table Top Displays

There are many situations where you need your portable exhibits to sit atop a table. This kind of display setup is so common that you can get a table top display specifically designed for table top use from every major company. Within this selection of portable exhibits you’ll have a lot of different choices to make. How big do you want it to be? What kind of material should it be made from? How portable does it have to be? How wide?

No matter what choice you make, virtually all table top displays are fast to set up and easy to carry. They are not quite as tall as most banner stands, and they also are not as versatile because they are hard to use in situations where you might not have a table. However, many companies find table top displays to be inexpensive yet highly effective options for their portable exhibit needs.


Option #3: Totally Unique Portable Exhibits

If banner stands and table top displays have one flaw, it’s that they are available to everyone at all conventions. There are thousands of ways to make them unique with design features, but the basics will remain similar. The best way to make your portable exhibits stand out is to use both banner stands and table top displays together. The differences between them will complement one another, and they’ll also provide a lot more visual interest and thus get more visitors to your booth.

There are many ways to combine these units, but some of the most common involve using taller banner stands alongside table top displays. You can emphasize different products on each, or even create a unified graphic that stretches artistically across all of them. The choices are nearly endless, and it’s very difficult to go wrong. All you need to do is ensure that you maintain a consistent theme throughout, and that it’s easy for visitors to recognize that all elements of the portable displays belong to your company.

When used well, banner stands and table top displays can be every bit as effective as your full sized unit. Whether you’re seeking a more intimate presence for a smaller show, or just don’t have the room at your next convention, give these tips a try and enjoy a successful event.