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8 Hot Events For Your Trade Show Exhibit In Austin In 2015

By February 27, 2015August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

trade show exhibit Austin Every exhibitor is faced with the task of deciding which trade shows and conferences to exhibit at. There are many different factors that influence those decisions. For example, the distance of the show, the cost of exhibiting, and the level of exposure the event will provide are some of the main filters for businesses when deciding where to exhibit. In this review, trade show dealer Xtreme Xhibits shares eight hot events to consider for your trade show exhibit in Austin in 2015.


#1 – Staple

This popular event for the media and advertising industry will happen in Austin on March 7-8. This is the tenth year this particular event will be taking place, enjoyed by comic fans as well as those involved in printing. More than one hundred companies will be exhibiting.


#2 – La Bahia Antiques Show & Sale

The industry is gift and handicrafts. The event is La Bahia Antiques Show & Sale, one of the largest events of its kind. It will take place from March 27 through April 4, and will feature glass products, carpeting, antiques, and other décor.


#3 – Mla (Medical Library Association Meeting and Exhibition)

Taking place from May 15 through May 20, this event is for the medical and pharmaceutical fields. It will cover a variety of topics, such as medical literature, medicine, information systems, and more. If your company offers a products and services to those in the medical or pharmaceutical field, this is one event where you definitely want to take your trade show exhibit in Austin this year.


#4 – Bridal Extravaganza Austin

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? This one-day bridal event is the perfect place for photographers, caterers, florists, and other wedding-related companies to take their trade show exhibit in Austin. The event will take place on June 14.


#5 – Collegeboard AP Conference & Exhibition

Happening from July 22 through July 26, the Collegeboard AP Conference & Exhibition is geared towards education and training. More specifically, it will feature products and services such as information technology, development services, and other valuable assets for AP educators.


#6 – StormCon

This 5-day event is happening from August 2 through August 6 and is intended for industries such as real estate and environment and waste management. StormCon will feature products and services that relate to construction, development, and more.


#7 – Trirock Austin Expo

With a heavy emphasis on sporting goods and race equipment, the Trirock Austin Expo will take place on September 6 and 7. Register in advance if this is one of the places you want to bring your trade show exhibit in Austin.


#8 – Mini Travel Trade Show & Reception

If you offer products and services related to travel and tourism, don’t miss one of the largest tourism events in the country. Only professional travel arrangers may attend.


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