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Using Trade Show Booths In San Antonio As Part Of Your Small Business’ Marketing M.O.

By May 21, 2013August 21st, 2017Uncategorized

At Xtreme Xhibits, we know firsthand that live event exhibitions, such as trade shows, recruiting functions and even college campus displays, have firmly established their relevance in every business industry and niche. No matter what an organization’s core competency, encounter marketing can produce undeniable, tangible results that are well worth the initial investment in time and financial resources. As a proven promotional resource, these live marketing opportunities allow company owners to interpersonally connect with prospective clients, unveil the latest products and offerings and, ultimately, exponentially broaden the exposure of their business brand.

 Trade Show Booths In San Antonio: Adjust Your Focus Based On Company Size

Despite such a universally accepted range of features and benefits, it’s critical for smaller businesses to recognize that, in order to fully tap into the potential promotional power offered at San Antonio conventions and events, a standardized, generic strategy simply will not yield optimal results. Larger organizations with an easily recognizable brand have the luxury of relying on their reputation alone to draw in the crowds during a function and can seamlessly incorporate that into their exhibiting solution. However, smaller organizations have to employ a different strategic approach to ensure they get the attention they need while still adhering to their tighter budget restraints.

 Using Your Trade Show Booths At San Antonio Events: How To Gain A Competitive Edge

If you’re running a small or start up San Antonio business about to enter the live marketing event circuit, read on. Understanding some key ways to effectively use your trade show booths at San Antonio functions can help quickly give your company a competitive edge and successfully go head-to-head with even the biggest leaders in your industry. What’s the first critical step in your quest for marketing convention domination? Knowing the nuances of the venue you are exhibiting at. Research the set-up of the convention, which of your competitors will also be in attendance, and even where they will be setting up their trade show booths. Familiarizing yourself with some of these smaller venue details can help you strategize where you want your exhibits to be for optimal foot traffic throughout the event.

Additionally, it’s imperative for smaller businesses with potentially smaller budgets to capitalize on the space allotted for their trade show booths. San Antonio venues can offer a wide range of exhibiting footprints. If you feel like your display will seemed dwarfed by your competition, incorporate accessories such as customized banner stands, shelving and tables to broaden the visual impact of your existing display. Also, consider renting various technological innovations such as e-tables, flat screen monitors and laptops to help present your business as an in-the-know, savvy industry expert that warrants a closer look from passersby.

Finally, always offer a giveaway when working at your business’ trade show booths at San Antonio events. While these promotional handouts don’t have to be expensive to be effective, they do have to offer some functional value. Giving an item that excites the recipient is a great way to generate a little buzz and help quickly level the playing field between your smaller business and even the most well-established industry leader attending the event.