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Trade Show Gear Checklist

By February 15, 2010August 21st, 2017Event Management

Got what you need for your next trade show or event?  You can never be too prepared.  Here’s a list to help you in planning a successful event:

Essential Checklist

Prepare & Succeed


__ Exhibit

__ Business cards

__ Literature and brochures

__ Product samples, if any

__ Computers, as required

__ Pens (Highlighters)

__ Lead sheets, log book or scanner


__ Good shoes (can make the difference between an enjoyable show experience or a horrible one, despite whether the      event was a success or not)

__ Aspirin/Pain relievers

__ Antibacterial water-free hand wash (you’ll shake more hands than you probably care to)

__ Facial Tissues

__ Bottled Water

__ Band-Aids

__ Energy Bars/Candy

__ Breath Mints

General travel

__ Confirmation nos. (hotel, rental car, airline)

__ ID, credit cards and cash

__ Clothes and required personal items

Repair and cleanup (You never know when a minor-emergency might arise)

__ Strong tape

__ Sewing kit

__ Scissors or pocket knife (not carry-on)

__ Cloth or paper towels

__ Recommended cleaning agent for your exhibit

__ Trash bag

__ Screwdrivers or appropriate wrench (not carry-on)

__ Extra fasteners (screws, nuts, etc)

__ Extra extension cord

__ Extra light bulbs

__ Electrostatic duster with extension


__ Shipping labels for return shipment

__ Packing tape

__ Instructions for return shipment

Have you come across any other items which you deem as “essential” to your trade show excursions? If so, leave a comment and educate our community.