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Not a designer? That’s OK, you’re probably also not a Certified Public Accountant, but you still get your taxes filed. You’re likely not a lawyer, but your business still enters into contractual agreements. Sometimes there are functions that a business needs to outsource to experts. The design of a trade show environment is one of them.

Trade Show Exhibit Design: Why You Need Help

Solutions for an effective trade show exhibit design run the gamut from simple to complex. Your designer and exhibit solution provider need to operate in your interest and not propose “something” because that is all they have to sell! Look for a provider that offers a wide breadth of products. In fact, “buying” a booth might be a waste of your money, so also seek the option of renting a customized solution to preserve capital and retain flexibility going forward.

Whether a display need is a small portable booth, a purely custom fabricated large island design, or a hybrid custom-modular solution, to varying degrees the design process has to address functionality, aesthetics, and messaging. Deciding on what company you want to work with to refine and develop the final solution is primary. After that you can decide between pretty pictures!

It’s tempting to think you’re saving money by making decisions about trade show exhibit design on your own. However, in reality getting professional help will repay your investment many times over. One way Xtreme Xhibits adds value is in our extensive experience and specialization in what makes trade show exhibit design work. We have the knowledge and insight to help you succeed in Austin and San Antonio or around the world. There’s no need to go it alone or figure things out for the first time. Let’s talk and we can help you discover exactly what you need, and design the best possible solution to create the best possible outcome.