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The Last Full Moon of the Decade

By December 19, 2019March 26th, 2020Barb's Xtreme Blog

On December 12, the lucky ones around the world, who had clear night skies, were able to witness the last full moon of the decade, welcoming the next, new decade. It’s known by various names, depending on where you are on our planet: Cold Moon, Blue Moon, Long Nights Moon, Moon Before Yule. My sister lives outside Chicago. I live in Austin, and both of us were fortunate to see the sky at the same time that night.

Years ago, we were in Girl Scouts; and while sitting around campfires on a moon filled night, would sing
“I see the moon, the moon sees me
The moon sees somebody I want to see.
Please let the moon that shines above,
Shine on the one I love”.

Many years later, the first one of us to see the full moon calls the other and sings, “I see the moon”.
When I saw the moon that night, not only was I the first to call, but together we marveled at the beautiful night sky filled with brilliant stars, and the magnificent moon, lighting up the earth below.

Natures’ spectacular design, laid out above us, was a powerful and awesome exhibit with simple but mind-boggling effectiveness:

  • Brightened with lighting that illuminated the display
  • Captivated and engaged the participants
  • Generated conversation and told a story
  • Drew the audience into its orbit with its compelling and unique visual.

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