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Are you feeling like it’s the right time for an overhaul of your business’ trade show strategy? Getting buy-in from leadership and decision makers is frequently the biggest roadblock to a large change. If you’re ready to make the switch, but you need some help convincing others, then consider the following tips.

Build on Existing Trade Show Strategy Initiatives

Get Everyone Onboard with Your New Trade Show Strategy

Get Everyone Onboard with Your New Trade Show Strategy

We’re all for exploring new ideas, but if you want to get them approved, try and make sure they are building on efforts and initiatives your leaders are already pushing. For example, have your higher-ups been tasked with breaking into a new market? It might be time to tell them about that new show you’ve been considering. Or the company wants to appeal to more mobile users? Pitch adding something like a lock-and-charge station to your booth, making it a secure location for potential customers to leave their devices.

By framing your new ideas within the context of existing strategies and initiatives, you’ll have a much better chance of getting approval.

Get on the Bandwagon

Peer pressure is effective for a reason – we hate missing out on what’s working for others! Spend time researching what your competition is doing, and then show what’s working for them to your leadership. The pressure to not be outdone can create a sense of urgency that helps get things done. And since you’ll be able to point to concrete examples, it will help management picture what you want to do. It’s even better if your examples and ideas come from an organization your boss trusts and respects.

You Need Budget & ROI Data

If your idea doesn’t align with the reality of your existing budget, you little chance of approval. You need to not only determine if the money is there, but you also need to come up with a plan to measure results. Use Skyline’s Trade Show Calculator for example to estimate the ROI of past events you participated in and use that information to convince leadership to try something new.

A creative way to overcome budget constraints is to partner with another department that may have use for some of the same assets you plan to purchase.  Share videos with the web site team, or share a kiosk in your lobby after the trade show is done.  Show your leadership how everyone wins. When combined with a reasonable budget, this may be all of the persuasion you need!


The trade show strategy experts at Xtreme Xhibits can help with any questions or preparations you might require. Calculating ROI in particular is important, so we’re here to help if you need it. Contact us today to start the conversation.