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Green Your Holidays

By November 25, 2009August 21st, 2017Trade Shows

A company’s culture can be described as being the shared values of its employees. A great company culture permeates beyond the office. As you part ways with your coworkers this week for your very own journey of family fun and excitement (maybe even a bit of drama) remember that it can be an opportunity to spread your company’s positive values, especially if those values include ways of making our Earth a better place to live.

Xtreme Xhibits employees will be returning after the Thanksgiving break with recyclables collected from parties and gatherings, which will then be recycled at Ecology Action’s downtown Austin facility. Looking forward to Christmas, in addition to bringing in recyclables, employees plan on returning used wrapping paper as well.

Make this holiday season not only cheerful for your loved ones, but for generations of future loved ones as well: reduce, reuse, & recycle.