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Exhibit Services Make the Difference

When looking at a spectacular trade show exhibit, whether it’s yours or belongs to your competition, it’s tempting to develop a huge blind spot. We see the sharp design, the colorful graphics, and maybe even the compelling use of technology. What we often don’t see are the behind-the-scenes exhibit services that made the whole thing possible.

What are Exhibit Services?

Simply put, exhibit services are the less-visible tasks that can transform your trade show experience. Here are a few examples:

Installation & Dismantlement (I&D)

Skyline Pop-Up Display

Skyline Pop-Up Display

Xtreme Xhibits can provide worldwide installation & dismantlement services for any size exhibit. We take on the hard work of transporting, unpacking, and installing, not to mention dealing with unions and very specific construction & safety requirements from some trade shows. After the show, we’ll dismantle and pack up the exhibit safe and sound. All that means your team can concentrate on selling; after all, that’s why you’re at the trade show in the first place! I&D is one of the best investments you can make.

Storage & Asset Management

Exhibits are bulky things. Even with modern collapsible designs and lightweight materials, they can still be quite a handful. Xtreme Xhibits can safely store your highly valuable display, protecting your investment until you’re ready to use it again. We don’t just store physical objects, either, we also store your digital assets. Need another banner stand to match the one we made for you last year? No problem.

Exhibit Repair & Refurbishment

Despite everyone’s best efforts, damage can happen. Xtreme Xhibits has a full repair & refurbishment service to help your display keep looking its best and functioning properly. Even if you didn’t buy the exhibit from us originally, contact us to find out what we can do for you.


We love the glitz and showmanship of a well-executed design, but don’t neglect exhibit services such as installation & dismantlement (I&D), storage & asset management, and exhibit repair.