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Collaterals and Dock Doors

By November 27, 2019January 22nd, 2020Barb's Xtreme Blog

Just returned from spending a day with our I&D team on the show floor.  The experience of watching the expertise of the installing team as they start with a blank slate and end up with an entire exhibit set up reminded me of coaching our customers through their first, or more, trade shows.  I always start with the venue; and in this case, with exhibiting in a convention center—keeping in mind the location of the infamous dock doors, which unless the weather is too hot or too cold—like way below freezing or in equatorial heat—are going to be open until the show starts.  If you like to be involved in the setup of your exhibit, plan on bringing a winter coat or a pair of shorts.

Let’s start with the floor plan. Select the booth space that can accommodate your exhibit and one that you’ll be happy with when all is said and done.  Pay particular attention to the location of the dock doors in relation to your exhibit.

As I said, previously, the doors will be open.  Wind, especially in Las Vegas, can wreak havoc on your exhibit. It’s been known to topple the sturdiest of exhibits, back walls, towers, hanging signs—anything in its path.  One quick way to get your message out is to place your collaterals on any table in your booth that is unfortunately close to a door.  I guarantee you that they will be airborne, never to be seen in your booth space again—talk about paper airplanes.

“Actually, you will get better trade show results by leaving your brochures at home.  Place a well-timed  e-mail after your prospect has returned from the show and has had time to catch their breath and shift into gear. At their desks, people have more time to read and review your information.  The reality is that most attendees that receive materials on-site will end up tossing them.  Don’t let your literature get lost in the crowd. (or in the wind)  Mailing or emailing materials a week after the trade show means you’ll stand out.” (Judy Fairbanks, Skyline New York)

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