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Building Relationships At Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

By August 19, 2013August 21st, 2017Trade Show Marketing

trade-show-stand-san-antonioBusiness is all about relationships — anyone who doesn’t realize this is fooling themselves. You could have the best product in the world, but if you’re difficult to work with or your company isn’t focused on your customers, you’re going to have a problem. One excellent way to strengthen and build relationships is with your San Antonio trade show stands from Xtreme Xhibits. If you’re getting ready to attend a trade show or other marketing event, learn how your San Antonio trade show stands can enhance current relationships or forge new ones.


Relationship Building Tip #1: Encourage Current Customers To Visit Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands


Your current customers already know about your business, your products and your services, which means there’s no real incentive for them to visit your San Antonio trade show stands at an event. Until now, that is! Encourage current customers to stop by your exhibit by setting aside a special gift for them. This gift should be a step above your regular giveaways, so if you’re handing out USB drives to all event attendees, consider giving current customers something a little more substantial.


However, your current customers won’t know to stop by your San Antonio trade show stands if you don’t tell them about the special giveaway. A few days before the event, consider sending out an email blast to your current customers, letting them know about a special, secret gift. Then, make sure your gift lives up to the hype!


Relationship Building Tip #2: Listen!


One of the biggest ways you can turn customers off at your San Antonio trade show stands is to talk to much! Customers want to know that they’re being listened to, whether they’re talking about a current need or a problem with a service provider. If you have a customer at your San Antonio trade show stands who is telling you about what they’re looking for in a product, be quiet and listen to them. Once you have all the facts, then make thoughtful recommendations about how your company can help fill their need. However, if your current product or service offerings don’t fit what the customer wants, tell them! If the customer needs X and you only sell Y, let them know. They’ll be appreciative that you didn’t waste their time with a product that doesn’t fit their needs and will be likely to recommend your company when they know someone who’s looking for your specific product or services. This type of word of mouth advertising is priceless.


Relationship Building Tip #3: Ask Visitors At Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands Thoughtful Questions


Lastly, make sure that when you are speaking, you’re asking thoughtful questions. Ask the visitors at your San Antonio trade show stands what’s missing from your industry or what type of product they need to fill a specific need. You may not be able to fill this need immediately, but knowing what your customers are looking for will help your research or product development team and solidify your reputation as an innovative industry leader.


As soon as you realize that business is all about relationships, your business opportunities will explode. Spend time at your San Antonio trade show stands wisely and help strengthen the relationships with current customers and begin new ones with potential clients. This business tip might seem like a simple one, but it will definitely improve your bottom line.