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What is it that makes a good trade show booth stand out from the crowd? Effective marketing and a good-looking table are important, of course. But when you’re aiming for a buzzing booth nothing is more potent than a staffer who knows just how to use their people skills to attract more customers.

Attending a trade show can be a bit overwhelming, particularly for first-time staffers. Bright lights, tons of people, free samples and the pressure of needing to perform can all make your booth staff feel like they’re in over their heads. So, it’s important to prepare them with the skills they need to take on the job with confidence.

Here are our top tips on how to get your booth staff to attract more customers and engage with them effectively:

1. Assign a team leader.

Choose someone with a good amount of knowledge and experience to lead your team. Make sure they are familiar enough with your product so that the other staffers can direct difficult questions to them.

2. Start the day with a quick meeting.

This is a great opportunity to make sure your team is ready for their day. Use this time to update them on the timing of events and announce possible adjustments. Also give everyone the chance to talk about how they’re doing with their goals that have been set.

Attract More Customers with Properly Trained Exhibit Booth Staff

Attract More Customers with Properly Trained Exhibit Booth Staff

3. Posture is everything.

Teach your staffers to stand comfortably rather than appearing stiff or nervous. It’s important to be visible and approachable, so they should stand facing out rather than having their back to potential visitors. Cellphone use should be at a minimum, and of course, nothing beats good eye contact and a friendly smile!

4. Get talking.

Finding the right way to make conversation with attendees is key to drawing them in and keeping them engaged. You want people to see your product as the solution to their problem, so find out what they’re looking for by asking the right questions. For example, try, “What brings you to the show today?” Listening well and offering solutions are vital to making a strong connection with attendees. Get your staff to take down their contact information and make notes so that you can follow up on leads afterwards.

5. Watch and learn.

Working at a trade show booth all day can be draining for staffers, so allow them to take a snack break once or twice throughout the day. A handy tip is to encourage them to watch your booth from a distance while they’re on their break. This way they’ll be able to observe it from the perspective of others, and notice possible changes that could be made when dealing with attendees.

6. Step away from the booth!

Sometimes it helps to get out and meet people outside of your booth. Get your staff to take turns walking the aisles. Having a friendly face out there can help draw attention to your booth, especially if they’re wearing your brand on their clothing.


Using these tips and tricks will help give your staffers the tools and the confidence they need to attract more customers and help make your trade show exhibit a roaring success. Have questions? Let’s talk!