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What We Are Doing to Make a Difference

By July 30, 2009August 21st, 2017Trade Shows
Xtreme Xhibits not only supports green options in theory, we are putting action behind our words: a rarity in an industry characterized as having little to no plan for reuse of materials. Our company’s goal is to practice recycling and adopt environmentally thoughtful measures within the office wherever possible in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Xtreme Xhibits has implemented an office recycling initiative, collecting paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum and glass, substantially reducing our waste flow to Austin landfills.

To further illustrate our incorporation of inventive business procedures, we can turn to our service department. They regularly receive large shipments of exhibiting supplies for clients in cardboard boxes of varying size. While damaged boxes are flattened and recycled, the rest are reused for our own shipping needs. This procedure not only contributes to less waste contribution, but also saves Xtreme Xhibits valuable greenbacks. Moreover, with the addition of a container-less water cooler our plastic waste has been radically reduced as well.

These initiatives see Xtreme Xhibits leading by example to achieve an environmentally sustainable business model geared toward the betterment of not only Austin, but the world.