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Last time around, we shared some of our must-have trade show tips for exhibitors. We focused on logistical needs, but there are serious business needs to consider as well. This time we’ll help you make sure you’ve got those boxes checked and are completely ready for the big show.


OUTSTANDING BRANDING. Are your graphics and media adequately telling your story? Are they in sync with each other? What about your promotional items? Do all these elements tell your potential customers who you are? Are they effective and eye-catching? You have to put your best face forward. Not sure how you’re doing? Contact us and we can talk it through.

TECHNOLOGY. Multiple mediums of interaction in an exhibit aren’t the exception any longer, but the norm. Visitors expect interactive presentations, touchscreens, easy and fun access to information, etc. This includes your lead generation tool, which makes collecting visitor information faster and fun and leaves more time for your team to do what they do best.

PLENTY OF BUSINESS CARDS. You may be shocked as to how many business cards you’ll be handing out, so you’ll want to bring twice as many as you think you’ll need. We’ve all been in that awkward situation where we reach for a card, see that we are out, realize there are two days left of the conference and must make that call to the office to get more FedEx’ed to the hotel. Another fun tip is to use your plastic badge holder as a holder for business cards and a pen. As you meet people on the show floor, you can tuck their cards behind your badge and can also pull from a small stash of your own cards. You can also keep a pen so that you can write down notes on those cards.


Investing in a trade show can have incredibly beneficial returns; if you do it effectively. Make sure to properly plan so that you come out of the experience knowing that you hit your goals for you, your team, and your company!