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Three Effective Floor Plans For Island Trade Show Exhibits

By March 21, 2017August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

When it comes to designing trade show exhibits in San Antonio, there are a lot of choices for a space as large as an island, but form needs to follow function, or you may end up with a beautiful, spectacular failure. If your company has made the decision to invest in a large display, you’ve probably already made a detailed trade show marketing plan with well-defined goals and laid out the methods your team will use to achieve those goals. Those goals and methods should be the basis of all your trade show display design decisions, beginning with the floor plan.

  • Trade Show Exhibits San AntonioRepresenting Multiple Lines Or Products – If you plan to include multiple products or lines in your exhibit, placing a large display structure in the middle of the space defines areas for those separate products. This offers multiple entry points, and gives your team additional opportunities to engage visitors as they walk all the way around. It’s also an ideal way to display hierarchic brand messaging at three or more levels, without confusing visitors.
  • One Big, Showy Thing – If your custom trade show exhibit is built around a single product, message, or activity, design your island exhibit in a way that literally places that big, showy thing front and center, and under a spotlight. You can include additional messaging around it, but make sure it isn’t distracting from the central object or activity. This should be a mostly open design so that visitors can see it from a distance, and so your team can see and engage with visitors as they approach.
  • We’re Letting You In On A Secret – If your marketing strategy includes creating an air of mystery or exclusivity, using exterior walls around a large percentage of your perimeter can be a highly effective tactic. It’s one that both your advance marketing team you’re your booth team must be well trained to manage, though, or it can backfire. Most visitors won’t just walk into an enclosed exhibit; there needs to be some kind of invitation or lure. If your marketing plan is to attract a select group and have your team lavish them with attention, this floor plan is a good choice because once inside, visitors tend to enjoy the relative calm and they’re more willing to stay longer.

Everything You Need For An Impressive And Effective Island Exhibit

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