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Should You Buy Or Rent Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio?

By July 22, 2014August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Should You Buy Or Rent Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio?Does your company attend three or more trade shows per year? If so, owning your own booth makes plenty of sense. You many think that owning makes better sense from an investor’s standpoint. While there is a lot to be said about owning your own trade show displays in San Antonio, there are plenty of advantages to renting one for most shows as well.


Owning Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio


Besides the dollars and cents argument, owning your own booth means that you present the same image to potential customers each time. Some attendees not only go to the same shows every year, but take in multiple shows each year where you are present. Seeing your company image consistently presented at each venue may build trust that could lead to a developing relationship with a potential client. There are other advantages too.


  • When you own your own booth, you can also make small improvements each year to get it just the way you want it.


  • It becomes familiar to your booth staff, who learn how to maneuver in it to capture new leads. Though a booth will not last forever, and may wear out after you have done multiple shows for a few years, you are spared from making a major capital investment for a few years.


  • Many companies leave part of their booth assembled on-site, which adds a functional and professional use for them if customers come to your facility. With the rental unit, you would not have this easy accessibility to a great marketing tool.


On The Other Hand


The flip side of owning your own trade show displays in San Antonio is that your marketing can easily get stale. Unless you are committed to frequently assessing your booth to update the graphics and refresh the look, your booth can lose ground as a vehicle for showing how forward-thinking your company is. New developments in booth technology come along every year or so; if you own your booth, you may keep your eyes closed to what could better promote your company.


For example, in 2013, trade show displays at San Antonio expos faced new competition as Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline introduced the new WindScape air powered booth. If you booth is not that old, no matter how much you love the exciting new design, it’s unlikely you would abandon your old investment for one of the new ones.


Even if you have a booth you are you not ready to abandon, renting still gives you options.


  • For shows where you want to secure a bigger space, renting can fill the gap. You can coordinate rental pieces with any booth style you have.


  • It gives you the opportunity to try out new styles that you might want to buy in the future.


  • Want to liven up your trade show displays at San Antonio expos? Since combining different styles of booths can be very effective, you can even rent a new inflatable piece or some other element to add new interest to your display.


If you decide you would love having either a full booth in the new style or just a piece or two, you can plan ahead to purchase them in the future.


Renting gives you more options to explore your creativity. There are also cost advantages if you rent in town for a local trade show. Displays in San Antonio or Austin incur no transportation charges and lower drayage charges on the floor, as compared to a booth you own.


Interested in exploring options for purchase or rent? Contact us today.