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Make Your Trade Show Displays Exciting With A Big Giveaway

By July 3, 2011August 21st, 2017Trade Show Marketing, Trade Shows

Any company can give away small items in an attempt to draw attention at a trade show. While smaller items can bring in visitors, they cannot usually compare with the attraction of a larger big ticket item. Choosing to give away a big ticket item will help your pop up displays get noticed and bring in more visitors, whether you use them instead of or alongside your smaller gifts.


What Makes Gifts Work At Trade Show Displays?

Portable displays with giveaways are proven to attract more attention for a simple reason: people love free stuff. They will take virtually any kind of free stuff, and will go out of their way to get it. The more valuable and useful the freebies, the more they’ll do in order to obtain the item or get a chance at obtaining it if it is raffled.

Choosing a larger gift will increase the amount of buzz and interest that your trade show displays generate. In addition, larger gifts can be used to qualify leads, whereas smaller gifts are given out fairly indiscriminately. Finally, larger gifts will set your company apart in the eyes of your visitors, and give them a stronger positive impression of you. Bigger ticket items are an almost guaranteed way to make a favorable start with a new client.


What Should You Be Giving Away At Your Portable Displays?

The best gifts – regardless of price – are high quality items that are small enough to be easily carried through a long day at the convention. People aren’t likely to go home after winning a big ticket item at your pop up displays, so you need to ensure they’ll be comfortable carrying it afterward. Additionally, you’ll want the item to carry your company logo, or some other reminder of the source. When your visitors see the item, it should remind them of your portable displays and therefore your company.

There are many items that fit this description. Small electronics like iPods and iPads are always a good choice. In addition, high quality watches can work well. Anything larger than this starts to become a problem, as your visitors may not be able to readily carry it. Be equally careful that you don’t choose something too small, like a bracelet or piece of loose jewelry, which might get lost.


Targeting Your Giveaways With Tickets Redeemable At Your Pop Up Displays

It is difficult to qualify leads on the spot at your convention, yet it’s beneficial to target your most likely customers with your biggest giveaways. One good way to accomplish this is by sending out tickets ahead of time. You can handpick the most promising individuals, and then when your portable displays get set up you’ll be ready to meet with them and have them collect their prize. In addition, these tickets ensure that you’ll gain the attention of your most valuable prospects. If they feel as though they have been selected and are excited to see what gift they get, they’ll head directly to your trade show displays as soon as they enter the convention, bypassing all your competitors.


Holding Contests To Drive Up The Excitement Factor

Giveaways attract attention only when people know about them. One of the best ways to let people know about your giveaways is to have them given away through a contest. There are many different types of contests that you could choose, including spinning wheels, scratch cards, and money machines. All of these are very obvious and sensational things, and will make it very clear that you’re giving away something big. When combined with giveaways, they are almost sure to make people stop and visit your pop up displays.