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Get exactly the trade show displays you need with our custom solutions.

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits Trade Show Displays

Xtreme Xhibits can help with a wide variety of trade show displays

Our business is making you look good. Trade shows are incredibly important marketing tools for your company, and we know trade show displays inside and out. Through our relationship with Skyline, as well as through our own custom solutions, we can create the perfect display for your brand.

Our hardware solutions range from off-the-shelf, small and portable units to huge modular island installations. We want your company to succeed, so we customize our solutions exactly to your needs and budget.


For smaller displays, we use display systems that are easily customized. These can deliver spectacular results, especially in smaller spaces, or where portability is a priority. Using lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, these structures are sturdy but easy to put up and take down. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of display system solutions and we can help you make the right choice.

Trade Show Displays: Pop-up and Backwall Displays


Which system is right for you and your needs? Skyline Xtreme Xhibits has a variety of portable backwall displays including the legendary Mirage pop-up and WindScape, the world’s first air-powered exhibit system.

Trade Show Displays: Banner Stands


Get big graphic impact with our easy to use and lightweight systems. Skyline Xtreme Xhibit banner stand graphic panels simply retract from their base and are easy to change when it’s time to update.

Trade Show Displays: Tabletop Displays


In smaller spaces, tabletops are an easy way to exhibit. Skyline has designed several tabletop systems that are easy to transport, quick to install and are built with top quality to give you the very best value.

Trade Show Displays: Tables & Accessories


Bring added functionality to your display with workstations. You’ll have more valuable space for demos, literature or taking leads. Skyline Xtreme Xhibits workstations pack small, but they work big.


However for some clients, a small portable display just won’t work. They need to make a big splash with custom features and never-before-seen touches. Xtreme Xhibits are experts in making your brand stand out from the competition. With custom lighting, extensive electronic projection and display experience, show-stopping graphics, or some combination of all of the above, your customers will stop in their tracks. There is nothing too big for us – as long as we can fit it in the trade show hall doors, we can set it up and attract the right kind of attention to your brand.

Trade Show Displays: Structural Presence


You’re a major player in your industry and want to make a statement with your presence. Design to differentiate with a custom modular exhibit that reduces costs.

Trade Show Displays: Large Graphic Structures


Graphics are the most important part of your exhibit! They convey who you are, what you do and what you offer. Attract attendees with graphics that fit your brand.

Trade Show Displays: Merchandising


From hearing aids to helicopters, Skyline has the experience and systems to effectively display and market your products to potential buyers.

Trade Show Displays: Technology & Storage


Counters add style and functionality to your exhibit. Technology integrated seamlessly into your exhibit provides a professional presentation and brand experience.

Trade show displays are the very core of our business. Whether it’s a display system, a custom modular island display, or some hybrid solution between the two, we have you covered. Contact us today and let’s discuss exactly what you need.