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Our customer service sets us apart.

The value veteran exhibitors find with Skyline Xtreme Xhibits most of all is service – it’s the #1 reason clients tell us they choose us.  Clients, especially repeat clients, rave about our customer service, and how well their local account executive takes care of them.

However, if you are a new exhibitor, you may not know just how important great customer service is to your success at trade shows. Veterans do, because they’ve seen the adverse effects of poor customer service on their trade show program. We can have the coolest displays and the best designs, but it doesn’t mean anything without excellent customer service. Here’s why we have the advantage:

Trade Show Customer Service in Austin and San Antonio


Our Austin and San Antonio locations are both fully equipped to answer any questions you might have. With experts just a phone call away, you’ll always know exactly where you stand. We even have an after-hours emergency contact number, so you’re covered no matter when the problem occurs. And our client portal means you can upload files any time, check our artwork guidelines, and even log into our asset management system.

Global Support and Customer Service for Trade Show Displays


Our local, professional staff and trusted third-party vendors can handle your every trade show need. Xtreme Xhibits is part of the global Skyline network of more than 1,500 team members. We are ready to provide exhibitors expert worldwide service and support in nearly 100 North American design centers. We have representatives in 38 countries. Wherever your exhibit strategy may take you, we can give your business the attention and care it needs. We want to do anything to ensure you enjoy a seamless exhibition that delivers maximum crowd impact.

Choose an exhibit provider who will go the extra mile to help you succeed.  Choose a partner that is geared to provide great customer service, no matter where you are. Contact us to get started today.