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The Wheels Go Round: Trade Show Shipping (Part 1)

By January 8, 2020January 22nd, 2020Barb's Xtreme Blog

Well, Santa, his reindeer and sleigh have come and gone, miraculously delivering freight around the globe before the sun rises.  Unfortunately, in the trade show world, there is no magic sleigh, reindeer or Santa.

Tips for shipping to/from your trade show.
1. Know your shipping company
a. Is someone available for your call 24/7?  Be sure to have a contact name and cell phone number.
b. Is the carrier personnel well informed in trade show jargon?
-Time critical (delivery must be made on a specified date, at a specified time)
-Advance warehouse (delivery to a holding warehouse before installation, specified date and time
-Direct to show (delivery directly to the show, specified date and time)
-Marshalling yard (Check-in point for all drivers, usually for large shows only.  Drivers must obtain a check in number and wait to be called up to deliver or pick up.)
-Show to Show (Your freight is shipping on to another show before returning back. Timing for picking up at the first show and delivering to the next usually is critical.)
c. Ask for references. (It is important to know how the carrier has handled another company’s trade show freight regarding damage, loss, insurance)


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