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Leading a Movement for Meaningful Change in the Austin Business Community

By July 23, 2009August 21st, 2017Trade Shows

Xtreme Xhibits has recognized that the event, meeting and tradeshow industry is one of the larger producers of solid waste in the United States. Committed to transforming the events and tradeshow industry to one that is economically and environmentally sustainable, Xtreme Xhibits has launched a new range of “green” tradeshow and exhibiting products. These new additions demonstrate Xtreme Xhibits’ commitment to the idea that in order to effect meaningful change within the industry it is essential to continually re-envision our approach to doing business.

There is an old saying that “nothing endures but change.” Food menus change seasonally. Fashions and fads can change even quicker. Even societies and deep rooted cultural practices change over time. Whether selling ship supplies in the 16th century, or custom designed exhibits in the 21st, business innovation is paramount due to society’s continual march towards progress and advancement. The large force of change currently transforming the business worldwide is environmental consciousness, which has led Xtreme Xhibits to pursue greater sustainability.

However, we realize that achieving sustainability is a collaborative process, especially considering the worldwide push for such change. We are working with our suppliers to develop and supply sustainable materials for our customers. This renders us capable of identifying specific sustainable options that will work well for our clients’ business goals. At the same time, we are striving to ensure our own manufacturing, distribution, and administration processes are efficient and responsible.