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Introducing Barb aka Barb’s Xtreme Blog

By November 19, 2019November 20th, 2019Barb's Xtreme Blog

Let me introduce myself….

Hi! I’m Barb. I’ve been in the trade show “world” for 18 years—mainly as a logistic and I&D coordinator. Over the years, I’ve worked with experienced trade show/event planners and folks in marketing with various titles. I’ve worked with planners with little or no experience, with seasoned planners and with many in between. It may sound strange, but I have always enjoyed my job and all the people I’ve worked with and met.  Really, after the dust has settled, the missing freight has been located, the electric re-installed properly so that the exhibit lights and monitors can be turned on, the carpet sections put together so that the pattern and color match and the installing team has opened that one last crate to find the parts and pieces they claim have never been sent, it has been a fun and rewarding experience.  But then, I really get a kick out of putting jigsaw puzzles together — coordinating trade shows reminds me of one, giant puzzle and the satisfaction of being able to lock in that last piece to create a perfect picture.

So now, I’m Barb, the Blogger, here to pass on words of “wisdom” or maybe not so much wisdom as experience. Each week, I’ll try to tackle things/ideas that impact our trade show lives.  All of you have had those trade show moments, or more than moments, and I’d love to hear about them from you, also.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, experiences, solutions, ideas.  Subject line: Barb’s Xtreme Blog


Remember, “The world is like a mirror and if you face it smiling, it smiles right back.” (author unknown)