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Trade show nerves

By December 12, 2019January 22nd, 2020Barb's Xtreme Blog

I’ve often said that working in the trade show industry is not for the faint-hearted.  There are so many moving parts for a show that it’s mind boggling:

  • the show budget,
  • understanding the difference between the show’s kit and show’s manual,
  • selection of the show itself and the booth space,
  • paperwork and ordering show services,
  • shipping to/from,
  • installation and dismantle,
  • booth staff training,
  • attending the show, itself.

GOOD GRIEF!! There is an endless list of things to do and make happen.

Let’s start with attending the show.  If you are a nervous exhibitor, you may not want to attend the first day or in some cases, first hours of set up….nothing is more nerve wracking than listening to the banter between the installing team as they unpack your exhibit. I’m a nervous one, so I really don’t want to hear the crew discuss the fact that some piece of the exhibit can’t be found when it probably is in the one crate they haven’t opened yet.  And if something is missing, 9 out of 10 times, the installers will come up with a solution so your show will go off like clockwork.

I have had clients who want to be at the install as the set up team unpack and begin the set up.  Some who arrive mid-way to make sure the setup is happening according to instructions and others who arrive for the walk through.

It’s all up to you and your team.

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