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4 Questions Your Austin Trade Show Booth Should Answer

austin trade show boothIf you are designing a new Austin trade show booth, or perhaps redesigning an existing booth, there are several factors you should take into consideration. You should know who your target market is as well as what goals you hope to achieve as a result of exhibiting. When you are designing a booth, you need to think about it through the eyes of trade show visitors. There are questions they will have in their minds as they explore the event and visit different booths. It is extremely helpful to anticipate the questions they will have and then proactively answer them with your Austin trade show booth. We at Xtreme Xhibits want to share four frequently asked consumer questions that your exhibit should answer.

  1. Who Is Your Company?

Most importantly, your Austin trade show booth should give event attendees a clear picture of who your company is. This involves more than providing them with information about your company. In fact, more and more consumers want you to tell them a story. Why do you exist? Who are the individuals that make up your business? What do you stand for? Not only will answering these questions give visitors a good idea of who your company is, but it will make your brand more memorable to them as well.


  1. Why Do Your Products Or Services Exist?

Another way to phrase this question is – what problems do your products and services solve. The best inventions and startups are simply a result of someone offering a solution to a problem. This is why it is essential for you to communicate to visitors what problem your company is addressing and what specific solution you are offering.


  1. What Makes Your Products Or Services Unique From Your Competitors?

This question is important because chances are your company is not the only one who is offering a solution for the problem at hand. Your Austin trade show booth should show potential customers why they should choose your product or service over the competitors’. What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Maybe it is affordable pricing. Maybe it is extreme attention to detail. Perhaps it is superior customer service. Whatever that element is that makes your company unique, make sure it is evident in the design and messaging of your Austin trade show booth.


  1. What Action Step(s) Can I Take?

Lastly, your booth should make it clear to visitors what their next action step(s) should be. Most of the time, their action step will probably be to talk to one of your booth staffers and get more information about pricing. Other times, the action step may be something different. For example, let’s say an attendee does not stop to talk to anyone at your booth, but they do pick up a promotional item, such as a giveaway. In that case, there should also be an obvious action step for them clearly presented somewhere on the item. Perhaps it is visiting your website or entering a contest on social media. Obvious action steps will help turn more of your leads into sales.


Contact us at Xtreme Xhibits for help answering any questions you may have, as well as for information about other helpful trade show services.

4 Reasons People Don’t Stop At Your Austin Trade Show Display

4 Reasons People Don't Stop At Your Austin Trade Show DisplayAs an exhibitor, you put a lot of time, money, and effort into your company’s trade show displays and exhibits. Sometimes your company sees a good return on this investment. Other times, you may find that event attendees seem to be walking right by your Austin trade show display without a second glance. This can be extremely frustrating, but it is important to take it as an opportunity to try to determine why those attendees did not stop at your booth. That way you can improve your Austin trade show display for the future. Below, we will explore four of the possible reasons people may not stop at a trade show display.


#1 – The display doesn’t stand out from the crowd.


The first reason attendees won’t stop at an Austin trade show display is if it does not stand out from the crowd. At trade shows and conferences there are countless other booths vying for their attention. This makes it absolutely essential that your company finds a way to design a booth that will not only capture the attention of attendees, but also intrigue them to find out more about your company. There are a variety of ways you can do this, including engaging graphics, vibrant colors, and innovative displays.


#2 – The display doesn’t effectively communicate a company’s competitive advantage.


Another reason attendees won’t stop at an Austin trade show display is when it does not clearly communicate why someone would benefit from buying a company’s products and services. With so many other exhibitors simultaneously selling their products, it is imperative that your Austin trade show display effectively communicates your company’s unique competitive advantage. Is your price the lowest? Is your quality the highest? Whatever specific benefit consumers receive when buying from you should be effectively communicated through your Austin trade show display.


#3 – The staff does not seem welcoming or engaging.


When attendees are not stopping at an Austin trade show display, the problem is not always necessarily with the display itself. Sometimes the problem is with the staffers. Put yourself in the shoes of an event attendee. You are approaching two booths that are side-by-side. One booth has a few disengaged staffers that look bored, unprofessional and unapproachable. The other booth has a few staffers who are smiling, professional, and welcoming. You are probably going to choose the second booth, and so is every other attendee. It’s important to be sure that charisma, professionalism, and great interpersonal skills are concepts that are strongly interwoven into the DNA of your company’s culture. Also, try to staff your Austin trade show display with employees that are energetic and excellent communicators.


#4 – There is no buzz about the Austin trade show display.


Another reason that prevents people from visiting an Austin trade show display is there is a lack of buzz at the exhibit. This reason can be difficult to measure at times because it is less tangible than the others. If you find that people are walking right past your booth, ask yourself if your booth has excitement or activity. An exciting, active booth is more likely to draw in visitors than a quiet, dull booth. Try to brainstorm creative ways to up the excitement factor of your booth, whether by games, contests, or giveaways.


Xtreme Xhibits can help your company maximize your exhibiting ROI. Contact us today to check out our full range of exhibiting products and services.

Top Tips For Making Your Austin Trade Show Displays Stand Out In A Crowd

Top Tips For Making Your Austin Trade Show Displays Stand Out In A CrowdAs part of the renowned Skyline family, Xtreme Xhibits has proven itself as the leading provider of Austin trade show displays throughout the region. Our team of creative specialists have partnered with business owners in any industry, with every sized operations, and with virtually every type of live encounter marketing goals, to ensure that our Austin trade show displays best resonate with every type of event crowd. The key to our long-term success in this area? Constantly redefining what consumers can expect from innovative Austin trade show displays. When using one of our exhibits, entrepreneurs instantly separate themselves from the competition by delivering a total sensory experience that informs, engages and, ultimately, converts.


Leveraging All Possible Space Options With Your Austin Trade Show Displays


At Xtreme Xhibits, our creative team strives to leverage all available design space with our Austin trade show displays. We don’t just merely follow the hottest industry trends – we help our clients set them. When consulting with our staff, we create customized design solutions that incorporate a litany of live encounter exhibit innovations for optimal promotional impact and return on investment. Some of our latest tips for making Austin trade show displays stand out, include:


The sky’s the limit: Who says that all of your exhibit’s design elements have to be at eye-level? At Xtreme Xhibits we truly believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to marketing creativity; we work with our partners to design customized exhibit ceilings. From state-of-the-art lighting fixtures to using the extended canvas to further showcase your corporate brand identity, Xtreme Xhibits can help you create a taller visual presence that commands attention from the competition.


Floors matter too: Want to have all your visiting guests feel like they’ve actually walked into your company’s storefront? Adding a customized floor space can help. We can provide floors of various textures and materials to complement the rest of your exhibit and make your space feel completely different from the other exhibitors at the venue.


Conference rooms/lounges: Do you want to create a space that your visitors will want to relax in? Conference rooms and lounges within the exhibit can help you easily achieve this goal. At Xtreme Xhibits, we partner with your team to understand your specific sitting area objectives. From there we can create inviting lounges with various amenities and/or office-style conference rooms for you and your clients to comfortably meet in during the function.


Appeal to all of the senses: Once we’ve outlined the strategic concept of your Austin trade show displays, Xtreme Xhibits will further customize your exhibits by appealing to all of the senses. Including amenities such as speakers for music, flat screens for looping presentations, storage options for snacks and refreshments, and tactile exhibit components throughout the stand that will keep your guests engaged and relaxed throughout their time with your team.


Don’t settle for blending in with the crowd during your live marketing events. Work with Xtreme Xhibits to create Austin trade show displays that truly stand out. Contact us today for more information.

How To Cut Costs With Your Austin Trade Show Booth To Maximize ROI

austin trade show boothAs a leading provider of Austin trade show booth solutions, Xtreme Xhibits has seen the significant advantages that live encounter marketing functions can offer our business partners. Unlike other promotional tactics that only provide one-dimensional results, setting up an Austin trade show booth can deliver significant and dynamic benefits. Engaging with your company’s targeted demographic, sizing up the competition and networking with your industry’s leading affiliates are just some of the many ways that an Austin trade show booth can help your organization stand apart from other contenders vying for market share in your corporate verticals.


Make Managing Expenses With Your Austin Trade Show Booth A Top Priority


Of course, no matter how many benefits an Austin trade show booth delivers, ultimate success means reaping more results than overall investment. Many of our clients consult with us because they are concerned about the potentially significant expenses that can often be associated with their live marketing exhibits. Yes, there is a financial investment associated with navigating through the live event encounter arena; however, at Xtreme Xhibits we work with our clients to help them understand that participating in these functions does not have to prove cost prohibitive. Creating an Austin trade show booth strategy that includes a few key tips can help minimize costs and maximize overall event return on investment.


Tips For Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Live Encounter Marketing Strategy


The first tip we suggest to our partners is to create their exhibit schedule as soon as they can. Systematically going through the most critical live marketing events can prove strategically and financially prudent; not only will you ensure that you won’t miss out on any major industry events, you’ll also avoid late entry costs that can be incurred if you sign up past a deadline date.


Once you’ve created your preliminary itinerary, it’s time to flesh out the extensive list of action items (and whom is responsible for them on your team) associated with each function. Include all tasks, both big and small, to guarantee nothing falls through the cracks. Having a firm handle on all that needs to get done for each function will eliminate having to pay late fees rushing.


Additionally, reducing the amount of literature you order to store in your display can have a major impact on overall investment. Previous generations of live encounter marketers felt they needed to ply every display guest with copious amounts of promotional information. However, today’s business executives understand that it’s okay to only provide printed literature to relevant guests. All other visitors can receive online information during the post-show follow up. Bonus tip? Strategize how many copies you’ll need throughout the year so you won’t have to spend more money printing the same information several times annually.


Finally, when the time comes to start shipping your Austin trade show booth and all of its accoutrements, it’s critical to perform due diligence on your shipping options. Shipping your stand can carry with it a significant expense. Competitively pricing out at least three shipping providers can ensure you cut costs as much as possible for optimal value.


Our team of design experts can help you create a one-of-a-kind Austin trade show booth that delivers significant crowd impact. Contact the team at Xtreme Xhibits today for more information!

Four Key Ways Xtreme Xhibits Can Help Your Trade Show Booth In Austin Stand Out From The Crowd

Booths for San Antonio Shows

Four Key Ways Xtreme Xhibits Can Help Your Trade Show Booth In Austin Stand Out From The Crowd

Here at Xtreme Xhibits, we often partner with clients who are interested in creating their first trade show booth. Austin entrepreneurs as well as business owners throughout the region know that teaming with us is a great first step towards reaping optimal benefits and overall return on investment from your live engagement marketing campaign. While other design firms claim to offer “experts,” Xtreme Xhibits actually has the skills, experience and industry reputation needed to truly deliver a final trade show booth in Austin that makes lasting crowd impact, all while propelling your brand image forward to your specific targeted consumer niche.


Important Considerations When Designing Your Company’s Trade Show Booth In Austin


At Xtreme Xhibits, we firmly believe that no two businesses are alike; it’s critical to create a unique trade show booth for each customer based on their specific needs and requirements. When beginning to partner with clients who are making their initial foray into the realm of live encounter marketing events, we consult closely with the entire team to gain a firm understanding of every business’ specific goals and objectives. Having a thorough gauge on what results you’re looking to yield can help us create a customized path for achievement.


Beyond our customized design approach, the team at Xtreme Xhibits also keeps four key considerations in mind when creating a distinctive trade show booth in Austin. First and foremost? Our design experts always strive to make brand a top priority in the final layout. We include brand critical information such as logo, color scheme and even corporate slogans throughout our trade show stands to ensure that every visitor will know exactly who your company is as soon as they enter the exhibit.


Other Ways We Help A Trade Show Booth In Austin Garner Crowd Attention


In addition to highlighting your brand, our design specialists also determine a focal point for your exhibit. We showcase this focal point strategically on your booth so it commands attention, no matter where you are located. Having a focal point helps guests find (and be drawn to) your trade show booth at Austin events rather than moving on to the competition’s stands.


Creating an inviting, welcoming space is also a top priority for the team at Xtreme Xhibits. We work hard to create a space that truly entices wandering crowds to stop and spend quality time with your employees. We will work closely with you to design a customized shape that maximizes flow and can even offer a sitting area complete with chairs so your guests can get the attention needed from your staff.


What’s the final consideration that is always on our design radar? Creating spaces for product grouping. Our product grouping strategies can deliver a collective image of all your most important product options. Additionally, we can use this space to offer easily accessible marketing materials so your guests have everything they need to reach out to your business in the future.


Xtreme Xhibits can create a trade show stand in Austin that instantly conveys exactly what your business about. Contact Xtreme Xhibits for more information on exhibition strategies.

Make The Most Of Your Space With Pop Up Displays At Austin Shows

When you’re planning for a trade show, does size matter? What size booth do you need to have an effective presence? For most shows, the smallest space is 10′ by 10′ and this is the amount that two thirds of the exhibitors sign up for. Another 18% select a 10′ by 20′ or 10′ by 30′ space. If you are part of the exhibiting majority, pop up displays at Austin shows will give you a presence. Xtreme Xhibits can offer you the most striking pop-ups in the industry.


Let’s be honest. For a small 10′ by 10′ booth, the most important attention grabber is the backwall that presents your company’s name, message, or compelling images. You may have shelves or a tablet stand attached to the backwall and may include a banner stand, table, or work stand in the area, but generally in a small booth, you endeavor to keep the area uncluttered to display your graphics. Your picture can “speak a thousand words” only if people can see it clearly.


Maximizing A 10′ Space With Pop Up Displays In Austin & Beyond


When you are looking for a display backwall that is attractive, effective, and easy to manage, look no further than the Mirage pop up system from Skyline. It’s only one option in a line of attractive pop up displays in Austin that work well in small spaces. What sets Mirage apart?


  • Durable and stable. The Mirage system offers you a choice of a fiberglass or high tech carbon frame that pops up and locks into place without additional fasteners. The frame is “triangulated” to keep the frame stable even if showroom floors are not even.


  • Eye-catching graphics that stay in place. The graphics adhere to it with magnets set on multiple strips of alternating polarization to make sure that your graphics stay put and are perfectly aligned. This allows you to position graphics at eye level or covering the entire backwall.


  • Roll it in. The system is portable enough to fit into a rolling case that you can conveniently take with you, even to small shows. The contents are light enough that the display is manageable, even for one person. There are two cases available to house your display that are no more than 41 inches high, which means they would easily fit in an SUV or a sedan with a fold-down rear seat.


  • Easy set-up. The Mirage pop up system is easy for one person to set up. With practice, it should only take about 10 minutes to unpack the frame, graphics and panels and lights and put them into place. Even if you send an inexperienced person to handle the show at the last minute, assembly is no problem as set-up directions fit right inside the case for easy access.


  • Expandable. If you display a 20′ exhibit, two Mirage panels connect effortlessly to form a curved, gull wing, or serpentine pattern. The units also coordinate well with other Skyline systems. The units are built to accommodate lights and other attachments to make them functional for your needs.


  • Double duty case. Some Skyline cases are built to do double duty as a piece of booth furniture. By wrapping it with the graphic panel, it blends into the booth and gives you some writing space. Since the case is with you, when the show is over you won’t have to wait for your cases to be brought back from exhibit storage to start dismantling your booth.


When you exhibit in 10′ booth spaces, make the most of your space with attractive pop up displays in Austin – you can’t go wrong with Mirage. Contact Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline today whether you need a pop up or other show services.

San Antonio Tradeshow Displays: Appealing To The Senses With Interactive Elements

It’s difficult to capture the attention of visitors on the trade show floor when you’re competing with hundreds of other trade show displays. If you’re looking for an innovative way to grab and keep the interest of attendees, consider adding a few interactive elements to your booths for Austin trade shows or San Antonio tradeshow displays. Show and booth designers are increasingly using various techniques to apply to all of the senses by using audio, visual and tactile demonstrations and interactive activities that turn visitors into actual participants in San Antonio tradeshow displays.


Appealing To The Senses: Moving Beyond Information

Any time you incorporate a demonstration in booths for Austin trade shows, you’re engaging the reasoning skills of attendees. They can follow the thought process behind the demonstration and understand how the product or service works. But adding other elements that appeal to their sense of hearing, sight or touch adds depth to San Antonio tradeshow displays. If they can not only watch the demo, but touch the product or listen to a comparison, they will be more inclined to linger to learn more. You can then add banner stands in San Antonio with bullet points summing up the advantages offered by your company or direct people to the next station within your San Antonio tradeshow displays or booths for Austin trade shows. Layering your information and using different types of sensory input will underline the unique qualities of your company.


How To Do An Interactive Display

Today’s consumer electronics make it easy to turn San Antonio tradeshow displays into interactive, audience participation showstoppers. You can still use elements such as banner stands in San Antonio or table top displays in booths for Austin trade shows, but you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, use them to add newer technologies. With so many people using Smart Phones, consider adding QR codes to various elements so that visitors can quickly scan and download information about your business. Touch screens that reveal additional information and interactive catalogs, quizzes or guides displayed on several iPads displayed in your San Antonio tradeshow displays or downloadable to their own tablets are also great ways to encourage increased participation by individuals at San Antonio tradeshow displays.


For a more entertaining way to encourage interaction in your San Antonio tradeshow displays, consider installing responsive flooring that is illuminated or that features images as visitors walk on them. You can even create an interactive “trail” leading them to particular stations. Some booths for Austin trade show stands incorporate tactile features that allow individuals to touch your products or taste samples. Even scent can be used to trigger powerful responses. If you’re selling lawnmowers, air fresheners or aromatherapy diffusers that carry the scent of fresh mowed grass are wonderful, subliminal elements that will improve your ROI for a relatively insignificant cost.


Add A Personal Touch To San Antonio Tradeshow Displays

Numerous studies have confirmed that appealing to the emotions as well as the senses can pull visitors more deeply into the story of your products or services. You can use an array of elements to do this. Booths for Austin trade shows might include banner stands or table top displays in San Antonio tradeshow displays to draw visitors in and send them on to each new station as they follow the story you’re telling. Adding sensory elements can make the experience even more effective.


The use of a variety of interactive features when designing San Antonio tradeshow displays is a powerful way to ensure that visitors are fully engaged in what you have to offer.

If your business needs a custom trade show display in the San Antonio or Austin area, contact Xtreme Xhibits today!

Are Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio Too Much Of A Good Thing?


The options are nearly limitless when you’re selecting elements for your trade show booth these days. You can stick with the same, tried and true trade show displays you’ve been using for years, or you can take advantage of the many innovations that are now cropping up at trade show displays in San Antonio and around the globe. There are oversized exhibits using all kinds of bells and whistles including three dimensional graphics, robotics, giant logos, interactive gaming and a host of other unusual and eye-catching elements. Some companies get caught up in the excitement of designing new exhibits and choose a lot of new elements, forgetting that having too much of a good thing can sabotage their trade show booth. San Antonio event professionals from Xtreme Xhibits will tell you that when it comes to choosing the right design elements, adding one truly innovative feature is often the best call.


The Thin Line Between Tasteful And Tacky Trade Show Displays

If you’re stuffing your new trade show booth or trade show stand with lots of “extras” that don’t really pertain to your company’s message, you may be disappointed in your results at the next expo. Trade show displays in San Antonio that have too much in the way of light, sound, graphics or other features may turn people off. Remember that attendees are getting bombarded from all sides by your competitors and colleagues. If your trade show stand is too busy, it will not only confuse your message, it may actually overwhelm visitors, who will quickly move on rather than having to wade through your jumbled trade show booth presentation.


Too Much Vs. Too Little

Trade show displays should always be fresh, with current information and innovations, but if your trade show displays outstrip every other trade show booth at events you attend, you could be sending the wrong message. Some visitors will conclude that your product or services must be overpriced in order to pay for your over-the-top, expensive trade show displays. San Antonio business professionals know it’s sometimes best to appear responsible rather than investing in trade show booth elements that are flagrantly unnecessary despite their “cool factor.”


On the flip side, if your company is cutting corners by putting off updates to your trade show displays or trade show stands, you might want to take some time to discover just how out of date your current trade show displays in San Antonio are. You want people to perceive your company as responsible but not cheap, dated, or out of touch. If you continue to use a trade show stand that’s showing serious wear and tear or uses out of date graphics, visitors may think your company is in financial hot water or simply doesn’t care about its image. If your trade show booth tells convention attendees that they aren’t worth an investment in some attractive trade show displays, you’ve lost them without them ever slowing down as they walk to your competitor’s newer, more attractive trade show booth.


Successfully Achieving An Inviting Middle Ground With Your Trade Show Displays

San Antonio businesses can achieve a middle ground that will garner them plenty of positive attention at the next convention or trade show if they keep a few things in mind when evaluating their trade show displays:


  • Make sure each trade show stand, booth and banner stand features your most recent logo and graphics
  • Be sure your displays showcase your company’s latest products or services
  • Use attractive displays that highlight the features you want to emphasize most
  • Pare down your trade show displays to their most essential elements; too much information can become sensory overkill
  • Use giveaways or games judiciously; they shouldn’t become the only thing visitors remember
  • Maintain your company’s professional image at all times; if you’re too casual or silly, visitors won’t respect your business or you


You can create wonderful new marketing opportunities when you update your trade show displays. San Antonio event experts like those at Xtreme Xhibits can help you design and implement exciting innovations without losing sight of the real goal of all trade show exhibits – impressing visitors and encouraging them to become customers.

How Your Trade Show Installation Can Benefit From Hired Help


An innovative trade show installation in Austinfrom Xtreme Xhibits can be the highlight of any event if all the elements are installed properly and the pop up displays, portable displays and other pieces look their best. But in some situations, you simply don’t have the time to ensure that it’s properly installed because you are understaffed, overworked, or don’t have the experience properly setting up your trade show installation’s various elements. Add in the stress of shipping your trade show installation to the event, getting there yourself, and preparing your presentation, and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster. To minimize your stress level, consider hiring a professional service that can ship, repair and even set up your trade show installation for you.


Hiring The Right Help For A Great Trade Show Installation

Because there are a variety of elements in a trade show installation, including pop up displays, portable displays, booths, and modular units, you need to hire a specialist. Using a general contractor who isn’t familiar with the tight time constraints and assembly guidelines of trade shows can lead to problems. The specialists at Xtreme Xhibits ensure that your trade show installation will be assembled with exceptional care to your exact specifications and that your pop up displays and portable displays will be taken down and packed for shipping with the same great care.


Spokes Models: Drawing The Crowd

Setting up your portable displays and coordinating your trade show installation aren’t the only reasons you should consider hiring help. In fact, many companies hire temporary help to augment the staff in their trade show installation. Hiring an attractive spokes model can generate buzz on the conference or convention floor, bringing more visitors to check out your pop up displays and trade show installation. Keep in mind, however, that a spokes model’s role should be limited to giving out promotional items, greeting visitors and other general tasks. They should refer any specific questions to your own staff. The function of a good spokes model is to greet visitors, draw them into your trade show installation, and to distribute brochures or promotional gifts. This will free you and your staff up for in-depth interaction with interested customers.


Electrical Contractors

Many venues today require that you use their on-site electrical contractors for any work involving special lighting, electrical outlets, computer set-ups, etc. for your trade show installation. If this is the case, try to talk to one of the contractors in advance of the event so that you can discuss what you need and how you want your trade show installation to function. Don’t step on any toes by bypassing the electrical contractors during the set-up and wiring of any portable displays, pop up displays or other elements of your trade show installation. Remember, some event venues will have electricians available to help you with your trade show installation, so don’t hire your own contractor until you’ve confirmed that this is acceptable.


Professional Packing And Shipping Services

Don’t take a chance by trying to properly pack and ship your trade show installation from one event to the next. Pop up displays, portable displays and banner stands all have fragile components that need to be handled and packed with great care if you’re going to avoid damages on route to the next event. Hiring a professional packing and shipping service will protect your valuable trade show installation so that it’s in excellent condition when it arrives at the next trade show. Look for a national or international shipping firm that has experience with trade show installations and is willing to pick up and deliver.


An outstanding trade show installation from Xtreme Xhibits can reinforce brand identity and generate qualified leads if it is properly staged and staffed. To guarantee great results at every event, take the time to hire outside help that’s qualified, experienced and professional to minimize stress and help your next trade show be a rousing success.

The Gang Box: Emergency Fixes For Problems With Trade Show Exhibits


Those who are familiar with trade show exhibits in San Antonio from Xtreme Xhibits or who have put together numerous trade show stands over the years have probably heard the term “gang box.” It’s the term used for the handy emergency kits most experienced trade show professionals put together to help them handle emergency situations with their trade show stands. San Antonio professionals know that having a well-stocked gang box can save them time and money if a problem arises at their trade show exhibits. If you don’t want to rely on the limited, and expensive, supplies offered at the event’s services desk, be sure you bring the essentials.


Comfort And First Aid Products

 Setting up and staffing trade show exhibits in San Antonio is time consuming, intense work that can lead to injuries that need immediate attention. Whether you’ve cut yourself while setting up banner stands or you have a throbbing headache because of the light and noise from surrounding trade show stands, first aid products are a must. Unfortunately, you’ll probably be grabbing quick meals and wolfing them down during the event, so keep antacids on hand as well as cold remedies and tissues.


Other essentials include items such as a needle and thread in case a hem comes down or you lose a button, emery boards, wet wipes for quick clean-ups, nail polish to repair your manicure or mend a runner in your stockings and breath mints. Some people include gum, but breath mints are best so you won’t get caught chewing gum loudly or with your mouth open while working your San Antonio trade show stands. A stain remover stick and a spare necktie or blouse is also a good idea in case you spill coffee on yourself. A neat, clean appearance is crucial when you’re working at trade show exhibits.


The Right Tools For Your Trade Show Exhibits

Your gang box isn’t just a first aid kit; it should also be a versatile tool box that holds everything needed to set up, tear down, and repair your trade show exhibits and banner stands. San Antonio event planners and Xtreme Xhibits suggest you include tools such as packing tape, Velcro, a screwdriver, spare screws, glue, a flashlight, batteries, spare light bulbs, twist ties, plastic wrap and any other items that could come in handy for quick fixes for your trade show stands. Felt tip pens are great for touching up faded graphics on banner stands, and paper towels and spray cleaner can keep the tables and chairs at trade show exhibits clean and inviting.


Office Essentials

Imagine talking to a visitor at one of your trade show stands who asks some questions, but can’t find a pen to write down your answers. What a missed opportunity! Be sure you keep common office supplies on hand at all your trade show exhibits. Your visitors will remember you if you can help them out with a pen, a stapler paper clips or anything that helps them get organized when they are visiting your trade show exhibits. Many companies give away pens with their company logo at San Antonio trade show stands, but if your budget is tight, simply keep a few pencil holders filled with inexpensive pens visitors can use and return. Also keep a stapler and some paper clips in a small bowl at your trade show exhibits.


Your gang box will evolve over time as you learn which items you aren’t really using at your trade show stands and which items you turn to again and again. If you’re relatively new to setting up and staffing trade show exhibits, talk to colleagues and the professionals at Xtreme Xhibits to find out what they consider to be essential for your trade show stands’ gang box.