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9 Places To Take Your Portable Displays In San Antonio This Year

Are you ready to show off your portable displays in San Antonio? Xtreme Xhibits can help! Consider exhibiting at one of these local trade shows this year.


  • Wedding Fair
    • When: June 7th 2015
    • Industry: Wedding & Bridal
    • If your company offers products and services related to weddings, this is the perfect place to take your portable displays in San Antonio. The expo will showcase a variety of products, as well as feature a bridal fashion show.


  • Learning Express Toys
    • When: June 28th – July 1st 2015
    • Industry: Sporting Goods, Toys & Games
    • This four-day event will showcase toys like Lego, Hot Wheels, toy trains, and more. If your company offers small toys, take advantage of this opportunity to bring your portable displays to San Antonio.


  • Southwest Music Summer Exhibition
    • When: July 23rd – 26th 2015
    • Industry: Musical Instruments
    • This four-day event will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. It will highlight products such as musical instruments, orchestral instruments, and other products related to the music industry.


  • Summer Family Train Show
    • When: July 25th – 26th 2015
    • Industry: Railway, Shipping & Aviation
    • This event will feature trains and products related to the railway industry. It is a family friendly event, which allows exhibitors an opportunity to appeal to families with kids.


  • Your Weight Matters National Convention And Healthy Living Expo
    • When: August 13th – 16th 2015
    • Industry: Medical & Pharmaceutical
    • If your company is centered on healthy living or nutrition, this is the one place that you must exhibit. The expo is a four-day event that will take place at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter.


  • Cornerstone Leadership Conference And Expo
    • When: September 10th – 12th 2015
    • Industry: Business Services
    • This event will be geared toward team building and leadership. It will focus on communication skills, as well as showcase products and services related to this field.


  • Digital Marketing And Social Media
    • September 21st – 22nd 2015
    • Industry: Scientific Instruments
    • This event will focus on the fields of computer vision, social media, graphics, and digital marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the digital marketing conversation.


  • International Flower Show
    • When: September 29th – 30th 2015
    • Industry: Industrial Products
    • This two-day event will take place at the San Antonio Grand Hyatt and is geared toward scientists, scholars, engineers, and college students. It will discuss research activities related to the floral industry.


  • Comfort Village Fall Antiques Show
    • When: October 17th – 18th2015
    • Industry: Gifts & Handicrafts
    • Do you sell handmade specialty items such as jewelry, stoneware, textiles, country furniture, quilts, and more? If so, this two-day event is perfect for you.


Wherever you choose to exhibit, know that Xtreme Xhibits is available to help your company succeed. Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize exhibiting ROI.

Why Exhibitors Love Using Portable Displays In San Antonio

portable displays San Antonio Trade show products have the ability to make or break exhibitors. Trade show exhibitors rely on their products to be professional, durable, and easy to assemble. Portable displays in particular are a great tool for companies that represent their brand at a variety of venues, such as trade shows, conferences, businesses, and other events. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons exhibitors love using portable displays in San Antonio.


#1 – Versatility


Companies appreciate the versatility that portable displays offer. They can be used for many different types of marketing campaigns. Companies can use portable displays in San Antonio to do a number of things: advertise a new product, promote a sale, announce a social media contest, direct foot traffic at an event, and much more.


Another factor that makes these exhibits so versatile is that the graphics can be easily changed. Larger displays, such as island exhibits, are more of a hassle to change, whereas portable displays can be changed at a lower cost with less of a headache. This allows companies to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace by changing marketing campaigns and ads as needed.


#2 – Cost-effectiveness


Companies love using portable displays in San Antonio because they are so cost-effective. Other larger types of exhibits and booths are more expensive to purchase and operate. Companies that choose larger exhibits incur extra expenses in terms of shipping and storage. They also have to pay extra for exhibit services such as installation and dismantling.


Portable displays do not require such extra expenses. Since they pack small and are lightweight, companies save money on shipping and storage. Also, they don’t involve costs like I&D because they can be easily set up by the company.


#3 – Transportability


As their name suggests, portable displays are advantageous because of the fact that they can be taken anywhere. Companies appreciate the fact that they can load up portable displays in the car and take them to any trade show, conference, or event. This allows companies to present their brand in a variety of places. Because of their size, there are many places that portable displays can go that bigger booths couldn’t.


#4 – Professional Look


Even though portable displays are among the smaller type of trade show products, they do not lack in presentation. These displays represent companies well through their high-quality, professional design. Thanks to portable displays in San Antonio, even when your space is limited, you can present your brand in a professional manner.


#5 – Ease Of Use


Portable displays are beneficial because they are so easy to install. These exhibits can be set up in a matter of minutes and do not require any special tools or professional services. There are even portable displays that are completely air powered. These systems literally inflate into professional, wrinkle-free displays in just a few short minutes with the simple press of a button. That kind of convenience is sure to come in handy for exhibitors.


These are just some of the reasons companies love using portable displays in San Antonio. Contact Xtreme Xhibits to find out how your company can benefit from these innovative trade show products.

San Antonio Tradeshow Displays: Appealing To The Senses With Interactive Elements

It’s difficult to capture the attention of visitors on the trade show floor when you’re competing with hundreds of other trade show displays. If you’re looking for an innovative way to grab and keep the interest of attendees, consider adding a few interactive elements to your booths for Austin trade shows or San Antonio tradeshow displays. Show and booth designers are increasingly using various techniques to apply to all of the senses by using audio, visual and tactile demonstrations and interactive activities that turn visitors into actual participants in San Antonio tradeshow displays.


Appealing To The Senses: Moving Beyond Information

Any time you incorporate a demonstration in booths for Austin trade shows, you’re engaging the reasoning skills of attendees. They can follow the thought process behind the demonstration and understand how the product or service works. But adding other elements that appeal to their sense of hearing, sight or touch adds depth to San Antonio tradeshow displays. If they can not only watch the demo, but touch the product or listen to a comparison, they will be more inclined to linger to learn more. You can then add banner stands in San Antonio with bullet points summing up the advantages offered by your company or direct people to the next station within your San Antonio tradeshow displays or booths for Austin trade shows. Layering your information and using different types of sensory input will underline the unique qualities of your company.


How To Do An Interactive Display

Today’s consumer electronics make it easy to turn San Antonio tradeshow displays into interactive, audience participation showstoppers. You can still use elements such as banner stands in San Antonio or table top displays in booths for Austin trade shows, but you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, use them to add newer technologies. With so many people using Smart Phones, consider adding QR codes to various elements so that visitors can quickly scan and download information about your business. Touch screens that reveal additional information and interactive catalogs, quizzes or guides displayed on several iPads displayed in your San Antonio tradeshow displays or downloadable to their own tablets are also great ways to encourage increased participation by individuals at San Antonio tradeshow displays.


For a more entertaining way to encourage interaction in your San Antonio tradeshow displays, consider installing responsive flooring that is illuminated or that features images as visitors walk on them. You can even create an interactive “trail” leading them to particular stations. Some booths for Austin trade show stands incorporate tactile features that allow individuals to touch your products or taste samples. Even scent can be used to trigger powerful responses. If you’re selling lawnmowers, air fresheners or aromatherapy diffusers that carry the scent of fresh mowed grass are wonderful, subliminal elements that will improve your ROI for a relatively insignificant cost.


Add A Personal Touch To San Antonio Tradeshow Displays

Numerous studies have confirmed that appealing to the emotions as well as the senses can pull visitors more deeply into the story of your products or services. You can use an array of elements to do this. Booths for Austin trade shows might include banner stands or table top displays in San Antonio tradeshow displays to draw visitors in and send them on to each new station as they follow the story you’re telling. Adding sensory elements can make the experience even more effective.


The use of a variety of interactive features when designing San Antonio tradeshow displays is a powerful way to ensure that visitors are fully engaged in what you have to offer.

If your business needs a custom trade show display in the San Antonio or Austin area, contact Xtreme Xhibits today!

Enhancing Your Trade Show Displays With Demonstrations


You’ve probably spent many hours designing and coordinating your trade show displays knowing that the right combination of table top displays and other elements from Xtreme Xhibits can have a positive impact at industry events, trade shows and conferences. The right lighting, custom graphics, relevant information and a floor plan that’s inviting should all be part of successful trade show displays, but even the best trade show booth in San Antonio can only take your company so far at a marketing event. If you want some additional bang for your buck, consider adding another facet to your trade show booth — a great demonstration. Your employees will be interacting with visitors every day, and a demonstration gives them something specific and interesting to offer your trade show booth visitors. Product demonstrations are always popular at trade show displays in San Antonio and developing one for your trade show booth can take your trade show displays to the next level.


Is A Product Demonstration Right For Your Company?

If you have a new product or an innovative service that can easily be demonstrated at your trade show displays in San Antonio, you should definitely consider adding a demonstration to your repertoire. Can you clearly explain the benefits of your product and demonstrate its advantages in just a few minutes? Does your product demonstration address potential problems and provide solutions for your trade show booth visitors? Will the demonstration inspire visitors to purchase your product or service? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, a product demonstration set up at one of your table top displays may be a great addition to your trade show booth. There will, however, be times when demonstrating something isn’t a good choice for your company.


When Demonstrations Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth

Keep in mind that demonstrations will take up a lot of your employees’ time. If the demonstrations at your trade show displays are so complex that they require more than one person to execute properly, you may want to reconsider doing demonstrations unless you can afford to send a few extra people to man your trade show displays in San Antonio. If everyone is engaged in doing the demonstration, your employees could be missing valuable opportunities to interact with other trade show booth visitors who aren’t watching the demo.


A small trade show booth area can also be a drawback if you’re considering demonstrations. In order to demonstrate your product effectively, you’ll need a staging area that has enough space around it for visitors to stay and watch. This can suck up a lot of floor space, leaving you with very little space for other table top displays, banner stands, or a table with company brochures or promotional items. Finally, consider what you’ll do if your demonstrations don’t draw a crowd. Doing a demonstration to a sparse group or just one or two people can send the wrong message.


Creating An Effective Demonstration To Use With Your Trade Show Displays

If you’re still sure that a demonstration will be advantageous at your trade show booth, keep a few helpful tips in mind that will maximize the effectiveness of your trade show displays. If your product is relatively small, set up a few table top displays from Xtreme Xhibits so that you can put an employee at each one for individual presentations tailored to the needs and concerns of specific, potential clients. You can also let visitors hold the product, try it for themselves, and ask questions, making your demonstration more interactive and effective.


You can also have one employee circulate through your trade show displays to answer questions and discover potential customers’ concerns or needs. This way, if visitors are impressed by the demonstrations, they can immediately talk to someone at your trade show booth who can give them information packets or brochures or schedule an appointment for them.


Innovative trade show displays from Xtreme Xhibits that include a demonstration are often the most popular trade show booths in San Antonio. If you’re considering adding this effective element to your booth with table top displays, be sure you also include sufficiently trained, additional staff so that all of your trade show displays are shown to their best advantage.

Creating Original Trade Show Displays In San Antonio


Trade show displays that are original or unusual draw greater crowds at San Antonio trade show exhibits. If you’re competing with dozens or even hundreds of other exhibitors for the attention of attendees, you have to create trade show displays that are visually stunning to catch the eye and original enough to compel visitors to stay and learn more once they’re at your booth. Fortunately, there are several ways to design trade show displays that are original and attractive if you keep this trade show exhibit pro tips in mind.


Tap Into The Power Of The Pros For Successful Trade Show Displays

 No matter what industry you’re in, you probably already know there are some things that are best left to the professionals. Designing trade show displays is one of those things. Taking advantage of the years of marketing and event expertise at Xtreme Xhibits leaves you free to focus on other things that can better use your time. Whether you want to rent a portable trade show exhibit or have a complete line of trade show displays created around your logo for a variety of different venues, we will work with you to give you exactly what you need. We can even arrive at venues in advance and set up your trade show displays, then break them down and ship them to the next location for you. You’ll save money, time and a lot of headaches by letting our professional staff do the physical labor and take care of the tedious details so that you can focus on getting new leads and getting as much as possible out of every conference and trade show.


Feel free to ask us questions about anything from what kinds of trade show displays generate the most interest to what the latest trends in exhibiting are. We’ll tell you what kind of exhibits will work in your industry and which ones are poor investments. We’ll also introduce you to the latest innovations in the design of trade show booths, including the “bells and whistles” that could make all the difference at your next event.


Turn Your Trade Show Exhibit Into A Stellar Display With Unique Features

You’ve wandered through your share of conventions, so you know there’s an overload of colors, signs, fabrics, materials and booth designs vying for your attention. But which trade show booths are you drawn to? Not all trade show displays in San Antonio will generate the kind of buzz you’d like for your own trade show exhibit. Pay attention to the details of the various trade show displays you visited and take note of what was original or compelling at each one. Standing out in a sea of competition is crucial for your success at any event.


The business of trade show displays in San Antonio is constantly changing, with exciting, new features constantly being developed. Custom lighting, creative floor coverings, rich textural elements, interactive components and unique booth designs are always changing the face of the trade show exhibit industry.

Technology is transforming the face of exhibits in a variety of ways. Video clips, high resolution photography and custom graphics can all turn your formerly mundane trade show exhibit into a dynamic force for generating leads and creating buzz. Graphics can now be integrated into everything from banner stands to ceiling décor and flooring, pulling together the overall look of your trade show exhibit in a seamless and eye-catching way.


A Memorable Prize = A Memorable Trade Show Exhibit

Prizes and giveaways are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to lure visitors to your trade show displays. Because most of the trade show booths on the floor will be giving away some kind of “freebie,” it’s essential that you offer everyone an opportunity to walk away with something much more intriguing. Rather than trying to please more people by diluting your prize budget, think big. Giving away twenty small prize packages won’t leave the lasting impression you’ll get by awarding one fabulous prize such as a vacation, a new laptop or an HD television set.


Since attendees at trade shows and conventions always walk away with a bag full of merchandise they may never use, giving them all a chance at scoring big is a great way to make sure your trade show displays are remembered well into the future.

Portable Exhibits On A Budget: Getting More While Spending Less

In an ideal world, every company would have the best professional designers creating customized portable displays on an unlimited budget. In the real world, your company has constraints that need to be considered. No matter how tight your budget may be, you can still use banner stands and other portable displays to create a strong, mobile exhibit – you just need to think a little outside the box.


An Inexpensive Temporary Option: Rent Portable Exhibits

If your company doesn’t plan to use the portable displays often, you can feel free to rent them rather than buying. Rental portable exhibits have a lot more customizability options today than ever before, making them a great choice for any business. Today’s convention attendees can’t tell rented banner stands from purchases because of the advanced customizability and seamless integration. Renting portable displays becomes even more cost effective when you focus on reusable graphics, which can be recycled on other banner stands and portable exhibits in years to come.

Renting is also useful for individual situations even if your company normally maintains one or more portable exhibits. For example, you might want to test out a new design or take a risk before deciding to ultimately purchase or not. Alternatively, you might want a presence at two conventions happening over the same time period. Renting banner stands for one and showing your usual portable exhibits at the other is a great way to be strong at both.


Banner Stands Are The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Option

Banner stands are an economical and yet highly dynamic addition to your convention presence. They are quite cost effective for several reasons. First, their initial purchase price is low, allowing you to buy as many as needed without rising costs. Secondly, they are very adaptable. The same banner stand’s base can be re-used with different graphics, cutting down on your costs if you want to change the theme. Banner stands can be placed alone, but they can also be lined up to create one continuous image. In addition, after the convention is over, banner stands can often have a use back in the office, especially in a lobby or conference room.

Although banner stands are inexpensive, you should be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Banner stands still require a minimum level of quality in order to be a good investment. Shop around and take time to find the best option for your needs.


Table Top Displays Can Be Cost Effective

 Table top portable displays are also inexpensive and portable exhibits, although a single table top unit will typically cost more than single banner stands. Their biggest advantage is that they have a lot of variety while being tremendously easy to set up. These portable displays are typically ready to go in less than 10 minutes, and they look very professional and polished. There are also many different options to choose from, including small banner stands and pop up portable displays. Because they sit atop a table, they provide natural space for small items like business cards or brochures to be displayed.


Can You Save By Updating Your Current Portable Displays?

In some cases, you don’t need to buy a new unit at all – your old one simply needs a facelift to get it back to optimal functioning. This isn’t something you should try to do alone, as it may require making some changes to your current portable exhibits. Find a company that has done a lot of portable displays in the past, and that understands your budget needs.

Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean you have to settle on subpar portable displays. These money-saving tips will help you get a great result, even on a shoestring budget.

How To Create Outstanding Portable Exhibits: Banner Stands, Table Top Displays, And More

Although most modern venues can accommodate the standard 10′ by 10′ trade show display, there are many situations where you cannot bring a full size unit, or where it would be prohibitively inconvenient to do so. In that case, having portable displays to take the place of your units will make a strong statement wherever they are used and be an excellent back-up.


Option #1: Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the most flexible and inexpensive types of portable exhibits. They look great once set up, with vibrant colors and a relatively large display area. However, they can be packed away into a much smaller container for travel, which makes them ideal when space is tight. Typically, banner stands actually roll up, and then their actual stand can be folded away. They fit easily inside small cases, often able to be put over a shoulder or hand carried. There are many different variations that build upon basic banner stands, including curved models, double-sided banner stands, and even banner stands with built in literature holders and room to display small and lightweight products.


Option #2: Table Top Displays

There are many situations where you need your portable exhibits to sit atop a table. This kind of display setup is so common that you can get a table top display specifically designed for table top use from every major company. Within this selection of portable exhibits you’ll have a lot of different choices to make. How big do you want it to be? What kind of material should it be made from? How portable does it have to be? How wide?

No matter what choice you make, virtually all table top displays are fast to set up and easy to carry. They are not quite as tall as most banner stands, and they also are not as versatile because they are hard to use in situations where you might not have a table. However, many companies find table top displays to be inexpensive yet highly effective options for their portable exhibit needs.


Option #3: Totally Unique Portable Exhibits

If banner stands and table top displays have one flaw, it’s that they are available to everyone at all conventions. There are thousands of ways to make them unique with design features, but the basics will remain similar. The best way to make your portable exhibits stand out is to use both banner stands and table top displays together. The differences between them will complement one another, and they’ll also provide a lot more visual interest and thus get more visitors to your booth.

There are many ways to combine these units, but some of the most common involve using taller banner stands alongside table top displays. You can emphasize different products on each, or even create a unified graphic that stretches artistically across all of them. The choices are nearly endless, and it’s very difficult to go wrong. All you need to do is ensure that you maintain a consistent theme throughout, and that it’s easy for visitors to recognize that all elements of the portable displays belong to your company.

When used well, banner stands and table top displays can be every bit as effective as your full sized unit. Whether you’re seeking a more intimate presence for a smaller show, or just don’t have the room at your next convention, give these tips a try and enjoy a successful event.

Using Live Demonstrations At San Antonio Trade Show Displays

A live demonstration at a trade show stand in San Antonio might seem like a lot of work to organize. You’ll have to bring out a product, put together a presentation, and maybe even write a script to follow. Is it worth it? The answer is almost always yes. However, many San Antonio trade show displays will simply show off their products in an uninspired way that doesn’t allow visitors to interact one-on-one. Another few might have an interactive setup. To be truly memorable, consider a live demonstration.


Activity Spurs Interest At A Trade Show Exhibit In San Antonio

When people walk by a trade show exhibit in San Antonio and see activity, their interest is naturally piqued. They’ll wonder what’s going on and often stop and watch for themselves. Having someone demonstrate your product, especially if they’re outgoing and professional, will increase the chance that people will see your product and presentation. This can help increase the success of any trade show stand in San Antonio.


Make Your San Antonio Trade Show Displays Stand Out

If you’re going to have a presenter highlight your product, the first thing you need to do is design an area for the demonstration. People won’t stop to learn about your product if they can’t tell that there’s a special event going on at your trade show exhibit in San Antonio. If your display stands out from the rest, visitors will be able to instinctively tell they should stop to check out what’s going on.

To make your display stand out, make it bigger, taller or louder. If you have the space, create a small, elevated stage for your presenter. Making the stage a little taller than everyone else will help ensure the presenter is visible as attendees walk by or stop to see what’s going on. If space is limited, a podium or small stand can provide the same effect as a large stage.

You may not be able to control the amount of space you have, but you can certainly control the volume of your presentation. It’s a good idea to use some sort of microphone or PA system – a regular speaking voice just won’t cut it. Just be sure your microphone isn’t too loud or it might bother the other presenters at nearby San Antonio trade show displays.


Finding The Right San Antonio Trade Show Displays Presenter

Finding the right presenter doesn’t have to be difficult. Chances are good that you have a dynamic sales person at your disposal. If your presenter believes in your product or your service, they’ll be able to talk enthusiastically about it and make people take notice. There’s a line between enthusiasm and a hard sell, so be sure your presenter is able to deliver the presentation naturally.

If you use these tips wisely, your trade show stand in San Antonio has a great chance of bringing in extra attention and, ultimately, more sales.

Matching Your Trade Show Stands To The Type Of Convention

Not all conventions are created equal. There are three distinct types of conventions that you might attend, and the type of trade show exhibits that will be most effective are different at every one of them. Although you shouldn’t shy away from a convention simply because your current trade show stands are not perfectly suited, understanding the differences will help you make all practical adjustments to have the best chance of success.


Convention Type #1: Events Catering To The Industry

These are the toughest type of convention for trade show exhibits designers because industry experts are almost always the most demanding. Trade show booths for this kind of convention need to offer copious information. Remember, industry events are not about selling. Your trade show stands should not be full of merchandise, because you simply won’t be able to move it. The goal of trade show stands at this kind of event is to present your efforts to your fellow industry experts, and to see their efforts in return. Don’t expect much in the way of sales.


Convention Type #2: Events Catering To Customers

This kind of convention is the exact opposite of an industry-targeted event. Here, the general public is not just allowed to attend, they’re encouraged to come in. You’re free to make your trade show exhibits much more promotional at this kind of event, and you should keep some product on hand to sell during the convention. Expect to see consumers with little or no knowledge of your product, and expect them to be looking to purchase. Make sure that your trade show stands are inviting, or you risk losing out on business.


Convention Type #3: Events That Cater To The Industry And Consumers

Designing trade show stands for this kind of event requires a balance between promotional sales and informative industry notices. It’s best to choose a focus on either consumers or industry. Most people will choose consumers simply because they offer the best chance of turning a profit, and thus help offset the cost of your rented trade show booths space. However, appealing to industry is very valuable in the long term. Make sure to spend some time looking around; don’t forget that you’ll be getting a chance to observe competitors here just as you would at an industry-only show.


Common Types Of Industry-Specific Conventions

In addition to these broad categories, there are some industries known for particular types of conventions. They’re very characteristic, and knowing about them in advance can help you plan for them more effectively.

Automotive Showcases: these are consumer-focused, but without a lot of purchasing. It’s primarily a venue for automakers to communicate with their customers.

Home and Garden Shows: There are many businesses that can find good clientele at these highly customer-driven shows. While people may not go there seeking a contractor immediately, your business can build its reputation directly with consumers while showcasing itself within the industry.

Technology Shows: If you specialize in gadgets, this kind of show is for you. These shows can be consumer focused or industry focused depending on the event, but they’re always a fun place to show off the latest technology.

Understanding what kind of convention you’re likely to attend can help you plan your trade show booths to maximize your audience. However, if your company doesn’t presently have the budget to create new trade show stands for every new event, don’t worry – being there matters a lot more than having the most ideal booth for that particular occasion.

How To Use Banner Stands And Pop Up Displays In Your Store

Few convention displays have as much versatility as banner stands and pop up displays. Both of them can replace a trade show display entirely with the right design, but they can also be used as an addition to a larger unit. They are inexpensive, pack easily, and can be updated without difficulty. Many companies recognize their value on the trade show floor; increasingly, retailers are seeing their value inside stores. When properly designed, banner stands and pop up displays can serve as an engaging and dynamic point of sale display to help promote your newest products or biggest sales.


Pop Up Displays Pop Out To Grab Attention

Although point of sale displays are different from their convention booth cousins, both share a single goal: to communicate information to people who might not otherwise see it. They need to be clear, yet commanding. They must be concise, yet informative. Too much information, and the unit is useless, but providing too little information will provide the same poor result. This is true of a trade show display and a point of sale display. The key is to find a way to draw attention without using too many words, and banner stands and pop up displays both excel at this.

Pop up displays are best for companies that frequently travel to sell merchandise simply because they are so easy to set up. They can literally pop into place, making them set up and dismantle with unprecedented ease. Although they have a mechanism that makes them a little more fragile than banner stands, well designed pop up displays can last a very long time. The major disadvantage of pop up displays is that they cannot have their text and images changed as easily as banner stands. The display for pop up displays consists of a piece of canvas stretched across a frame, and changing out that canvas can be a real hassle.


Banner Stands Are Incredibly Versatile

Banner stands are another common choice for point of sale displays. These units come in a variety of sizes, but virtually always can be rolled or folded into a small travel size. They fit easily in even small vehicles, and can typically be taken as carry-ons in a plane. In addition, they’re easy to tuck away in your store when not in use. This makes them a very good choice when you need a small unit to point out something in your store, but don’t necessarily want it to have a constant presence.

One of the biggest benefits of banner stands is that they can very easily be re-customized whenever you start a new promotion or stock a new product. The printed element of most banner stands is totally separate from the more expensive metal backing that supports it. You can simply order a replacement banner and switch them out in a matter of minutes. For most stores that have frequent inventory changes, banner stands are the display of choice.


Display Units Draw Attention To Your Store

Whether you’re selling from a storefront in a mall or from a vendor booth at a larger show, banner stands and pop up displays can help you get the job done. They communicate your products effectively and actively draw new business, all at a fairly low cost. When designed properly, both can last your company for years.