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Shed Some Light On Your Pop-Up Displays

Shed Some Light On Your Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays offer easy set-up and transportation for a wide range of exhibitors. You can use them to create anything from a stand-alone display at a small event to an island centerpiece at a large tradeshow. No matter where you use your pop-up displays, your graphics, marketing messages, and branding will stand out most effectively with good lighting. Especially among exhibitors who want to carry as little gear as possible and minimize set-up costs, lighting is one area of trade show display that often gets less planning and investment than it deserves. Today’s LED lights offer an attractive solution by pumping out massive illumination using smaller and more lightweight units that are easy to set up and don’t generate a lot of waste heat.

  • Pop-Up Displays San AntonioGrab Visitors’ Attention – In general, LED lights put out more light than other lighting solutions of comparable size and typically greater weight. Skyline’s TriaSol lighting puts out as much as three times the amount of light as even other LED arm-light systems. That means visitors will be able to spot your pop-up display from a much greater distance, and they’ll be attracted to that bright spot on the trade show floor.
  • Create A Consistent Mood Or A Path – Using TriaSol arm lights with your pop-up displays, you can either create a consistently bright environment, or you can make a subtle path through your exhibit by adjusting and aiming the lights and moving the fixtures to draw visitors though your display to your booth team. Because of the brightness and greater surface-area coverage of the TriaSol lights, your display will be thoroughly illuminated with fewer light units, so there’s less gear to transport and install. Up to 15 light units plug into each other, so you’ll have less messy wires and plugs to contend with in your booth.
  • Show Off Your Design Work – The Louvre unveiled new LED lighting for the Mona Lisa and Red Room displays in 2013, and art lovers and visitors from all over the world have noted how much more clearly they see these classic works of art, now that they’re better lit. You’re probably not exhibiting classic works of art, but you’ve probably invested a good deal of time and money into designing your visual branding, graphics, and messages. Proper lighting helps you get the best return on that investment by ensuring that people actually see them. The more effective your lighting, the broader the impact your visuals will have, and your pop-up display will expand its marketing reach far beyond its own space.

Better Lighting Made Easy For Pop-Ups Displays In San Antonio

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits offers everything your company needs to make a big impression with your pop-up displays in San Antonio and Austin. From graphic design to lighting, and a full line of customized rental components to choose from, Xtreme Xhibits will help you set the scene that best showcases your brand and products and helps your sales team achieve their goals.

5 Advantages Of Pop Up Displays In Trade Show Booths

Five Advantages That Pop Up Displays In San Antonio Offer Exhibitors

Pop up displays are common fixtures in San Antonio trade show booths. They’re typically used in small spaces, but when designed effectively, can hold their own against larger trade show booths that are overfilled with distracting elements. And, they also cost less, too. That makes them one of the most popular choices in trade show booth display options. Here are five reasons to consider using pop up displays in your San Antonio trade show booths.

  1. They Don’t Require Much Space.

With bold graphics and top-notch workmanship, pop up displays can make as much of an impact as their bigger counterparts. Less really can be more if you maximize the space you have by applying a clean, streamlined approach to the look of your pop up displays. Also, if the employees who are working the booth position themselves just outside the space, it creates the effect of a larger display.

  1. They’re Easy To Set Up And Take Down.

Pop up displays usually have frames that, when extended, “pop up” without highly complicated assembly. In fact, because everything fits together smoothly, just one person can set up a well-made pop up display. That saves both time and money. Additionally, most pop up displays fit into just one or two cases, so they’re easy to transport.

  1. They’re Flexible.

pop up displays san antonioLiterature racks, shelving, monitors and high-end graphics; whatever custom features you’d like your trade show booth to have, pop up displays in San Antonio can accommodate them. An expert exhibit design company can build the kind of quality and flexibility into your pop up displays that add pizzazz and help them stand out in a sea of other exhibits. And this can all be done within a small financial footprint.

  1. They’re Affordable.

Pop up displays in San Antonio are among the most cost-effective types of exhibits available. Their less elaborate, simpler designs require less time from your exhibit designer than larger, more extravagant displays. A wide variety of materials enable you to choose whichever combination suits your budget. On a leads-per-square-foot basis, pop up displays in San Antonio can offer a greater return on investment than most other exhibit options.

  1. They Necessitate Focus.

Like any other exhibits, your pop up displays have to communicate your brand clearly, in a way that excites and engages visitors. Because space is limited with a pop up display, your message must be concise, brilliantly targeted and, above all, keenly focused. All elements of your displays must work hard and harmoniously. These constraints will force you to strip away the extraneous and zero in on the core purpose of your display. Such an approach is beneficial for any display, of course, but it’s absolutely crucial for pop up displays in San Antonio.

After using pop up displays in your exhibits, you’re likely to discover still more benefits. For maximum potential at minimum cost, pop up displays in San Antonio are hard to beat.

Skyline Exhibitor Source: Your Pop Up Display Specialists

When space is at a premium, turn to the design pros at Skyline Exhibitor Source for pop up displays in San Antonio that attract, excite and motivate. Contact us today to learn more.

How To Use Banner Stands And Pop Up Displays In Your Store

Few convention displays have as much versatility as banner stands and pop up displays. Both of them can replace a trade show display entirely with the right design, but they can also be used as an addition to a larger unit. They are inexpensive, pack easily, and can be updated without difficulty. Many companies recognize their value on the trade show floor; increasingly, retailers are seeing their value inside stores. When properly designed, banner stands and pop up displays can serve as an engaging and dynamic point of sale display to help promote your newest products or biggest sales.


Pop Up Displays Pop Out To Grab Attention

Although point of sale displays are different from their convention booth cousins, both share a single goal: to communicate information to people who might not otherwise see it. They need to be clear, yet commanding. They must be concise, yet informative. Too much information, and the unit is useless, but providing too little information will provide the same poor result. This is true of a trade show display and a point of sale display. The key is to find a way to draw attention without using too many words, and banner stands and pop up displays both excel at this.

Pop up displays are best for companies that frequently travel to sell merchandise simply because they are so easy to set up. They can literally pop into place, making them set up and dismantle with unprecedented ease. Although they have a mechanism that makes them a little more fragile than banner stands, well designed pop up displays can last a very long time. The major disadvantage of pop up displays is that they cannot have their text and images changed as easily as banner stands. The display for pop up displays consists of a piece of canvas stretched across a frame, and changing out that canvas can be a real hassle.


Banner Stands Are Incredibly Versatile

Banner stands are another common choice for point of sale displays. These units come in a variety of sizes, but virtually always can be rolled or folded into a small travel size. They fit easily in even small vehicles, and can typically be taken as carry-ons in a plane. In addition, they’re easy to tuck away in your store when not in use. This makes them a very good choice when you need a small unit to point out something in your store, but don’t necessarily want it to have a constant presence.

One of the biggest benefits of banner stands is that they can very easily be re-customized whenever you start a new promotion or stock a new product. The printed element of most banner stands is totally separate from the more expensive metal backing that supports it. You can simply order a replacement banner and switch them out in a matter of minutes. For most stores that have frequent inventory changes, banner stands are the display of choice.


Display Units Draw Attention To Your Store

Whether you’re selling from a storefront in a mall or from a vendor booth at a larger show, banner stands and pop up displays can help you get the job done. They communicate your products effectively and actively draw new business, all at a fairly low cost. When designed properly, both can last your company for years.

16 Ideas To Break The Monotony And Increase Results At Trade Show Displays

Whenever your company markets with trade show displays, your first priority is to be a strong representative and advocate of your product. Professional behavior at all trade show booths is a must.

Although you want to be serious and work to track down and qualify leads, sometimes the seriousness at trade show displays can become monotony and inhibit your ability to get things done. Your staff needs to be able to engage people who come to your trade show booths, and these tips can help liven them (and you) up.

  1. Go to the nearest trade show displays and ask the staffers what they do poorly. Enjoy their discomfort as they answer.
  2. Treat every new visitor at your trade show booths like your new best friend. Remember, they’re a person too – don’t treat them like a number in your sales reports.
  3. Take the funniest staffer at your trade show displays out for a nice dinner. Continue to do this daily for as long as you’ve got the trade show booths up, and even after!
  4. Play the trade show booths “drinking game”. Walk through the trade show displays carrying a bottle filled with water. Whenever a staffer asks you how you are, say “fine”, swig the water, and continue walking.
  5. Count the number of trade show displays you can pass before one of the staff tries to engage you.
  6. Collect some of the freebies that nearby trade show booths are offering. Be sure to give them back…to different trade show displays!
  7. Conspire with your co-workers to try working uncommon words into your conversations with people who visit your trade show booths. Try words like scurrilous, schism, or refractory for a challenge!
  8. Challenge your co-workers to find the worst/best/most (fill in the blank) of the convention day. The loser is responsible for buying lunch for the entire trade show booth sales team. Some great examples include most tacky trade show displays, best booth typo, and worst product description.
  9. Make a point of thanking every person who helped your trade show booths become reality, including the visitors who are currently making the trade show displays successful. Being thankful can be surprisingly fun!
  10. Before you see any other trade show booths, set up a bet with all your fellow attendants. Challenge each other to guess what the new trendy color will be. Loser buys drinks of the same color they picked!
  11. Bring your visitors in on the fun with a unique activity that communicates your message and is a lot of fun.
  12. Keep track of how many attendants trip over various utility cords. Extra points for every layer of safety protection designed to prevent trips and falls.
  13. Spread some smiles! Smiling is contagious; once you start, you’ll be surprised how many others take it up too.
  14. Plan ahead, and decide what you’ll do when you’re not at the trade show displays. What unique local attractions can you see?
  15. Set up a friendly competition with your co-workers to see who can generate the largest volume of qualified leads for the day. The loser buys drinks that night!
  16. Get a co-worker to put a sign on your back stating,  “ask me about (your business/product name) and you can kick me”. Walk around to the other trade show booths and see who asks you!

Small Size, Big Advantage: Surprising Benefits Of Table Top Displays, Pop Up Displays, And Banner Stands in Austin

It can be tough to remember that pop up displays in San Antonio offer a lot more than just size. While your eyes may naturally be drawn to the largest banner stands in Austin, that doesn’t mean you’ll immediately go to visit that booth. Successful table top displays in Austin are able to bring visitors into the range of your sales team, which can then turn them into conversions. Size is just the beginning; small pop up displays in San Antonio can offer results that are just as strong while bringing several other advantages due to their smaller size.

Pop Up Displays In San Antonio Offer A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

If your company needs an inexpensive convention presence, it’s hard to beat table top displays. Austin companies who choose these units are able to save a lot of cash while still having a very strong presence at a convention. Well designed table top displays in Austin are so well done that visitors hardly notice how inexpensive they actually were. Part of the reason for this is that pop up displays in San Antonio are simply less expensive due to their small size, assuring that almost any company can afford a well made and nice looking unit. The return on your investment is strong as well because properly designed pop up displays in San Antonio offer just as much potential to grab leads, assuming they are properly staffed as well.

Smaller Table Top Displays In Austin Yield A Strong Design Focus

The smaller size of typical pop up displays in San Antonio leads to another unexpected benefit. Designers are naturally forced to use their space more wisely, which tends to create a more clearly focused exhibit than would otherwise be produced. Table top displays in Austin have a limited amount of space that can be used to showcase text and images. Recognizing this, designers will naturally gravitate toward the most important points of their presentation. As long as they can avoid overcrowding, what emerges on pop up displays in San Antonio is typically a stronger, more focused representation of the most important points your company wants to present.

Banner Stands in Austin Naturally Promote A Clean, Uncluttered Display Area

There is another advantage to having a smaller area as you would with trade show displays in Austin. Larger units seem to attract clutter, and your message almost inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. Smaller banner stands in Austin have so little space initially that it’s difficult to clutter them. You have a limited area to place samples, literature, and anything else you’d like to showcase; anything that you put up must be something that’s very important. Your visitors know this, and will take it into account when they visit your table top display in Austin.

Setup, Takedown, And Transport Are A Snap

Perhaps the most obvious advantage provided by pop up displays in San Antonio is their strong portability. Small pop up displays in San Antonio can easily be taken by car to Dallas, Houston, or venues outside the state. Some are even easily taken on a plane as carryon luggage, allowing you company to skip the hassle of shipping altogether. Whether you are an individual traveler or are working with a large staff, this advantage of table top displays in Austin cannot be underestimated. The experts at Xtreme Xhibits are available to answer any question you may have and we offer Skyline exhibits and a national network of industry specialists who can find the right booth design for you.

Banner Stands And Table Top Displays In San Antonio: What Your Company Needs To Know

Banner stands in San Antonio are an excellent choice for a business, but table top displays in San Antonio can also offer a lot of value. Both these exhibits share one important common feature: table top displays and banner stands in San Antonio are very flexible and versatile. Along with pop up displays in San Antonio, they can be used at virtually every event with success. Although these different exhibits have important distinctions that define them, it’s common to see a company trying to decide whether to choose table top displays in San Antonio or banner stands. San Antonio companies can help make the choice with information about pop up displays in San Antonio versus table top displays and banner stands in San Antonio.

Differentiating Between Table Top Displays And Banner Stands In San Antonio

Banner stands, table top displays, and pop up displays in San Antonio can all serve similar roles. They help promote your company in a smaller format than a full-scale tradeshow exhibit, and are often used to add a highlight to a larger unit. If you are trying to choose between table top displays, pop up displays, and banner stands in San Antonio, the first thing to do is understand the finer details of each.

Table Top Displays In San Antonio:

  • Table top displays in San Antonio require some kind of table in order to display properly. They become miniature trade show displays when used in this manner, and present a very positive image. Unlike pop up displays in San Antonio, they have relatively little height choice, and must always sit on something. They can be used inside a booth or other display unit to add a punch.
  • Table top displays in San Antonio ship cross country in just one shipment. If you’re going to be shipping, this is an important advantage. It is more common than shipping companies would like to admit for packages to become lost in the mail. If you’re shipping a banner stand to San Antonio, you could lose the base but not the banner, leaving you with an annoying problem. Table top displays in San Antonio will not have that problem.

Banner Stands In San Antonio:

  • It’s hard to beat banner stands in San Antonio for portability and easy storage. The base separates from the banner, allowing the entire unit to fold up quite small. Banner stands in San Antonio are typically stored in a small tube, and can be shipped in the same way. They are amazingly small, which makes them great for companies who often drive to conventions.
  • Banner stands in San Antonio tend to be very durable. Their graphical component is made from a heavy duty material that resists rips, and their base is made from durable metals or composite materials.
  • Changing out the graphics on banner stands in San Antonio is easier than updating table top displays or pop up displays. San Antonio companies can simply design and order a new banner for their base, creating a totally updated look without having to re-do the entire thing.

Pop Up Displays In San Antonio:

  • Pop up displays in San Antonio offer the portability of banner stands with a similar display style to table top displays. San Antonio companies often choose these because they allow for ample display space without taking up a lot of storage space.
  • There are many different kinds of pop up displays in San Antonio, some of which will be less durable because they’re made with inferior materials. Finding the right company to create pop up displays in San Antonio is vital to receiving a long lasting and durable exhibit.

Making The Right Call For You

Deciding between table top units, banner stands, and pop up displays in San Antonio is a difficult task. All of them have their advantages and will serve you well, but you might also benefit from the specific advantages provided by each. If you are still uncertain about what kind of unit you’d like, or if you know what you want and are ready to order, Xtreme Xhibits is happy to help. We’re the premiere regional source of Skyline exhibit products, including table top displays, pop up displays, and banner stands. San Antonio companies can contact us now for more information from our experienced convention professionals.