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Choosing Giveways For Your San Antonio Trade Show Displays

Giveaways at your San Antonio trade show displays are a great way to attract attention, but some companies are hesitant to do use them. If you’re not sure why you should give away items at your San Antonio trade show exhibits, consider these points.


Why Bother Giving Away Freebies At Your Austin Trade Show Display

It’s well known that certain giveaways bring in traffic to San Antonio trade show displays. These giveaways can help improve exposure to your brand, as well as strengthen your company’s image in the eyes of current customers. Giveaway items will also work alongside your promotional literature and samples.


What Items Should You Give Away?

The right giveaway can make or break an Austin trade show display. When determining what types of items you should use, consider these points:

  • Image – Consider your company’s image before choosing a promotional giveaway for your San Antonio trade show displays. The items should be consistent with the image you want to convey.
  • Price – Many companies look through the catalog of promotional materials and choose the cheapest item possible to give away at their San Antonio trade show exhibits. Sure this can save your company money up front, but what happens if a client gets a pen that doesn’t work and throws it out immediately when they leave your Austin trade show display? This item hasn’t done you any good. Spend a little more for a quality product that will last and keep your name in the front of your client’s mind.
  • Utility – Giving away a one of a kind item attracts attention and ensures extended exposure. Right or wrong, people feel like an exclusive product is valuable. When choosing your giveaway, look for someone that’s unique, but also useable. Things like pens and notepads are usable and can be unique if you choose one that stands out from the rest. Other things you can give away include portfolios, calendars and notepads, but consideration should be given to high-tech items like USB drives and WiFi finders. Other unique and useful items include tote bags and hand sanitizer.
  • Contact information – Handing out a pen, notepads or other items will do you no good if they’re not branded. Make sure everything you’re handing out has your logo or business name on it, as a bare minimum. It’s better if you can add in a website, phone number or other contact information so clients won’t have to go far to find you.


Using Your San Antonio Trade Show Displays To Distribute Giveaways

Giveaways need to be handed out in a productive manner. You want to get your gifts in the hands of the decision makers at the companies you’re talking with. Also, don’t leave your gifts piled on the table for people to take from your San Antonio trade show displays. If you do this, customers will see little to no value in something you’re will to hand out so easily. Instead, make it a point to hand a gift to each customer personally.

One way to do this is to use an attention getting device like a prize wheel. A prize wheel will let your visitors spin a wheel at your Austin trade show display to win one of your prizes. Afterwards, consider asking visitors what they thought of your prizes and how you could improve the next time you take your San Antonio trade show displays somewhere else.

There’s definite value in handing out free gifts at your San Antonio trade show exhibits, especially if you choose a product that people want, you could see a great return on your investment.

Scale Models Will Draw The Crowds To Your Trade Show Exhibit

Exhibiting large products can be difficult when you have only a small trade show booth area to work with. It can make marketing an oversized item difficult, since the ‘hands on’ approach to marketing is so popular. If you’ve brought a great new product to market that takes up a large amount of space, it won’t be feasible to drag your product into your trade show booth in a crowded convention hall. Having a few scale models of your product made is an excellent solution to this sticky problem. If you invest in a working scale model that functions just like the actual product, you should soon see increased interest and better sales from your trade show booth.

Why A Scale Model Is So Important For Your Trade Show Booth

Consumers are savvier now than ever; they have access to the Internet, where three dimensional modeling of products can show them much more than photos did just a few decades ago. If you want to impress these customers, a scale model at your next trade show exhibit will certainly help. It gives visitors to your trade show booth the opportunity see, touch, and feel your product and examine how it functions up close.

The typical guest at a convention or trade show is no longer satisfied with a schematics or photographs. A functioning scale model of the product will impress them when nothing else will. Being able to look at your product from all angles and examine the various components will lead to increased interest in your trade show booth and product, and that can lead to increased sales.

Scale Models: Scaling Them Down To An Appropriate Size

Although it’s tempting to go with the largest scale model you can afford, it’s not always your best choice. If the scale model doesn’t fit comfortably into your trade show booth area or simply overwhelms the look and feel of everything else in your trade show exhibit, it isn’t adding value.

To choose the best scale, ask yourself some questions about the model and your trade show exhibit. How much free and clear area will you need in order for the scale model to work properly in your trade show booth? Can it function with minimal clearance, or will you need extra space around it in all directions? Will there be other scale models or demonstrations in your trade show booth area as well? Determine how much trade show exhibit space is needed for other displays, take into consideration the need for some clearance, and then figure out how big or small your scale model should be. Don’t forget to leave enough room for your visitors to maneuver comfortably throughout your trade show booth.

Putting Your Scale Models Center Stage

Be sure any advertising that refers to your trade show booth includes information about your scale model. Visitors are usually interested in demonstrations, and knowing you’ve invested the time and money in a scale model so potential customers can see your product in action will be a definite draw. For added impact, supplement your demonstration with multimedia components to reinforce your message. Animation is a great tool for explaining your product in simple, easy to understand language and pictures. Computer generated schematics are also a good way to let visitors see the inner workings of your scale model. Finally, be sure these different forms of advertising tie together to give visitors a complete and cohesive impression of the product you’re marketing.

While some visitors may be disappointed that they can’t see “the real thing,” most of them will quickly realize that it wouldn’t have been feasible. They’ll be thankful you took the time to create a working model for their benefit, which might even generate some added buzz for your trade show exhibit as word spreads that you have an interesting, working scale model.