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Benefits Of San Antonio Trade Show Installation

Set Your Staff Up For Success: Use San Antonio Trade Show Installation Services

Putting together your trade show executional strategy for the San Antonio region requires carefully managing an eclectic collection of moving parts. Training your team to engage with a live audience, honing your overall marketing message, and effectively cultivating leads are just some of the many ways you and your team will prep for ultimate trade show success.

One critical key event-marketing component that often gets overlooked is San Antonio trade show installation. Business owners often assume that they’ll be able to efficiently assemble and disassemble their exhibit during the chaos of a trade show. The result? Their final display can look incomplete or even unprofessional.

Protect Your Live Marketing Brand: Hire San Antonio Trade Show Installation Services

If you’re concerned about the setup and breakdown of your event exhibit, San Antonio trade show installation can prove an ideal solution. Outsourcing your San Antonio trade show installation needs offers a wide range of distinctive benefits that can help set you and your staff up for optimal success during the next function.

san antonio trade show installationSan Antonio trade show installation offers a team of skilled, trained and experienced providers who understands how to successfully setup and breakdown your display. Working with a professional team means no guesswork; you will have seasoned specialists managing every component of your exhibit for proper installation and a high quality final product that is both eye-catching and functional.

Of course, even the most functional exhibit can experience unforeseen technical difficulties and glitches. A veteran trade show installation provider can help here as well. Rather than having to rely on your internal staff to somehow troubleshoot the issue, your vendor will arrive with the tools, knowledge, and insight you will need to quickly remedy the problem and get your booth back to business as usual.

A San Antonio trade show installation service provider won’t just know about your specific booth requirements and how to fix problems; they will have extensive venue knowledge. Partnering with their specialists means that they will have invaluable insight on the floor plan, how to position your exhibit, and a slew of other venue details to best set your organization up for success.

Give Your Team Time To Focus On Your Corporate Event Goals

Most importantly, working with a San Antonio trade show installation provider means that you will instantly offer your team the most precious event resource of all: time. All business owners arrive at an event with a specific list of goals; however, spinning your wheels setting up and dismantling a booth can cut into the bandwidth needed to achieve these objectives. By outsourcing your setup and breakdown requirements, your staff can focus solely on making your brand the star of the next trade show.

Xtreme Xhibits offers a comprehensive range of San Antonio trade show installation services. Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs and how we can create a customized solution to meet them.

What You Learn From Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

Five Things You Can Learn From Your Next Trade Show Booth Experience In San Antonio

Getting ready to make your grand entrance in the San Antonio trade show booth arena? Working the live exhibit circuit can prove an ideal way for you to get your products and services into the hands on your targeted demographic. It’s also a great way to educate your consumer niche on everything that your business has to offer.

The Trade Show Booth Circuit Offers Key Insight To Exhibitors

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that working a trade show booth in San Antonio isn’t just a way to educate consumers; this marketing resource also offers a critical learning experience to their internal staff as well. What can you expect to learn from your next San Antonio trade show booth experience? Key details such as:

The Importance Of Industry Contacts/Affiliations

San Antonio trade show boothIt’s common for exhibitors to enter the trade show venue ready to expand their list of prospective client leads. However, the showroom floor is rife with potential new industry contacts and affiliations. You and your employees will quickly learn the value of working the event to connect with other innovators and trendsetters within your industry to build your professional networks.

What Consumers Like And Don’t Like

Sometimes gauging consumer interest in a particular service or product can prove challenging. Not true when working a trade show booth event. You and your team will have extensive opportunity to meet and engage with the crowd on an interactive level. Use this to your advantage. Ask for feedback from passersby and learn as much as you can about what your prospective customers like, as well as their constructive criticism before your next big launch.

What The Competition Has To Offer

Again, oftentimes entrepreneurs spend so much time working the audience that they fail to see the big opportunity picture. Working a trade show booth can educate you and your team about everything that the competition has to offer. Take the time to send out staff members to walk the venue floor. There, you and your team will learn about the latest industry innovations, as well as what specific differentiators your biggest competitors deliver to your consumer pool.

What Creates Crowd Buzz

Working a trade show booth in San Antonio means always wanting to up your game with each and every event. You will have ample opportunity to see which exhibits are making the biggest crowd impact and which booths are simply fading into the background at any given function. Best of all, you will get to see why certain stands are commanding attention. Learning about factors that generate crowd buzz can help you come to the next function ready to dominate.

Which Shows Deliver The Most ROI

Most importantly, you and your team will quickly learn whether a particular event was worth your time and participation. After every function, gather your exhibit team together to share what you have all learned about the event. Knowing about everyone’s experience can help you make an informed decision about which functions to attend in future years.

Xtreme Xhibits will partner with your team to create a customized trade show booth in San Antonio that will wow any crowd. Do you want to hear more? Contact our team of design specialists today!

Ensuring That Your Austin Trade Show Installation Is A Success

San Antonio Trade Show InstallationIf your Austin trade show installation goes off without a hitch, you’ve got the makings of a successful show. However, if the installation process is riddled with problems, your entire event could be overwhelming and stressful. To make sure that your event is a successful one, use these tips from Xtreme Xhibits before your Austin trade show installation even begins.

Interview Austin Trade Show Installation Teams

You won’t be the one to actually put your exhibit up in your allotted space — this job is for your installation team. Your installation team is vitally important to the success of your exhibit so it’s critical that they know what they’re doing. Ask your team leader how many other installations they’ve worked on and what type of experience they have with your exhibit style.

Communicate With Your Austin Trade Show Installation Team

Before you even arrive at the event, call your team and tell them the details and provide clear expectations so there’s no confusion during the installation process. You’ll want to provide them with diagrams of your setup, as well as how you want your booth situated in the space. Ask for cell phone contact information so that you can call your installation team if anything comes up later on.

Double Check Flooring And Electrical Outlets Before The Installation

If you’re not going to be there to check to make sure your flooring and electrical outlets are installed correctly, ask your Austin trade show installation team to check on this for you. You’ll want both these things done before your team arrives so that there’s no delay when they are ready to start working. Tell them what to look for to make sure that the outlets are placed in the right spot and that the flooring is the right color and type.

Give Your Austin Trade Show Installation Team Any Special Tips And Tricks To Make The Job Easier

If you have photos of your exhibit, pass them on to the Austin trade show installation team. This will help them to know exactly where different elements — such as lighting or monitors — should be installed. This is also especially helpful if you have complicated components within your displays.

Don’t Hover, But Don’t Be Afraid To Check In With Your Team

Your Austin trade show installation team should be well-versed with all aspects of the installation process, which means they probably don’t need you to hover over them. If you’re constantly in your exhibit space when they’re trying to work, chances are good that you’ll just be in their way. Although you want to leave them alone so they can work, you shouldn’t be afraid to check on them from time to time.

Stop by in person, but take care to stay out of the exhibit space. It can be tempting to call instead of stopping by, however if your team needs to stop what they’re doing to answer the phone repeatedly, you’ll be interrupting their work. If you stop by in person, you can let them know that you’re just there in case they have questions, but they don’t need to stop working.

These small tricks and tips can help ensure that your Austin trade show installation is a success, which can start your trade show off on the right foot. To learn more about the installation process or Xtreme Xhibits, visit

Motivating Employees Working Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio

If your company is attending a trade show, you’ve probably thought a lot about which employees you will bring with you to work in front of your trade show displays in San Antonio. Choose the wrong employees and your trade show displays in San Antonio will be ineffective, meaning you’ve just wasted your money on the event. However, if your employees work on commission, they might not be thrilled to spend time cultivating new clients for the entire sales force rather than working on their own accounts. To attract the best sales people for your event, use these tips from Xtreme Xhibits to help motivate them.

Give Your Employees Killer Trade Show Displays In San Antonio

The best thing you can do for your employees is to provide them with professional and dynamic trade show displays in San Antonio. Great looking trade show displays in San Antonio will help attract visitors to your booth space, as well as set a professional tone for your company. Providing your employees with the best possible materials and equipment will help them know that you have full confidence in them, which is incredibly motivating.


In addition to excellent trade show displays in San Antonio, it’s also a great idea to provide them with professional looking marketing literature and promotional items. It’s easy to impress visitors at your trade show displays in San Antonio if you’re handing out materials that look great and set a professional tone for your company.

Provide Your Employees With Nice Accommodations

Another great way to motivate your employees is to ensure that they’re comfortable if you’re exhibiting out of town. This doesn’t mean that you need to stay in the best hotel in town, but if your accommodations include rodents and bed bugs, you should move to another hotel ASAP. Also make sure that your employees receive enough in per diem so that they can let loose and enjoy themselves a little. Standard per diem rates are $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $30 for dinner, though these rates may need to be increased if you’re exhibiting in a larger city.

Reward Your Employees After Returning With Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio

Once your trade show displays in San Antonio have been packed up and everyone is back in the office, consider giving the employees who worked the event a day off. It’s likely that they spent quite a bit of time outside of regular business hours working, and giving them some time to make up for that is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. Additionally, this can also help motivate employees to work hard when they’re at the event since they know that you’ll reward them after it’s over.


These are simple ways to motivate your employees when they’re working at your trade show displays in San Antonio. Before you attend your next event, brainstorm some other ways to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work.

Not All Venues Are Ideal For San Antonio Trade Show Exhibits

Experienced trade show presenters know that not all venues are ideal for all San Antonio trade show exhibits. Choosing the right venues can contribute to the success of your company’s displays, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll also need to use effective marketing strategies and techniques to generate leads once you’ve chosen the best possible venues for your tradeshow display in Austin or elsewhere. But how do you choose optimal venues for your San Antonio trade show exhibits? By understanding what makes a trade show venue most desirable.


Finding Venues That Offer The Best ROI For Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibits


It would be nice if every vendor at a trade show had complete control over the success of his company’s display, but that’s not the reality. You can have a fabulous tradeshow booth created by Xtreme Xhibits but still get lackluster results if you don’t train your booth staff properly or you don’t choose the right industry events. In fact, the venue itself can be the deciding factor in whether San Antonio trade show exhibits are successes or failures with your intended audience. If you choose to exhibit at industry events that don’t attract the needed crowds or don’t have enough pull with your demographic, you could take a substantial hit to your ROI. While it isn’t always possible to determine how many viable leads will walk through the door of any venue, you can determine whether a particular event will pay you dividends by taking a few critical elements into consideration:


Relevant Industry Experience


Take the time to review the results from any venues where you presented your San Antonio trade show exhibits by Xtreme Xhibits in the previous year. Analyze relevant data and study any details such as qualified leads and customer response, then calculate whether the benefits you received were worth the investment of time and money at each venue. Did you get to network with others in your industry? Did you learn anything from your competitors? How many qualified leads did your trade show exhibit generate? You’ll quickly discover that some expos gave you an impressive return on your investment while others simply sucked up valuable time and money with no discernible benefits.


Location, Location, Location


There are some cities that seem to attract droves of attendees to every industry trade show, while others are sparsely populated with unenthusiastic visitors who are going through the motions. Las Vegas nearly always generates plenty of interest, with industry professionals quick to sign up for a few days of business networking in the glitzy, playground atmosphere. It’s not alone in its appeal as a popular convention hotspot; New York City, Atlanta, New Orleans, Louisville, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego and Dallas are a few of the most successful trade show cities. On the flip side, there are cities that don’t seem to generate enough excitement for some industries. A boat show in Boise, Idaho may not be the best location for maximizing your trade show results.


Marketing Techniques


Although expo experience and a prime locale can both contribute to the success of San Antonio trade show exhibits, the final arbiter of your company’s success will be how much enthusiasm and talent you invest in each venue. If you’re hoping to expand your exposure in a new market or are looking for ways to broaden your company horizons, you may want to make your presence known in a few new venues. If you decide that a particular region or venue is worth it, be sure you take the correct steps to maximize your ROI. Coordinate early on with the event coordinator in order to learn how they will be marketing the event and what perks attendees can expect to take advantage of. Also ask about the central theme of the trade show. Will your company’s products or services be essential for most attendees, or would your presence by more of a “side light?” Working with the coordinator of any new tradeshow event will ensure that your San Antonio trade show exhibits will get the marketing exposure needed to generate interest and make your Xtreme Xhibits trade show display a resounding success.


If you or your company needs a banner stand, trade show display, or exhibit rental in the San Antonio/Austin Area, please contact us today!

How Your Trade Show Installation Can Benefit From Hired Help


An innovative trade show installation in Austin from Xtreme Xhibits can be the highlight of any event if all the elements are installed properly and the pop up displays, portable displays and other pieces look their best. But in some situations, you simply don’t have the time to ensure that it’s properly installed because you are understaffed, overworked, or don’t have the experience properly setting up your trade show installation’s various elements. Add in the stress of shipping your trade show installation to the event, getting there yourself, and preparing your presentation, and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster. To minimize your stress level, consider hiring a professional service that can ship, repair and even set up your trade show installation for you.


Hiring The Right Help For A Great Trade Show Installation

Because there are a variety of elements in a trade show installation, including pop up displays, portable displays, booths, and modular units, you need to hire a specialist. Using a general contractor who isn’t familiar with the tight time constraints and assembly guidelines of trade shows can lead to problems. The specialists at Xtreme Xhibits ensure that your trade show installation will be assembled with exceptional care to your exact specifications and that your pop up displays and portable displays will be taken down and packed for shipping with the same great care.


Spokes Models: Drawing The Crowd

Setting up your portable displays and coordinating your trade show installation aren’t the only reasons you should consider hiring help. In fact, many companies hire temporary help to augment the staff in their trade show installation. Hiring an attractive spokes model can generate buzz on the conference or convention floor, bringing more visitors to check out your pop up displays and trade show installation. Keep in mind, however, that a spokes model’s role should be limited to giving out promotional items, greeting visitors and other general tasks. They should refer any specific questions to your own staff. The function of a good spokes model is to greet visitors, draw them into your trade show installation, and to distribute brochures or promotional gifts. This will free you and your staff up for in-depth interaction with interested customers.


Electrical Contractors

Many venues today require that you use their on-site electrical contractors for any work involving special lighting, electrical outlets, computer set-ups, etc. for your trade show installation. If this is the case, try to talk to one of the contractors in advance of the event so that you can discuss what you need and how you want your trade show installation to function. Don’t step on any toes by bypassing the electrical contractors during the set-up and wiring of any portable displays, pop up displays or other elements of your trade show installation. Remember, some event venues will have electricians available to help you with your trade show installation, so don’t hire your own contractor until you’ve confirmed that this is acceptable.


Professional Packing And Shipping Services

Don’t take a chance by trying to properly pack and ship your trade show installation from one event to the next. Pop up displays, portable displays and banner stands all have fragile components that need to be handled and packed with great care if you’re going to avoid damages on route to the next event. Hiring a professional packing and shipping service will protect your valuable trade show installation so that it’s in excellent condition when it arrives at the next trade show. Look for a national or international shipping firm that has experience with trade show installations and is willing to pick up and deliver.


An outstanding trade show installation from Xtreme Xhibits can reinforce brand identity and generate qualified leads if it is properly staged and staffed. To guarantee great results at every event, take the time to hire outside help that’s qualified, experienced and professional to minimize stress and help your next trade show be a rousing success.

The Gang Box: Emergency Fixes For Problems With Trade Show Exhibits


Those who are familiar with trade show exhibits in San Antonio from Xtreme Xhibits or who have put together numerous trade show stands over the years have probably heard the term “gang box.” It’s the term used for the handy emergency kits most experienced trade show professionals put together to help them handle emergency situations with their trade show stands. San Antonio professionals know that having a well-stocked gang box can save them time and money if a problem arises at their trade show exhibits. If you don’t want to rely on the limited, and expensive, supplies offered at the event’s services desk, be sure you bring the essentials.


Comfort And First Aid Products

 Setting up and staffing trade show exhibits in San Antonio is time consuming, intense work that can lead to injuries that need immediate attention. Whether you’ve cut yourself while setting up banner stands or you have a throbbing headache because of the light and noise from surrounding trade show stands, first aid products are a must. Unfortunately, you’ll probably be grabbing quick meals and wolfing them down during the event, so keep antacids on hand as well as cold remedies and tissues.


Other essentials include items such as a needle and thread in case a hem comes down or you lose a button, emery boards, wet wipes for quick clean-ups, nail polish to repair your manicure or mend a runner in your stockings and breath mints. Some people include gum, but breath mints are best so you won’t get caught chewing gum loudly or with your mouth open while working your San Antonio trade show stands. A stain remover stick and a spare necktie or blouse is also a good idea in case you spill coffee on yourself. A neat, clean appearance is crucial when you’re working at trade show exhibits.


The Right Tools For Your Trade Show Exhibits

Your gang box isn’t just a first aid kit; it should also be a versatile tool box that holds everything needed to set up, tear down, and repair your trade show exhibits and banner stands. San Antonio event planners and Xtreme Xhibits suggest you include tools such as packing tape, Velcro, a screwdriver, spare screws, glue, a flashlight, batteries, spare light bulbs, twist ties, plastic wrap and any other items that could come in handy for quick fixes for your trade show stands. Felt tip pens are great for touching up faded graphics on banner stands, and paper towels and spray cleaner can keep the tables and chairs at trade show exhibits clean and inviting.


Office Essentials

 Imagine talking to a visitor at one of your trade show stands who asks some questions, but can’t find a pen to write down your answers. What a missed opportunity! Be sure you keep common office supplies on hand at all your trade show exhibits. Your visitors will remember you if you can help them out with a pen, a stapler paper clips or anything that helps them get organized when they are visiting your trade show exhibits. Many companies give away pens with their company logo at San Antonio trade show stands, but if your budget is tight, simply keep a few pencil holders filled with inexpensive pens visitors can use and return. Also keep a stapler and some paper clips in a small bowl at your trade show exhibits.


Your gang box will evolve over time as you learn which items you aren’t really using at your trade show stands and which items you turn to again and again. If you’re relatively new to setting up and staffing trade show exhibits, talk to colleagues and the professionals at Xtreme Xhibits to find out what they consider to be essential for your trade show stands’ gang box.

Enhancing Your Trade Show Displays With Demonstrations


You’ve probably spent many hours designing and coordinating your trade show displays knowing that the right combination of table top displays and other elements from Xtreme Xhibits can have a positive impact at industry events, trade shows and conferences. The right lighting, custom graphics, relevant information and a floor plan that’s inviting should all be part of successful trade show displays, but even the best trade show booth in San Antonio can only take your company so far at a marketing event. If you want some additional bang for your buck, consider adding another facet to your trade show booth — a great demonstration. Your employees will be interacting with visitors every day, and a demonstration gives them something specific and interesting to offer your trade show booth visitors. Product demonstrations are always popular at trade show displays in San Antonio and developing one for your trade show booth can take your trade show displays to the next level.


Is A Product Demonstration Right For Your Company?

If you have a new product or an innovative service that can easily be demonstrated at your trade show displays in San Antonio, you should definitely consider adding a demonstration to your repertoire. Can you clearly explain the benefits of your product and demonstrate its advantages in just a few minutes? Does your product demonstration address potential problems and provide solutions for your trade show booth visitors? Will the demonstration inspire visitors to purchase your product or service? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, a product demonstration set up at one of your table top displays may be a great addition to your trade show booth. There will, however, be times when demonstrating something isn’t a good choice for your company.


When Demonstrations Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth

Keep in mind that demonstrations will take up a lot of your employees’ time. If the demonstrations at your trade show displays are so complex that they require more than one person to execute properly, you may want to reconsider doing demonstrations unless you can afford to send a few extra people to man your trade show displays in San Antonio. If everyone is engaged in doing the demonstration, your employees could be missing valuable opportunities to interact with other trade show booth visitors who aren’t watching the demo.


A small trade show booth area can also be a drawback if you’re considering demonstrations. In order to demonstrate your product effectively, you’ll need a staging area that has enough space around it for visitors to stay and watch. This can suck up a lot of floor space, leaving you with very little space for other table top displays, banner stands, or a table with company brochures or promotional items. Finally, consider what you’ll do if your demonstrations don’t draw a crowd. Doing a demonstration to a sparse group or just one or two people can send the wrong message.


Creating An Effective Demonstration To Use With Your Trade Show Displays

If you’re still sure that a demonstration will be advantageous at your trade show booth, keep a few helpful tips in mind that will maximize the effectiveness of your trade show displays. If your product is relatively small, set up a few table top displays from Xtreme Xhibits so that you can put an employee at each one for individual presentations tailored to the needs and concerns of specific, potential clients. You can also let visitors hold the product, try it for themselves, and ask questions, making your demonstration more interactive and effective.


You can also have one employee circulate through your trade show displays to answer questions and discover potential customers’ concerns or needs. This way, if visitors are impressed by the demonstrations, they can immediately talk to someone at your trade show booth who can give them information packets or brochures or schedule an appointment for them.


Innovative trade show displays from Xtreme Xhibits that include a demonstration are often the most popular trade show booths in San Antonio. If you’re considering adding this effective element to your booth with table top displays, be sure you also include sufficiently trained, additional staff so that all of your trade show displays are shown to their best advantage.

Proper Shipping Techniques For Your Trade Show Booth


Shipping your company’s trade show booth from one event to another can be difficult, particularly if you aren’t sure about the details of properly packing and shipping trade show stands. Many inexperienced business men and women have inadvertently made mistakes that cost their companies a considerable amount of money when shipping booth elements. Protect your company’s trade show booth investment by following our simple tips for efficient and secure shipping.


Pay Attention To The Weather

Adverse weather, including rain storms, hail, snow or heat waves can all do serious damage to the various parts of an event stand, so you need to make sure your San Antonio trade show booth is properly protected from the elements when it’s being prepared for shipment and while it is being loaded and unloaded at either end of the shipping route. Ask your shipper if they have the proper materials to shield your trade show booth pieces from the elements throughout the shipping process and when they are unloading your trade show stands at your destination.


Stick To The Schedule And Stay Focused When Shipping Your Trade Show Booth

 Properly installing your trade show booth is crucial to presenting a professional image at any event or conference, so you need to make sure your shipment will arrive early enough to give you ample time for proper set up. One way to ensure your shipment will be on time is to use a GPS tracking system through your shipper in order to locate your trade show stands if they don’t arrive when you are expecting them. By tracking your San Antonio trade show booth with a GPS, you can be more precise with scheduling your set up. Some GPS systems allow you to check the status of your shipment anywhere along its route via your smartphone or laptop, making it simple to confirm when it will arrive even if you’re busy on the trade show floor.


Shipping Trade Show Stands Inexpensively

To some extent, you can control the cost of shipping your trade show booth if you plan ahead. Contacting a local delivery firm that regularly transports trade show stands in San Antonio can mean a lower individual cost for you since they’re already headed to that location. You can also transport your trade show stands using your own company truck or transport vehicle if you have a reliable delivery crew, but weigh the cost savings against the potential for problems. In many cases, it’s worth paying a bit more money to have a professional shipper or your trade show booth company package and ship your trade show stands and banners. Because they have more experience, they will be more efficient, saving you time and money. If you need a quote for shipping the trade show booth you ordered from us, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. Our professional transport team can safely deliver San Antonio trade show stands to almost anywhere.


Go With An Experienced Shipper

The more shipping experience a company has, the less likely it is that your trade show booth will damaged, lost or late to the destination venue. Professional delivery specialists understand the delicacy of trade show stands and will prepare each piece properly for shipment to prevent damage from shifting, dropping or mishandling by others along the way. Knowing how much packing to use and what kind of packing is appropriate are essential, so be sure to ask a few questions before committing to a particular delivery service for your trade show booth. At Xtreme Xhibits, we’ve been shipping trade show booths securely for years.


By carefully selecting the most effective and safe method of shipping your San Antonio trade show booth, you’ll minimize the opportunities for problems such as late delivery or the arrival of damaged trade show stands. The money you’ll save in the long run will definitely be worth the investment.

Common Storage Mistakes With Table Top Displays And Banner Stands


If you’ve invested some of your marketing budget in banner stands and table top displays in San Antonio, you know how important it is to protect them properly so that they’ll still be vibrant and professional looking the next time you use them. Unfortunately, some people make storage mistakes that can result in damage that can shorten the life of your banner stands and ruin the effectiveness of your table top displays.


Foregoing Professional Storage

Most event venues and trade show display companies offer professional storage for banner stands and table top displays between events.  At conferences and trade shows, this option protects you against possible loss or theft of your display elements. In most cases, a set storage fee is quoted and remains in place throughout the event, including during tear down and packing after the event is over. Although it may be tempting to simply store your trade show display at the hotel where you’ll be staying or stash it in your vehicle, this isn’t a good idea. For one thing, your pieces could easily be shuffled aside when space is needed, and anyone could steal or accidentally damage them. Although it may cost a bit more to have us professionally store your table top displays and banner stands, Austin businesses will tell you that your display will be carefully stored and shielded from harm at all times.


Skipping Security Measures

Properly storing your table top displays is just the beginning at most event venues. Remember, proper storage protects items from damage, but proper security protects you from theft or loss of expensive and essential trade show pieces. If there is professional security available, take advantage of the chance to have your trade show booth area guarded during off hours. If a security guard isn’t an option, invest in an inexpensive alarm system to discourage would-be thieves or vandals.


Insufficiently Insuring Your Trade Show Displays

Your company is responsible for adequately insuring your table top displays and banner stands. San Antonio event venues aren’t responsible for anything lost, damaged or stolen when you participate in a trade show. If an accident occurs or there is a breach of security and your display is stolen, proper insurance can help you recoup your losses. It would be a shame to lose professionally crafted banner stands or table top displays and not have the funds to replace them. Ask your business insurer about adding a rider to your business policy that will cover the cost of repair or replacement of banner stands, table top displays and trade show booths.


Neglecting The Environmental Conditions

The least expensive storage option isn’t always the best choice for storing banner stands and table top displays. If you store your display in a storage facility that isn’t air conditioned, temperatures can soar to the triple digits. Extremely high temperatures can do serious damage to recycled or natural materials used in many banner stands. Vulnerable materials such as certain plastics or delicate fabrics can quickly deteriorate if temperatures fluctuate between too hot and too cold while your table top displays are sitting in storage between events. Spend the extra money for a climate controlled storage unit if you’ll be storing your trade show display banner stands and table top displays in Austin for long stretches of time.


Assuming Your Table Top Displays Will Be Ready To Show

Assuming your banner stands or other display elements will come out of storage in perfect condition and ready to show can be a serious mistake. Always take the time to check every element carefully, looking for snags, tears, bent frames, or other damage. The storage area might have sustained flood damage, high temperatures or other disasters that you’re unaware of. Before setting up your banner stands and table top displays, inspect every inch of them for problems. It’s best to do this before leaving the storage facility in case you need to fill out a claim form. If you discover unexpected damage that renders your banner stands or table top displays unusable, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you put together a replacement or rental unit as soon as possible in order to minimize your loss.


If you take the time to properly store your table top displays and banner stands in San Antonio and avoid the common mistakes outlined above, you can ensure your trade show display is always in top condition and ready to represent your company properly.