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Ask About These Three Services When Sourcing Trade Show Companies in San Antonio

3 Key Factors in Choosing a Trade Show Company in San Antonio

Searching for the best trade show companies in San Antonio to help you plan your next exhibit is one of those exciting tasks that can soon become frustratingly difficult. The multitude of trade show companies in San Antonio alone can boggle the mind and make you lose sight of your marketing or convention needs. Before you’re swayed by beautiful designs and low-budget numbers, ask the company representative if they offer these three things:

  • 3 Key Factors in Choosing a Trade Show Company in San AntonioCustom Designs
  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Support Services

If a company offers all three of these services they’re definitely worth a second-look. Here’s why these three services are so important and why you’d be smart to work with the trade show companies in San Antonio that provide them.

Custom Designs

Firms that provide customized exhibits are your best shot at getting seen on the busy convention floor. Trade show companies in San Antonio that offer customized exhibits allow you to design the booth around your business, your needs and your goals and expectations for the show. Not only that, when you create a custom booth with professional exhibit designers you’re benefitting from their years of experience and, often, the latest and greatest options in design. A standard booth picked out of a catalog will never provide you with everything you want in a display, but a customized booth from Xtreme Xhibits can.

Trade Show Companies In San Antonio Offering Exhibit Rentals

Working with a company that provides rental exhibits might seem counterintuitive given the fact that we just recommended you partner with trade show companies that offer custom exhibit designs! But it’s not and here’s why. Rentals are a great way to test the waters and find out what kind of exhibit works best for you without a big upfront investment. By partnering with a company that offers rentals you also have the opportunity to add select pieces to any exhibits you already have, allowing you to update or customize them to meet your changing needs without investing in an entirely new exhibit. Full-service trade show companies in San Antonio, including Xtreme Xhibits, will have tables, chairs, monitors and even tablets available for rent, all of which can boost your visibility at the event.

 Support Services

Support services are those behind-the-scenes services that are not glamorous but are critical to the success of your exhibiting experience. Look for trade show companies in San Antonio that offer to help you set up and tear down your display. Even if you plan to do this work yourself and never use these services, knowing that they exist as back-up can ease your mind and decrease the stress-level of the busy prep time before an exhibition. Perhaps more important are repair services. You never know what a convention will throw at you, including exhibit damage. Trade show companies that can provide you with experts to fix any damage or problems that occur means they can be counted on take care of the repairs while your staff focuses on interacting with visitors.

Sourcing trade show companies in San Antonio doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Contact Xtreme Xhibits today to start identifying your needs and planning your next exhibit!


Tips for Successful Trade Show Lead Management

Austin Trade Show Lead Management

After the rush of the trade show crowds, after the hands are shaken, after the lights go out, what do you have? Leads. Piles of them, hopefully. What happens next will be what makes the difference between a successful trade show or a flop. Lead management is a crucial step in trade show marketing.

Lead Management Top Tips


Austin Trade Show Lead Management

Lead Management is more than keeping track of business cards.

Get more than a business card.

A name and a phone number is great, but ideally you need much more information. Use software to make sure you’re capturing as much as you can about each potential customer. Ask questions, get to know them, and then write down what you’ve learned.

Get great communication from your trade show booth staff.

Make sure that what the booth visitor has communicated to you is captured in your lead system. Don’t let this chain get broken, of you’ll end up frustrating your potential customers by asking them again for information they’ve already told you.

Concentrate on qualifying your leads.

You’ll encourage follow-up because your salespeople will know they aren’t wasting their time contacting someone who really isn’t interested. Even better, you’ll know more about what exactly your lead is looking for, which will help you try to meet that need.

Have a plan before you even go to the trade show.

Don’t wait until after the show to say, “Well, now what do we do?” Make plans for lead fulfillment before you even arrive. Know the steps you want to take, and you can even start to take them during the show. Plan a workflow of touches (calls, emails, mailers) over the next days and weeks that will keep your leads engaged and communicating with you.

Follow these tips and maximize your company’s trade show and display ROI with great lead management. Don’t let those leads slip through your fingers.

Use Stand-Out Pop-Ups For An Innovative Exhibit

Use Stand-Out Pop-Ups For An Innovative Exhibit

Innovative Pop-Up ExhibitsCreating innovative pop-up exhibits is one smart way to use lightweight components to make a heavy impact on trade show visitors. If you’ve been looking for ways to save money on install and dismantle (I&D) and drayage, pop-up exhibits are one way to cut those costs without cutting back on visual impact and attraction power. Whether your marketing objectives are to bring in as much traffic as possible to soak up your message and branding, to bring in specific prospects for some face time with your sales team, or to sell retail merchandise, you can create a custom-branded, unique display with pop-up exhibits.

  • Light ‘Em Up – Using backlit pop-up pieces helps your exhibit stand out from the crowd and draw notice from a much greater distance than an unlit display. Skyline’s backlit pop-ups, like the PictureCube system, offer extreme versatility: Suspend them from the ceiling or use them as freestanding elements in your booth. Our top-quality fabrics and printing ensure that your custom graphics are crisp, clean, and the colors are true and consistent.
  • Eye-Catching Shapes – Another way to grab visitors’ attention is using unusual shapes as design elements in your display booth. Skyline’s PictureScape system takes your design options far beyond basic rectangles by offering nearly endless combinations of angles for a custom-shaped backwall, hanging structure, kiosk, or other freestanding element. The PictureScape system frames can accommodate double-sided graphics, which offers even more flexibility. Your custom graphics are printed on durable fabric, so you can use them show after show, whether you’re purchasing or renting frames. PictureScape components pack into compact cases which one person can manage easily, fit into a passenger car, or check in a luggage on a commercial flight.
  • Presentation Space – If your marketing campaign includes a multi-media presentation or looping video, Skyline’s pop-up DesignView system gives you a large presentation space with minimal set-up labor and easy transportation. The short-throw rear-projection system requires just three feet of space between the projector and the display wall to give a bold, bright image of 100 inches, diagonally. You get a huge display without eating up valuable floor space. Display screens with custom graphics around the projection space help reinforce your message and brand image are a smart option if you’ll be using the projection display consistently. Both the projection wall and projector come in manageable rolling cases, and are easy to assemble quickly, dismantle and pack, and transport.

Innovative Pop-Up Exhibits For Convenience And Cost Savings

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline can help you design a pop-up exhibit that’s sure to stop traffic at your next trade show. From layout to graphic design and lighting, our expert team will help you choose the best components and style to create a unique display you’ll be proud to have representing your brand.

Skyline’s Convenient Merchandising Stands For Better Sales

Skyline’s Convenient Merchandising Stands Make Trade Show Sales Easier

Convenient merchandising standsIf you’re looking for ways to make merchandising in your trade show booth easier and more effective, Skyline offers a wide variety of convenient merchandising stands, shelving units, and shelf stands to help you create a successful display. First, you’ll need to decide whether a store or a showroom type display will be most effective for your products and sales model. In general, showroom-style display is best for products the customers will not be carrying out, and store-style merchandising is more effective for items you expect customers to purchase and carry off immediately. Trade show merchandising shares a lot of the same retail psychology principles as merchandising in a brick and mortar store.  You get a lot less space to work with, though, so it’s critical to design a display where every square inch counts, without making it feel uncomfortably crowded.

  • Shelving Units – Shelving units give a great deal of display space with a smaller footprint than other display pieces, and offer an additional space to display graphics that draw attention to your products and message. When you design a booth using shelving units, it’s important to keep traffic flow in mind. If your floor plan causes a bottleneck of people trying to get in and out to see what’s on your shelves, people will spend less time interacting with the products and people walking by on the aisle will be less likely to enter your booth in the first place. If the people in your booth block view of your products from the aisle, this can also serve as a deterrent, so think about placing shelving units perpendicular to the aisle, so there is always some view of your products for passers-by.
  • Tables – Placing your product on a table immediately sets that product apart in the minds of your visitors. “What is this? Why is it special? I should go see!” Of course, tables are also ideal for hand-on demonstrations, so not only are people more likely to approach, but your both team get an additional opportunity to engage those people and get the product into their hands.
  • Individual Shelves – If space is tight and your exhibit won’t fit a table or full-sized shelving unit, banner stand with individual shelf accessories offer a way to throw the spotlight onto smaller products. Visitors will still be drawn to notice whatever you display in the shelf, though they may need some friendly encouragement to pick it up and try it out. There’s a fine line between sending the message that this thing is special and giving the impression that it’s too special for them to pick up and handle.

Options For Every Space And Purpose With Skyline’s Convenient Merchandising Stands

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline helps hundreds of exhibitors in Austin and San Antonio to create ideal merchandising displays for every type of product and trade show booth space. Contact us to learn more about how our convenient merchandising stands can help boost your trade show sales.

Social Media & Banners Stands: San Antonio’s Big Win

With Smart Pairing Of Social Media & Banners Stands, San Antonio Exhibitors Multiply Traffic

trade show banner stands san antonio

Social media has become a powerful force in all aspects of our society, especially marketing. But, how does social media overlap with trade show marketing? If you make a smart plan, your company’s social media and trade show marketing efforts will feed each other and produce an impressive upward spiral of traffic and, ultimately, sales. Large corporations have already begun pumping a great deal of money into researching and developing ways to make a profit from social media. For small and medium companies, though, social media remains underused because it can demand a lot of time and attention. Social media marketing is continually and rapidly evolving, and just keeping up on the latest trends can be a full-time endeavor. You don’t need a dedicated social media manager, though; to reap some big benefits from combining social media marketing with trade show marketing.

The Rise Of The #Hashtag

You can’t go online without seeing hashtags all over everything these days. They serve as a way for users to index social media content, either when they post or when they search. Many business owners mistakenly believe that they don’t need to worry about “that hashtag business” because their target demographic is older than the Millennials, who pepper every online conversation with them. The truth is, every business with an online presence need to learn how to wield the power of the hashtag because it’s not just Millennials who are using them, and the applications for them is growing. Some large companies are developing ways for customers to make online purchases using hashtags: Love them or hate them, they’re not going away any time soon.

Start Your Marketing Snowball

With some pretty basic background work, your company can use social media to bolster your trade show marketing efforts, and your trade show marketing campaigns can expand your presence and exposure on social media. It also allows you to see how your hashtag is being shared online, and gives you a look at who is sharing it. It’s kind of like pushing a snowball to the top of a hill, then letting it go: It will grow and gain momentum on its own after a point.

  • Be Mindful – Choosing hashtags for your business, your products, campaigns, and promotions takes some thinking. Choose as short and simple a hashtag as possible, while being distinctive. Start by searching any hashtag you are considering using on each social medium. If it’s already in use, try again. If something similar (for example, something that people might commonly mistype for your hashtag) is in use and you don’t want to be associated with that, consider choosing something different. Hashtags are not case-sensitive, but you can use capitals for readability. Just be mindful of what will happen if someone writes it without the capitals you intended (like the Swiss Hobbit hashtag which used the country code CH to poor effect: #HobbitCH), and also look at what happens if someone misinterprets where the spaces between words should have gone (like the ill-considered hashtag for Susan Boyle’s debut album party #Susanalbumparty). You want people to remember your hashtag, but not because it was accidentally profane…or worse. Poor Susan.
  • Get The Conversation Started – There are a lot of ways to expose people to your hashtag, but in the case of trade show marketing, you get a little bit of a head start. Tag your pre-show posts with your own hashtag and that of the show itself. If we were promoting our presence at South by Southwest, for example, we’d tag our posts #SkylineDisplays and #SXSW or #SXSW2016. If you’re promoting a give-away, include #EnterToWin, as well. Using established and popular hashtags alongside your own increases your hashtag’s exposure exponentially. Hashtags work on all of the most popular social media, and search engines also recognize them, so each tagged post also helps your search engine result ranking a bit.
  • Offer Something Post-Worthy – This may seem like it would be a big, expensive proposition – and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. You can place banner stands with funny or philosophical sayings or pictures on them around the hall (with your hashtag on them) and people will take pictures and post them. An exhibitor at a show in Utah had a banner stand with a picture of a huge crocodile on it; the aisle was jammed with people waiting to take a photo with the crocodile. Just a crocodile and a hashtag: Nothing else! Depending upon your target demographic, you might choose place a related series of images or sayings on banner stands around the venue and encourage people to post photos of them all, like a scavenger hunt.

With Some Creativity And Skyline Banner Stands, San Antonio Exhibitors Get Big Results

For more creative ideas to get your company’s exposure snowball rolling using Skyline banner stands, San Antonio area exhibitors can contact Xtreme Xhibits online or by phone at 210-299-5000. Our experts can help you plan a successful and profitable marketing campaign, design custom-graphic banners, and everything else you need to help your company’s trade show marketing efforts more effective and efficient.

Attract Traffic To Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit

Attract The Right Traffic To Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit

san antonio trade show exhibit

MOSCOW – FEBRUARY 26:Exhibition hall on CPM Collection Premiere in Expocenter February 26,2010 in Moscow, Russia

Trade show marketing is all about the face-to-face opportunity to convert prospects to sales. We hear a lot of advice about how to attract visitors to your booth, but the bottom line is that you can waste a lot of time and money attracting and courting the wrong visitors. It’s true that you have to spend money to make money, but smart companies spend that money in carefully considered ways, targeted to generate sales. Think about it this way: You could take a bag of dollar bills up to the roof and throw them off. That would undoubtedly draw a crowd, but would it lead to any closed deals? Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies who are so focused on increasing traffic that their efforts are not much more effective than throwing money off the roof, because all they’re doing is bringing in warm bodies. Marketing is a numbers game, but you can give yourself a big advantage by stacking the deck with qualified numbers.

What Is The “Right” Traffic For My Company?

The answer to that question depends upon what you’re selling. Is your product or service something that any company or household could use? You’ve got an easier time of finding the right traffic and you can take a much broader approach to attracting potential buyers. Marketing and advance efforts will certainly help you succeed, but your sales team is going to do the heavy lifting here.

Is your product or service targeted to a niche market? You’ll need to work harder and plan ahead more to bring in genuine prospects. Your sales team is obviously still a key part of the process, but your ultimate success will depend more heavily upon marketing and pre-planning.

Different Avenues For Different Traffic

Here are some ideas for both broad and narrow focus approaches to bringing traffic to your San Antonio trade show exhibit:

  • Charge Them Up – One brilliant strategy for attracting a broad spectrum of traffic is to set up a charging station in your space. Using smaller, portable pieces with custom graphics, like Skyline Displays’ Mirage Case Table or Stratus table, your charging station will not only attract visitors, but keep them there for a little longer than usual, so your team gets more of an opportunity to interact with them.
  • Soothe Their Nerves – Another great way to attract all kinds of people is to set up a massage chair in your space. You can create a separate area using banner stands, or, if you’re fielding a larger display, you might consider a conference room. Either way, people will stay put longer and be in a more relaxed and receptive frame of mind.
  • Pave The Way – If you’re dealing with more of a niche market, you can do yourself a huge favor by starting to attract traffic to your booth before the show ever opens. Give qualified leads a reason to come see you – speak on a panel, offer an opportunity to see and order a pre-release item, or offer special pricing or a value-added bundle for the duration of the show – and invite them to come. In some cases, you may want to consider offering complimentary or subsidized tickets to the show itself. Whatever strategy you adopt, give them a genuine incentive to come, and present your announcement in the light of an exclusive invitation. Many trade show attendees plan ahead with a list of exhibits to see; Make sure your business is on the lists of your best prospects.
  • Smarter Give-Aways – If you’re going for those niche market prospects, don’t spend money giving items away to everyone at the show. Plan a give away of something people outside your niche are less likely to want. Sure, if you give an iPad away, you’ll get a bowl stuffed with business cards, but how many of those are going to be useful to your company? This is where you really need to understand your market; What will your buyers be excited to win, that someone outside your market would walk right past?

Use Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit To Attract Buyers

At the end of the day, you want to leave a trade show with buyers, not lukewarm leads and a stack of cards from people who only came to win some cool gadget from you. Use your lead time going into the show to begin warming leads and building buzz, and planning a booth space that will support your marketing goals. For more marketing strategy or help designing your San Antonio trade show exhibit, contact Xtreme Xhibits online, or by phone at 210-299-5000.

Rentals | San Antonio Trade Show Installation

Rentals In San Antonio: Trade Show Installation And Custom Graphics Help You Win That One Big Show

If your company is active in trade show marketing, you’ve probably already got an effective standard exhibit for trade shows in San Antonio. Trade show installation and staffing are already second nature with this exhibit. But what if you need to up your game? Exhibitors are taking advantage of the opportunity to take that one big show by storm with a larger and even more impressive presence. Xtreme Xhibits can help you take the display you already own, and combine it with a larger rental exhibit like a tower, island, or even a structure with private rooms for closing deals on the spot. If you’re setting your sights on fielding a big presence at a particular event, be sure you’re set up to achieve your show objectives and get the best possible return on your investment.

Grab That Brass Ring

  • Stand Above The Crowd – The floor at a large trade show is a constant barrage of visual imagery, and it takes something really special to grab the attention of attendees as they slowly shut down to the overwhelming assortment of colors, shapes, and lights. Vertical superiority is one great way to differentiate your booth and message from the background. By adding tower displays or a tall island to your booth, you make your space a landmark on the show floor; people look for these when setting up where to meet each other, so if your booth is a landmark, you’ll find you have more traffic in your area and more people waiting around near you, so you get a chance to engage them.
  • Be An Oasis – One big advantage to using a large island display like San Antonio trade show installationSkyline’s Envoy 275 is that it gives the impression of private space, people will step inside, just for a few moments of respite from the noise and chaos on the floor. If you’re ready for them with an interactive display or demo products, you’ll get a few extra minutes to expose those prospects to your message. Offer them a cold bottle of water, and you may be surprised how long they’ll be willing to stay and talk!
  • Be The Bright, Shiny Thing – It sounds foolishly simple, but the truth is, people are attracted to bright, shiny things. And as much as sophisticated business people like to think that they’re all about the cold, hard facts – and they ultimately do make decisions based on those facts – color, movement, texture, and light still initially attract them. Obviously, you’ve got to be prepared to impress them with your product and knowledge once you engage those prospects, but don’t discount the attractive power of being bright and shiny.
  • Close That Deal – It can be hard to close on the show floor when you’re in a standard 10′ x 10′ booth space because it’s noisy, and there is constant visual distraction for your prospects. They don’t want to stand still and work out a deal; they want to roam. You take names and business cards and spend the next month following up and trying to convert them. When you have a larger space to work with, though, you can set aside a distraction-free area, either defined by banner stands, or by renting a unit with rooms and doors. Wouldn’t you rather leave the show with a stack of contracts than a stack of business cards to follow up on?

Full Service Support And Expert Advice

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline helps businesses like yours create their perfect trade show exhibit. Exhibitors get San Antonio trade show installation, full service rentals, including delivery, custom graphics and available training in trade show marketing strategies. With rental display from Xtreme Xhibits, your booth will look as unified and customized to your visual branding as if you owned every piece. Make the most of that big trade show, increase your conversion rate, and boost you brand exposure with rental display from Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline.

Trade And Consumer Shows | Portable Exhibits In Austin

Trade And Consumer Shows: Where To Take Your Portable Exhibits In Austin

When you’re building a marketing strategy, it’s important to decide which type of convention to exhibit at: trade shows or consumer shows. You might think they’re more or less the same thing, but there are some important distinctions to consider. Are you trying to make contacts and stay current on the latest developments in your field? Or are you looking to make some sales and expand your client base? The answer to that question will determine which type of show is appropriate for your business.

Trade Shows: Industry Connections And Big Sales

A trade show is an opportunity to make contacts within your industry. Selling does happen at these conventions, especially to purchasers who need to order inventory to sell at their own stores. Some enormous deals can be made at these conventions, so be prepared to bring your A-game. Many peer-to-peer meetings happen at trade shows: CEOs making big business deals, department heads coordinating large purchases, etc. It’s important to be prepared to make a splash.

Of course, big profits mean a bigger investment, meaning that you’ll need to bring more than just a small portable exhibit. Austin trade shows are filled with larger, more complex displays to show off businesses to their best advantage. At these shows, upper-level management should staff your display; people who are empowered to make big decisions about where and how your products will be sold. Following through is also extremely important, since most big sales will be closed after the show.

Bring Portable Exhibits To Austin Consumer Shows

A consumer-targeted expo is a lot like a temporary shopping mall. Vendors gather to display their products or services, looking to make some sales. These are often a lower-pressure environment than a trade show, since the attendees don’t need to speak with the decision makers in your company. Additionally, the cost of exhibiting at these shows is typically a little lower, since all you’ll need is a portable exhibit. Austin consumer shows are generally made up of smaller booths, unless you’re selling a large product such as furniture or appliances.

portable exhibits austin trade show

As for staffing, you usually won’t need to send upper management, but you do want your best sales staff to go to these shows. Not only will they be the best at selling the products, but a good salesperson will make sure people remember your company so as to maximize repeat business. Make sure to send plenty of business cards and other printed material so that customers won’t forget whom they bought the product from.

Depending on the size and type of your company, either of these shows could be appropriate for you. If you run a smaller business or are just looking to sell directly to consumers, you should definitely take your portable exhibit to Austin consumer shows. However, if you’re after larger deals or major industry contacts, don’t miss the opportunity to go to an industry-specific trade show. The investment, both in time and money, will be larger, but the payoff will be worth it.

Four Brilliant Ways Trade Show Stands In San Antonio Build Your Brand

Four Brilliant Ways Trade Show Stands In San Antonio Build Your Brand

Are you looking for an effective marketing resource to add to your current promotional mix? Consider implementing trade show stands in San Antonio. Working the trade show arena offers business owners in every industry an impressive list of benefits that rival other traditional formats as well as online strategies. When used as part of a diverse and comprehensive marketing solution, trade show stands in San Antonio can help any organization systematically and effectively build brand momentum with long-term, sustainable results.

Make A Great First Impression With Your Trade Show Stands In San Antonio

Are you feeling a bit leery about including trade show exhibits into your marketing initiatives? Many business owners initially feel the same way; a live event strategy means investing in an exhibit, training, potential traveling fees and more. However, understanding some of the key ways that trade show stands in San Antonio can build your brand can make the choice a simple one. These live exhibits offer:

trade show stands san antonioAccess To Decision Makers

It’s hard to make a connection via voicemail and emails. Getting a face-to-face meeting with decision makers in your industry can instantly propel your brand ahead of other industry leaders. Live marketing exhibits offer you the opportunity to personally engage with buyers and partners throughout the entire event.

Mass Marketing Benefits

Every business owner dreams of getting her services and products out to the consuming masses; however, many assume that they don’t have the budget needed to do so. Trade show stands in San Antonio puts your brand in front of entire venue audiences for mass publicity in one fell swoop. You can achieve maximum marketing results without wasting precious time promoting your brand in other formats that simply don’t work.

Gain Invaluable Product Feedback

Launching a new line or product can mean spending money, and potentially wasting time with focus groups to determine what your targeted demographic will like and dislike about your merchandise. Working an exhibit means that you will have access to a live crowd throughout the function. Host product demonstrations, offer consumer surveys, and simply talk one-on-one with various passersby to gain insight on how your brand is faring within your niche as well as how it compares to the competition.

A Live First Impression Of Your Brand

Best of all, working trade show stands in San Antonio means you don’t have to cold call faceless consumers to tell them about your brand; you actually get the opportunity to give every guest at your booth an up close and personal look at what your brand is all about. This goes far beyond outlining your product line, although it is a major perk; your stand actually offers passersby the ultimate live first impression of your organization. After meeting with your team, visitors will have experienced your corporate culture vibe which can make an impact that lasts long after the function ends.

Do you want to hear more about building your brand using trade show stands in San Antonio? Contact Xtreme Xhibits today.

What You Learn From Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

Five Things You Can Learn From Your Next Trade Show Booth Experience In San Antonio

Getting ready to make your grand entrance in the San Antonio trade show booth arena? Working the live exhibit circuit can prove an ideal way for you to get your products and services into the hands on your targeted demographic. It’s also a great way to educate your consumer niche on everything that your business has to offer.

The Trade Show Booth Circuit Offers Key Insight To Exhibitors

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that working a trade show booth in San Antonio isn’t just a way to educate consumers; this marketing resource also offers a critical learning experience to their internal staff as well. What can you expect to learn from your next San Antonio trade show booth experience? Key details such as:

The Importance Of Industry Contacts/Affiliations

San Antonio trade show boothIt’s common for exhibitors to enter the trade show venue ready to expand their list of prospective client leads. However, the showroom floor is rife with potential new industry contacts and affiliations. You and your employees will quickly learn the value of working the event to connect with other innovators and trendsetters within your industry to build your professional networks.

What Consumers Like And Don’t Like

Sometimes gauging consumer interest in a particular service or product can prove challenging. Not true when working a trade show booth event. You and your team will have extensive opportunity to meet and engage with the crowd on an interactive level. Use this to your advantage. Ask for feedback from passersby and learn as much as you can about what your prospective customers like, as well as their constructive criticism before your next big launch.

What The Competition Has To Offer

Again, oftentimes entrepreneurs spend so much time working the audience that they fail to see the big opportunity picture. Working a trade show booth can educate you and your team about everything that the competition has to offer. Take the time to send out staff members to walk the venue floor. There, you and your team will learn about the latest industry innovations, as well as what specific differentiators your biggest competitors deliver to your consumer pool.

What Creates Crowd Buzz

Working a trade show booth in San Antonio means always wanting to up your game with each and every event. You will have ample opportunity to see which exhibits are making the biggest crowd impact and which booths are simply fading into the background at any given function. Best of all, you will get to see why certain stands are commanding attention. Learning about factors that generate crowd buzz can help you come to the next function ready to dominate.

Which Shows Deliver The Most ROI

Most importantly, you and your team will quickly learn whether a particular event was worth your time and participation. After every function, gather your exhibit team together to share what you have all learned about the event. Knowing about everyone’s experience can help you make an informed decision about which functions to attend in future years.

Xtreme Xhibits will partner with your team to create a customized trade show booth in San Antonio that will wow any crowd. Do you want to hear more? Contact our team of design specialists today!