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Banner Stands Deliver Your Targeted Message

Banner Stands – On A Mission To Deliver Your Targeted Message

Few companies have infinite amounts to spend on trade shows. Live marketing is just one type of promotion that must come out of the budget, and even if your ROI from expos is high as the sky, you can’t spend every company dime on planning your display, booking shows, promoting them, and attending them. You can, however, increase the impact of your booth by investing in banner stands to use in your space.

Banner-standsConsider The Value Of Banner Stands

Banner stands have many built-in features, but they mainly serve as professional signs. Available in various sizes, they can expand on your existing message of text and graphics used in headers or can even add something new. Usually measuring about two feet wide for a single unit, they are also available in double or triple wide sizes too. Since they are smaller and more compact than your backwall and other signage you use in your booth, changing out the graphics and text is so economical that you can update it frequently.

What’s great about these small signs is that the frames themselves don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. This enables you to have one or more on hand without feeling compelled to use them every time since you made the investment. Even if you have multiple signs, you can choose how many you use, depending on the size of your space and your booth layout.

Hone In On Attendee Psychology

Dispensing small snippets of your overall message is good psychology on the showroom floor. Especially at larger shows, attendees get immediately overwhelmed by the number of booths. Many of them have already decided on the exhibitors they must visit, and as they roam through the show in pursuit of those destinations, they look at other booths. Statistics show that they are likely to spend more than two minutes at only 26 booths. All exhibitors scramble to make sure that their booth is among the chosen few, but having these little signs can increase the likelihood that yours will be among them.

Why? Banner stands offer attendees a small bit of information, often presented in an interesting way. At a big show, everything forms a blur after a while, but distinct pieces of information stick out. The same principle is at play as when you go to a play or presentation that lasts for a couple of hours; despite the larger array of things you remember, you make come away with a couple lines of a song or a few catchy phrases. A sign with an effective message can be like the lyric fragment that won’t go away.

Given the power of placards with a message, you should carefully craft the messages that you choose to display at an expo. If you have a catchy slogan or a message about the benefit of your newest product, those may be the first things that attendees remember after the show. You hope the rest of your stunning display, demonstration, or presentation comes back too, but what’s on the banner stand is often the take away!

Xtreme Xhibits Can Help Deliver The Right Message

Xtreme Xhibits (, a leading supplier of trade show displays and banner stands at San Antonio shows, is a full-service exhibit, graphic design, and trade show marketing communications firm with 50 years of industry expertise. For more information about their products and services, visit

The Power Of Paired Banner Stands At San Antonio Trade Shows

The Power Of Paired Banner Stands At San Antonio Trade Shows

Trade show exhibitors often use single banner stands or a series of three or more banners together to point out the benefits and features of products, announce specials and roll-outs, or to create a spectacle that broadcasts a marketing message. One less-common way to use banner stands is in pairs, which can be an attention-grabbing sight with some clever design tactics.

  • Banner Stands San AntonioSplit Image – The simplest design technique for paired banner stands is to simply split a graphic or photograph in half and print half on each banner. Depending on the image, you can then place the banners directly next to each other in a straight line; leave a small but dramatic space between the halves of the image; or place the banner stands next to each other, at an angle, which can create a sense of dimensionality and attract notice. If you split an image that includes text, be very careful to keep in mind that Americans read from top to bottom and left to right, so you may need to adjust the design to pull the reader’s eye across both images, or they might read it wrong. If you’re working with text, read it wrong deliberately, to avoid printing something that might seem weird, obscene, or just nonsensical to a visitor who reads it wrong by accident.
  • Split And Edited Image – One way to make text split across two banners more readable is to use a different color for each line, because the reader’s eye will tend to follow the text in one color across the banners before skipping down to the next line in a different color. Editing a photo or graphic that’s been split offers a lot of creative options, but it’s critical not to get carried away with complicated designs. The greatest impact comes from splitting an image that is symmetrical, then editing the colors. For example, image an 8, split in half vertically. On one banner, the background might be purple and the half of the 8 might be yellow; on the opposite banner, the background would be yellow and the half of the 8 purple.
  • Single Image And Brand Message – Designing a single banner that includes both an image that conveys a message and your branding can be challenging, because banners are most effective when they’re uncluttered. By using paired banner stands, though, you have an entire banner for the photograph or graphic you want to display, uninterrupted; and the other entire banner provides a much bigger space for your logo and brand message than it would get on a single banner. This technique also works for banner trios.

Top-Quality Banner Stands And Expert Design

For expert design services, a wide selection of banner stands and styles, and premium materials and printing, San Antonio exhibitors turn to Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline. Whether you need a pair of perfect banners and stands or a hundred pairs, Xtreme Xhibits will produce and deliver the perfect banners for your unique image and objectives, on time, every time.

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Banner Stands AustinBanners stands offer exhibitors a lot of flexibility in putting their messages, products, and visual branding in the spotlight. An effectively designed banner will make an imprint in the mind of the viewer, even if they don’t make a decision to stop and take the message in. Achieving a banner design that will stand out from the crowded visual environment of a trade show floor takes careful planning, beginning with three key design principles.

  • Pictures Speak Louder Than Words – Banner stands create a display space that is best suited to visual messages. A standard-sized banner is a fairly large graphical image, but it’s a relatively small space for displaying a lot of text. Take advantage of the power of visual imagery by designing your banners around a professionally designed graphic or high-resolution professional photograph. Your images need to be bold and crisp, even when printed in large format, so it’s critical to begin with high-quality images, optimized for up-scaling. The images should be harmonious, both in color and theme, with your visual branding and the message of product your want to highlight. Using banner stands that support shaped or layered banners can add dimension and visual impact to your designs.
  • Remember Buy Level – There is an old saying in retail merchandising: “Eye level is buy level.” This is also true when it comes to designing banners. Place the most important elements of your message at eye level, but don’t fall for the temptation of overcrowding that space. If you place too many things at eye level, your visitors won’t be left with a clean, clear impression of your brand and message. In fact, they may not register an impression at all, or they will recall it as a visual version of indistinct mumbling. That’s a missed opportunity for you.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Chances are, your marketing department has worked hard on developing great copy for your websites and brochures, to let prospects know why they should buy your products. It’s important to keep in mind that your banners serve a very different purpose from either a brochure or a website; the banners are there to draw people into the sales funnel, not to close sales. Many designers hold that a banner should have no more than seven words on it. Whether you stick to seven words or not, don’t overcrowd your banners with text or distract viewers from the simple, clear message your graphic should leave in their minds.

Skyline Banner Stands And Design

Austin exhibitors depend on Skyline Xtreme Xhibits for top quality banner stands and banners, along with experienced graphic design to help them create the most effective banners for their trade show exhibits. We’ll help you choose the best materials and design to represent your brand image and products, and whether you need 3 banner stands or 300, we’ll make sure they’re produced and delivered where you need them on time, every time.

Uniquely Designed Banner Stands Stop Visitors In Their Tracks

Uniquely Designed Banner Stands Stop Visitors In Their Tracks

Uniquely Designed Banner StandsWhether you’re using them in your own offices or storefront, or as part of your trade show display, uniquely designed banner stands can make visitors slow down and take in your message, and leave with a favorable and memorable impression. There are many ways to design banner stands, for a wide variety of uses: Getting people to share a message on social media, announcing a new product or service, or creating a visual connection between your visual branding and an image that induces positive feelings and confidence in your products. Even as you set out to design something creative and different, it’s important to maintain the integrity of your visual branding by sticking to key elements in your branding package, most notably colors and fonts. You can vary the colors around your logo and slogan, for example, but those foundational elements should always be in their “official” colors and fonts.

•    Groupings – One way to make a big impact with a group of banner stands is to create a design that runs across a series of banners, like a triptych. Every banner in the grouping should include your company name and logo, but you can play with the arrangement of other elements, for example, splitting one large image between banners, or using related images on each banner.

•    Special Effects – Use some photographic tricks to create banners that stand out from the crowd. Photographs shot with a shallow depth-of-field (DOF) tend to give the impression of a three dimensional image by tricking the viewer’s eye. Another attention-grabbing effect is selective color, in which only certain elements of the image are in color. On a banner, your logo should be in full color, the rest of the image could be in black-and-white, or a tonal scale of another color that complements your branding colors. For example, if your logo is bright yellow, you could use a black and white photo with selective color in blue, or use an image done completely in shades of blue (instead of black, white, and shades of gray).

•    Visual Unity – When you’re designing banner stands in groups, there has to be some theme tying the grouping together. Your visual branding is one unifying factor, obviously, but beyond that, the banner images should work together in some fashion, either telling a cumulative story, or presenting a set of snapshots that each add a layer of understanding in the viewer’s mind. Working with color harmonies can be very effective, as can splitting an image across banner, or using an image theme, like tasty food, or thrilling adventures involving your products. The images your banner stands connect will either connect in series to form a story in the viewer’s mind, or they can build on each other, like layers, to leave one complete and detailed impression on the visitor.

Grab More Attention With Uniquely Designed Banner Stands

Using uniquely designed banner stands in a grouping gives you more options to tell a more detailed story, and leave a bigger and more complete impression. Grab attention with effective use of color, then guide that attention through the process of absorbing the message you want visitors to remember. At Skyline Xtreme Xhibits, we’ve got all the resources you’ll need – from professional photography to graphic design, and premium printing and materials – to help your company make the best visual impact with your banner stands.

Branded Banner Stands Boost Recognition

Branded Banner Stands Boost Recognition

Xtreme Xhibit's branded banner stands.Banner stands are a staple in trade show marketing because of their versatility and supreme return on investment. Although they have myriad uses, their most basic use is boosting brand recognition and product familiarity. It seems like a no-brainer to use branded banner stands, but many exhibitors fail to employ some of the simplest and most effective design concepts in their bids to create something spectacular. Spectacle isn’t always what sells, or leaves the biggest impression, though, so if you’re designing new banners, or evaluating the effectiveness of your current banners, here are some ideas that can help:

  • Paired Design – Paired design is a highly effective way to create that instant message. Use one banner stand for your visual branding, and the other for a very short message combined with a graphic to drive the image home, or just a graphic that evokes a sensory experience. This is easily accomplished with some products, like food, but with other products, you may have to reach deeper to come up with the image that’s going to make your prospects feel, smell, taste, or wish. These images are not about logical explanation; they’re about visceral response. If you sell sprinkler controls, you want prospects to feel and smell the Perfect, green grass beneath their feet, or the delicate scent of their burgeoning orange groves in bloom.
  • A Unified Front – Using your logo as the unifying visual among a series of images is another effective way to create a message with few words. One powerful example is the display Skyline designed for Solo Cup. In this case, the images are on larger panels used as a backwall, but it’s easy to see how the design concept could also work on banner stands. In an instant or viewing the display, you get the impression that Solo Cup brings you all kinds of delicious food, and they’ve got a form factor for just about any application. Note the variety in the images: there’s something there for everyone. If you’re hungry, you’ll key in on the take-out meals; if you’re tired, that giant cup of coffee is going to grab your attention, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t fail to notice that giant milkshake. The colors are in strong contrast to the Solo logo’s soothing blue, so the images stand out from a great distance.

Expert Design For Brilliantly Branded Banner Stands

Austin exhibitors depend on Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline for expert guidance in creating branded banner stands that really work. From graphic design to marketing strategy and full-service support for rental or purchase of all your trade show display, Xtreme Xhibits has everything your company needs to achieve your trade show marketing goals.

Light Your Next Trade Show Up With Banner Stands In Austin

Light Up Your Next Trade Show With Skyline Banner Stands In Austin

Lighting is a critical factor in trade show exhibit, and one that’s often given short shrift. Why? Lighting is a complex issue, and many exhibitors believe that it’s not worth the expense and planning. While lighting plans can be quite elaborate, they don’t have to be, and some pretty simple additions, like lighted banner stands, to your current booth setup can make a big impact. By learning some lighting basics and using some creativity, your company can boost the impact and effectiveness of your trade show display without spending a lot of money or time.

Banner Stands Austin

Basic Lighting For Trade Show Display

  • Watch Out For Ghouls And Aliens – The angle and color of lighting used in a display can make – or ruin – the effect. Up-lighting your product or a part of your display can be very dramatic and effective, but, as any photographer can tell you, up-lighting a person gives that person a ghoulish appearance. If you want to use up-lights, be careful to place them where your team members won’t need to be standing or walking. Similarly, colored lighting can draw attention to, and complement your visual branding, product, or packaging, but placing colored lights where they will also shine on your team can make them look like some kind of weird aliens.
  • Think In Layers – Lighting designers build the lightscape for their clients by working in layers. You can employ some of the basic principles of layered lighting on your own, though. Obviously, there’s ambient lighting – the overhead lights in the venue, plus any natural light – as a foundation. Within your own space, you can add additional layers of lighting to highlight, attract, and change the mood, depending on your marketing goals. Use accent lights to point visitors’ view to your logo and products, as well as things you want them to do or take, like literature, mailing list sign-up, or interactive displays. Cooler-colored light and moving lights tend to grab people’s attention and attract them initially, but these things are also unsettling, so think about using warm-colored light inside the booth. This is more welcoming and also more flattering to the people inside. Use cool-toned or moving lights on the front of your booth, where people can walk inside and past them.
  • Using Lights While Keeping It Simple – If your backwall is comprised of banner stands, you’ve already got a good place to put a layer of lights. Or maybe you’ve got a solid wall panel with backlights. Perfect! But what about the rest of your space? Using additional banner stands, you can place more light around the inside of your booth or on the aisle, and if your stands have shelves, like the Skyline Myriad line, you can strategically place and highlight your literature and products without having to build a huge structure, or pack and transport bulky gear.

With Smart Lighting And Skyline Banner Stands, Austin Exhibitors Get Noticed

With some small, cost-effective changes, your company’s trade show booth can attract more visitors, and give your team a better chance to turn those visitors into customers. It’s easy to improve your lighting when you begin with Skyline banner stands. Austin exhibitors can contact Skyline’s Xtreme Xhibits  online, or by phone at 512-832-1921 for help with lighting plans, banners stands, marketing strategy, and anything else your business needs to succeed at trade show marketing.

Big Impact | San Antonio Trade Show Stand

Exhibitors In San Antonio: Trade Show Stands Leave Prospects With A Big Impression Of Your Brand

If you’re exhibiting at a San Antonio trade show, a stand with layered custom banners leaves your prospects with a big impression of your brand. Skyline’s Shapes banner stands are a portable and economical trade show display system featuring two layered banners to grab attention with its contemporary, polished look. Moving and setting up a backwall made with Shapes banner stands is so easy, one person can unpack and set it up in about ten minutes.

  • Painless Transport – A 10-foot backwall is made up of three Shapes trade show stands, which pack into an oval-shaped, wheeled container, which can be used as a table in the booth once the stands are unpacked. The case is wrapped in custom graphics to enhance your brand image in your booth. The banners themselves are protected inside their cartridges on each stand, so they’re safe from crushing or creasing during transport.
  • Set-Up Could Not Be Simpler – We’re not kidding. You don’t need san antonio trade show standtools, and you don’t need to be mechanically inclined. Swivel the stabilizing foot on each base so it will stand up, pop the shock-corded banner poles into the bases, and set a spotlight arm on top of each pole. Pull the retractable banners up and drop the pull ring onto a hook on the light arm. Plug the lights in and you’re done setting up a 10-foot backwall. Put the lid back on the storage container and your table is ready to go, too. Go ahead and take a bow.
  • Change Banners Faster Than You Can Change Shoes – Each Shapes trade show stand has a pair of custom graphic banners, each in its own cartridge, which you can swap out whenever you want. The front banner is cut in your choice of shapes, so that the rear banner shows behind it. When you want to change banners, simply pop the cartridge out of the stand and click the replacement into its place. The high-quality banners are UV-coated, so indoors or out, they’ll look new every time you pull them out.
  • Arrange And Rearrange – Using trade show stands offers a big advantage in terms of flexibility. Set them up side by side for a standard 10-foot backwall, or space them out to cover a longer wall. If you find yourself in tight quarters, you’ll be thankful to have versatile tradeshow stands with you. Just angle the side banners toward center, or move the center stand forward and slide the side banners toward the center until you fit. You’ll get a cool layered effect, and no one will realize you had to make adjustments.
  • Multiply Your Message – For exhibitors in San Antonio, trade show stands are a great way to spread your message beyond the confines of your booth. Place your gorgeous layered banners near the entrances, near the dining area or coffee bar, in heavily traveled hallways, or in places where people are bound to be waiting around, like outside the panel rooms or restrooms. The more exposure your prospects get to your message, the more likely they are to recognize your brand when they see your booth and come check it out.

Portable, Affordable, Polished

If you’re exhibiting in San Antonio, a trade show stand gives your brand more visual impact and flexibility for less money. Presenting a polished image doesn’t have to involve big money and big logistics. Xtreme Xhibits San Antonio is the exclusive dealer for Skyline Displays products in the San Antonio market. We’re here to help your business design a trade show display that promotes your marketing goals and brand image today, and into the future. Contact us online or call us at 210-299-5000 to learn how Xtreme Xhibits will work with you on everything from graphics to selecting the right portable display for your trade show marketing.

Portable Displays In Austin That Make You Stand Out

6 Ideas For Your Portable Displays In Austin That Will Make You Stand Out In The Crowd

When you attend a trade show, your goal is to bring foot traffic into your booth and secure the business of new customers. You may assume that in order to do this you will need to have a huge, complicated, elaborate set up. But that is just not the case. Portable displays in Austin can provide a professional look while still being easy to set up and move around. There are many options when it comes to elements of your portable display, and using one or all of these elements will ensure that you stand out among your competition.

  1. Pop-Up Walls

When you want to make a big impact in a small space or booth, using a pop up wall is a great solution. When using a pop-up wall as your portable display in Austin, be sure to go with big, bold graphics that will attract lots of attention. Popup walls are available in both full and half sizes and come on rigid stands as well as air filled walls.

  1. Banner Stands

When picking the right elements for your portable display in Austin, banner stands can be a very effective way to market your business. Banner stands can be used in a wide variety of ways, from being placed along walkways to direct traffic to you, to being placed side by side to create walls and signage. Banner stands, much like pop-up walls, can be designed with bold graphics that will attract attention and help bring attendees into your booth.

  1. Tabletop Displays

If you’re working with a smaller booth or maybe just a table set up for your event, consider tabletop displays. These smaller versions of walls and banner stands are perfect for a small space that still needs to attract big attention.

  1. Convey Placardsportable displays Austin

Incorporating technology into your portable displays in Austin can mean big interest in your booth. Giving visitors the opportunity to use tablets or other touch screen devices enables you to give far more information in a way that people will remember. In addition to giving customers an interactive experience, you can also use these stands to hold printed literature.

  1. Storage And Merchandising

Keeping your booth neat and free of clutter can be a challenge, especially when you want to display merchandise. Having proper shelving and storage solutions as part of your portable displays allows you to have extra merchandise or literatures within easy reach while still keeping them out of sight when needed.

  1. Tables & Accessories

Having a table or podium as part of our portable displays in Austin allows you to create a focus area for attendees to find staff, obtain materials, and ask questions. Tables or other display spaces can also give you the workspace needed should you be featuring a demo or need to show basic product features. Having accessories like custom table covers help integrate them seamlessly into your overall design.

Consider portable displays in Austin for your next trade show set up. Are you unsure of what will work best for you? Contact the pros at Xtreme Xhibits today and they will help you with every step of the planning process.

Banner Stands In San Antonio Are Good For Business

5 Reasons Banner Stands In San Antonio Are A Smart Way To Market Your Business

Using banner stands in San Antonio is an easy, cost-effective way to market your business. Banner stands are custom graphic panels that fit on high-quality rigid frames and can be displayed in a variety of ways. Quality banner stands are reusable and long lasting, so if you keep these five things in mind when choosing one, you’ll have made a durable, long-term marketing investment for your business.

  1. Attention Grabbing

The most important thing a banner stand does for your business is draw attention. This can be achieved by using big, bold graphics that catch the eye of passers-by. Whether you’re a restaurant owner using your banner stand in San Antonio to highlight menu options along a busy downtown sidewalk, an event planner using them to direct attendees around a venue space, or even a trade show or fair exhibitor using banner stands to bring customers into your booth, you’ll find that banner stands always get you the attention you need.

  1. Enforce Brand RecognitionBanner Stands San Antonio

You need people to not only come to your business, but to come back over and over again. Creating brand recognition ensures that your customers with be loyal to you. A well-designed banner stand in San Antonio can help you achieve this. By incorporating your logo or other distinguishing graphics, people will be able to easily find you in a crowd. And it’s always important to remember that loyal customers bring their colleagues and friends, increasing you customer base. If you’ve got multiple locations, you can create several approved banner stand designs to be kept on file and used by vendors and partners throughout your business, which means you’ll always have a cohesive look that will be recognized.

  1. Reinforce Your Ideas

If you’re looking for a banner stand in San Antonio, but don’t necessarily need for consistent use, consider designing your banner stand to reinforce a specific idea or a new product. By giving potential customers a visual that goes along with what you have to say, you’ll ensure they remember you for a long time. The addition of accessories like shelving and literature holders means you’ll be able to incorporate even more visual elements, and be able to display take-away brochures and handouts as well.

  1. Versatility

Don’t allow yourself to be limited to one set up or design. Choose to create panels that can be moved around and rearranged to create a new look that doesn’t require all new materials. Have your panels staggered around your event or booth, then rearrange them to create a back wall display or even a panel wall to provide a quiet, more private booth that gives event attendees a feeling of being taken away from the noise and crowds.

  1. Make A Good Impression

Your banner stands in San Antonio can be an even more important marketing tool just like business cards and brochures. When you use creative design and quality materials, you’ll make a great first impression on potential new customers. This is incredibly important as it is likely to be the very first thing they see and associate with your business, which is something you won’t have the chance to do again.

Choosing banner stands in San Antonio will enable you to make that big impact no matter how you use them. Contact Xtreme Xhibits today to see how we can help you make that happen!

Four Brilliant Ways Trade Show Stands In San Antonio Build Your Brand

Four Brilliant Ways Trade Show Stands In San Antonio Build Your Brand

Are you looking for an effective marketing resource to add to your current promotional mix? Consider implementing trade show stands in San Antonio. Working the trade show arena offers business owners in every industry an impressive list of benefits that rival other traditional formats as well as online strategies. When used as part of a diverse and comprehensive marketing solution, trade show stands in San Antonio can help any organization systematically and effectively build brand momentum with long-term, sustainable results.

Make A Great First Impression With Your Trade Show Stands In San Antonio

Are you feeling a bit leery about including trade show exhibits into your marketing initiatives? Many business owners initially feel the same way; a live event strategy means investing in an exhibit, training, potential traveling fees and more. However, understanding some of the key ways that trade show stands in San Antonio can build your brand can make the choice a simple one. These live exhibits offer:

trade show stands san antonioAccess To Decision Makers

It’s hard to make a connection via voicemail and emails. Getting a face-to-face meeting with decision makers in your industry can instantly propel your brand ahead of other industry leaders. Live marketing exhibits offer you the opportunity to personally engage with buyers and partners throughout the entire event.

Mass Marketing Benefits

Every business owner dreams of getting her services and products out to the consuming masses; however, many assume that they don’t have the budget needed to do so. Trade show stands in San Antonio puts your brand in front of entire venue audiences for mass publicity in one fell swoop. You can achieve maximum marketing results without wasting precious time promoting your brand in other formats that simply don’t work.

Gain Invaluable Product Feedback

Launching a new line or product can mean spending money, and potentially wasting time with focus groups to determine what your targeted demographic will like and dislike about your merchandise. Working an exhibit means that you will have access to a live crowd throughout the function. Host product demonstrations, offer consumer surveys, and simply talk one-on-one with various passersby to gain insight on how your brand is faring within your niche as well as how it compares to the competition.

A Live First Impression Of Your Brand

Best of all, working trade show stands in San Antonio means you don’t have to cold call faceless consumers to tell them about your brand; you actually get the opportunity to give every guest at your booth an up close and personal look at what your brand is all about. This goes far beyond outlining your product line, although it is a major perk; your stand actually offers passersby the ultimate live first impression of your organization. After meeting with your team, visitors will have experienced your corporate culture vibe which can make an impact that lasts long after the function ends.

Do you want to hear more about building your brand using trade show stands in San Antonio? Contact Xtreme Xhibits today.