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February 2017

Three Ways To Get Best Value from Your Trade Show Stands

Three Ways To Get Best Value From Your Trade Show Stands

Trade show stands are one of the most versatile tools for any trade show marketer. They’re lightweight and compact, initial cost is low, and anyone can set the up without tools in no time flat. You can use them as a backwall in your booth, or place them near displays to call out the features and benefits of your new products. Used indoors or out, trade show stands can direct traffic to your booth or let them know when you’ll be hosting special events like product demos or giveaways. They’re also the perfect medium for creating photo opportunities your visitors can share on social media, broadcasting your branding among their followers. When your company is ready to try trade show stands or replace older ones, there are three things you can do to maximize your benefits and return on investment.

  • San-Antonio-Trade-Show-StandsDon’t DIY – Vertical trade show banners like the ones that are displayed on banner stands are a fairly compact medium, and many exhibitors try to design their own banners. It seems like it should be a simple project, but the truth is, there are a lot of ways to go wrong. Your company’s banners will be displayed alongside your competitor’s professionally designed banners. Spring for professional design to ensure that your banners will stand out from the crowd in a positive way and represent your brand image as part of a polished presentation.
  • UV Protection – Because banner stands have so many uses, you may want to use them outdoors, or in the windows at your facilities between shows. Think beyond your trade show exhibit and give yourself as much flexibility as possible by purchasing high quality banner fabric, treated for UV protection, so you can use them indoors and out, with no worries about fading.
  • Advance Planning – Some trade show stand systems work with banners that can be printed on both sides. If you plan ahead before ordering your banners, you can save money by having double-sided printing, instead of ordering a new banner for each campaign or placement you’re going to use them for. If you’ll only be using them at trade shows, have each side printed for a different campaign or product. If you want to use them in your storefront or offices in between shows, think about what messages you’ll need for those applications: promotions, brand marketing, employee inspiration, or seasonal messages, for example.

Get Best Use And Value From Your Trade Show Stands

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits helps exhibitors in San Antonio create the perfect image and message for their unique brands. From design to material selection, asset management and logistics, we’ll work with you to ensure that your company is poised to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your sales and make the most of your investment in trade show stands.

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Banner Stands AustinBanners stands offer exhibitors a lot of flexibility in putting their messages, products, and visual branding in the spotlight. An effectively designed banner will make an imprint in the mind of the viewer, even if they don’t make a decision to stop and take the message in. Achieving a banner design that will stand out from the crowded visual environment of a trade show floor takes careful planning, beginning with three key design principles.

  • Pictures Speak Louder Than Words – Banner stands create a display space that is best suited to visual messages. A standard-sized banner is a fairly large graphical image, but it’s a relatively small space for displaying a lot of text. Take advantage of the power of visual imagery by designing your banners around a professionally designed graphic or high-resolution professional photograph. Your images need to be bold and crisp, even when printed in large format, so it’s critical to begin with high-quality images, optimized for up-scaling. The images should be harmonious, both in color and theme, with your visual branding and the message of product your want to highlight. Using banner stands that support shaped or layered banners can add dimension and visual impact to your designs.
  • Remember Buy Level – There is an old saying in retail merchandising: “Eye level is buy level.” This is also true when it comes to designing banners. Place the most important elements of your message at eye level, but don’t fall for the temptation of overcrowding that space. If you place too many things at eye level, your visitors won’t be left with a clean, clear impression of your brand and message. In fact, they may not register an impression at all, or they will recall it as a visual version of indistinct mumbling. That’s a missed opportunity for you.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Chances are, your marketing department has worked hard on developing great copy for your websites and brochures, to let prospects know why they should buy your products. It’s important to keep in mind that your banners serve a very different purpose from either a brochure or a website; the banners are there to draw people into the sales funnel, not to close sales. Many designers hold that a banner should have no more than seven words on it. Whether you stick to seven words or not, don’t overcrowd your banners with text or distract viewers from the simple, clear message your graphic should leave in their minds.

Skyline Banner Stands And Design

Austin exhibitors depend on Skyline Xtreme Xhibits for top quality banner stands and banners, along with experienced graphic design to help them create the most effective banners for their trade show exhibits. We’ll help you choose the best materials and design to represent your brand image and products, and whether you need 3 banner stands or 300, we’ll make sure they’re produced and delivered where you need them on time, every time.