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Three Ways To Impress With Tabletop Displays

Three Ways To Impress With Tabletop Displays

Tabletop Displays AustinSometimes, a tabletop display is the best tool for the job of attracting traffic and broadcasting your brand message. In some cases, it may be because your team is flying to the event and they need to travel light to keep costs down. In other cases, it may be because exhibit space is at a premium. Trade fairs, sporting events, concert venues, and chamber of commerce events are all situations where you’re likely to have less space to work with than you would at a full-scale trade show at a convention venue, but you still need to see a worthwhile return on your investment in attending. Smaller doesn’t have to mean less effective, with some creativity and careful design choices, a tabletop display can be a powerful marketing tool.

  • Light And Lean – For occasions where your team needs to carry a minimum of gear that sets up quickly and easily, a lean tabletop display is a perfect choice. Skyline offers inflatable tabletop displays in its Windscape line that fit in a backpack for travel, and are ready to display in less than 5 minutes, thanks to the electric inflator. Another rapid-deployment tabletop is the Regatta, which uses a sturdy, shock-corded frame to display large, bold graphics on both sides of the frame. The curved shape of each of these tabletops makes it stable and allows more open table space in front of the graphic for literature or a small display of products.
  • Create A Cohesive Space – If your team is able to transport a little more gear than the light and lean set-up, clip-on lights are an excellent addition for indoor or nighttime exhibits. Creating the look of a defined and cohesive space is as simple as adding a few touches like a carpet and tablecloth that match or coordinate with your logo color, a branded table runner, and a custom-graphic wrapped table case. The case stores your display components for transport, and then serves as a table once it’s unpacked, and it will fit easily into a passenger car trunk. Sometimes, the space you’re provided will support hanging a banner above the height of the tabletop display, which helps broadcast your visual branding even further.
  • Accessorize & Impress – When transportation considerations allow for adding more accessories to the exhibit, you may want to consider the idea of including tablets on tablet stands in your display. The stands can be placed to the side of the table, so visitors can use them without blocking the background image. Tablets offer a huge range of presentation options: create a multimedia or interactive presentation, or allow visitors to browse your catalog and place orders on the spot. Most importantly, using tablets gives you a natural and efficient way to collect contact information from your visitors. Let them type out their information, and you can forget about trying to read scribbled slips of paper from a fish bowl after the event.

Tabletop Displays Give Endless Flexibility

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits has all the gear Austin exhibitors need to create impressive tabletop displays, along with expert design advice and quality custom graphics. Take your small, portable displays to new a new Xtreme.

Lightweight Trade Show Display Is Economical & Eco-Friendly

Lightweight Trade Show Display Is Economical And Eco-Friendly

Many exhibitors in today’s trade show market are looking for ways to reduce the costs of shipping and drayage for their trade show displays, and to reduce Install & Dismantle (I&D) costs with simplified installation. Companies across the board are responding to public sentiment toward sustainable business practices and they’re looking for more eco-friendly solutions for everything from product packaging to trade show exhibits that reduce waste and the demand for truck space, which contributes to pollution and carbon emissions. Lightweight trade show display components offer exhibitors a way to save significantly on costs like freight, drayage, and I&D, while supporting more sustainable, eco-friendly trade show displays.

  • San Antonio Trade Show DisplayInflatable Displays – Inflatable trade show display materials have come a long way since the noisy, kitschy flailing-arm-tube-man. In fact, Skyline’s Windscape system includes towers of up to 16 feet (no flailing, please!), and a conference room. All of the pieces are delivered with custom graphics already in place, and I&D takes a small fraction of the time needed to build a comparable display from traditional materials. Because the inflatable components don’t depend on an internal frame, they’re much lighter in weight and can pack into much smaller spaces than their traditional counterparts, so you’ll save significantly on freight and drayage.
  • Custom Modular Displays – Custom modular displays offer the structural support of a traditional custom display, but by using lighter materials and smart engineering, they can cut I&D and transport costs dramatically. Replacing fabric graphics is an economical and eco-friendly way to update your exhibit whenever you need, and the flexible configuration of modular pieces allows you to scale your exhibit up or down easily from one trade show to the next. For even greater savings, Skyline’s entire catalog of modular trade show display is available for rental, and delivered with top-quality graphics, custom-designed to fit your brand image.
  • Savings Without Sacrifice – One Skyline client cut their I&D time from 40 hours to just 16 hours by switching to the SkyRise system for their 50-foot by 50-foot two-story exhibit. In addition to chopping their I&D budget by 60 percent, the client saved significantly on transportation costs, and improved the functionality of their exhibit design with the addition of a large, private meeting space. You’re not limited to small exhibits or a small set of design options when you choose lightweight trade show display from Skyline.

Cut Costs And Environmental Impact

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits offers San Antonio exhibitors a wealth of design options and exhibit configurations in lightweight trade show display components. As part of Skyline’s international network, Xtreme Xhibits helps clients keep their eco-friendly commitments by delivering exhibits from a regional office near the exhibitor’s venue, so there’s shipping-related pollution involved. Many of the materials used in our trade show display products can also be recycled when their useful life is over.