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July 2016

Keep Your Options Open With Rental Display Booths

Keep Your Options Open With Rental Display Booths

Rental Display BoothsCompanies that exhibit at trade shows often face challenges when it comes to keeping their booth presentation fresh and exciting, placing the spotlight on their latest innovations, and adjusting for varying spaces at different shows. Using rental display gives you the option to create a booth, which is optimized for every market, season, or promotional campaign. Using rental display doesn’t mean you don’t have to settle for looking like a display clone. Choose the display pieces that combine to give you exactly the impression and functionality you need and Skyline will dress them in high-quality custom graphics to reflect your brand image and showcase your unique message. Rent an entire booth or a few additional pieces to round out the display you’ve already got: Whatever your company needs to make its display perfect at every trade show.

  • Shift The Focus – Depending on the products or services your company is marketing, you may be changing the focus of your trade show display continually to show off your latest and greatest offerings, targeting each individual market with your display, or changing seasonally. Whatever your marketing objective demand, using rental display makes it easier and more economical to change your booth up as often as you need.
  • Adapt To Your Space – Over the course of your trade show marketing year, you probably rent more than one size or configuration of booth space. Maybe you’ve decided to go all-out with an island display for one particularly profitable show, or maybe a couple of the shows you normally attend didn’t have the space you typically use. Rental display booths from Skyline include our full range of lines and pieces, so you can expand of streamline your display with plenty of choices, allowing you to create a booth that suits your image and offers the best functionality for the way you want to do business at any given show.
  • Multimedia – Multimedia and interactive displays can be powerful tools for trade show marketing, because they grab people’s attention with color, sound, and motion, and then reel them into your space so your team can talk to them. Your company may want to use a wall-sized display at some shows, or tablet-based interactive presentation at another. Perhaps you want to set up stations for attendees to try a software application or game you’re marketing. Maybe you want to take your new presentation out for a test-run before you commit to adding it to your booth long-term. You can rent display pieces ranging from an inflatable display wall to a tower with display panels, workstation desks, or simple stands for tablets, wrap them in custom graphics, and wow the crowd with your polished image – without making a huge investment!

All The Flexibility, None Of The Drawbacks

Skyline rental display pieces from Xtreme Xhibits off your company an endless number of creative options for making the most effective trade show booth for your specific demands, from portable pop-ups to impressive structural islands, and everything in between!

Easy Trade Show Booth Set-Ups That Impress

Easy Trade Show Booth Set-Ups That Impress

Easy Trade Show Booth Set-UpsThere are any number of reasons why a company might want to use a simplified display booth at trade shows: Maybe you want to field more teams and not all of them are going to shows that warrant the expense of a large, elaborate display; possibly you’re trying some new shows, and you want to get a feel for them before investing in large spaces at those shows; or it could be that your company is just starting out in the world of trade show marketing. Whatever your reasons, rest assured that you can create an impressive and effective display with portable display pieces that are easy to set up and inexpensive to transport.

  • Banner Stands – Skyline offers several styles of banner stands, from standard rectangles for a classic look to two-layered banners for dimensionality and contemporary style. Three banner stands work together to form a backwall for a standard 10-foot booth, and all of Skyline’s banner stands offer quick-change graphics, so you can update your booth’s look and message as often as you need. A set of three banners stands pack into a hard case, which is wrapped in custom graphics and can be used as a table after the banner stands are set up. The table case fits easily into most passenger cars, and it can be checked as luggage on a plane. A single person can set up the banner stand backwall alone in minutes, and with no tools.
  • Inflatable Options – The inflatable Windscape line offers 46 standard shapes, which can be arranged in an nearly endless number of configurations, so you can create exactly the look you want using light-weight, portable pieces. A 10-foot Windscape backwall packs down into a carry-on bag, and can be set up in minutes by one person. The 16-foot tower packs into a standard suitcase and is also show-ready in minutes. Set up a projection wall, a wall-mounted monitor, or even a conference room: all tool-free and easily done by one or two people.
  • Pop-Up Possibilities – Pop-up displays offer the advantage of single-piece backwall graphics, and a form factor that can be set up tool-free by one or two people. From eye-catching custom shapes to backlit walls or freestanding units, to a curved backwall that can be part a trio that forms the center of an island, Skyline’s pop-up display pieces offer dazzling options and flexibility. For added pizzazz, you can add a rear-projection media wall to your booth; that’s portable, too!

Skimp On Costs, Not On Marketing Impact

Using Skyline portable trade show display from Xtreme Xhibits allows you to slash your budget for freight, drayage, and I&D, without short-changing your booth’s effectiveness and visual impact. Take advantage of flexible options like shelving, workstations, lighting, tablet stands, and table to give your team everything they need to rock your next trade show.