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May 2015

9 Places To Take Your Portable Displays In San Antonio This Year

Are you ready to show off your portable displays in San Antonio? Xtreme Xhibits can help! Consider exhibiting at one of these local trade shows this year.


  • Wedding Fair
    • When: June 7th 2015
    • Industry: Wedding & Bridal
    • If your company offers products and services related to weddings, this is the perfect place to take your portable displays in San Antonio. The expo will showcase a variety of products, as well as feature a bridal fashion show.


  • Learning Express Toys
    • When: June 28th – July 1st 2015
    • Industry: Sporting Goods, Toys & Games
    • This four-day event will showcase toys like Lego, Hot Wheels, toy trains, and more. If your company offers small toys, take advantage of this opportunity to bring your portable displays to San Antonio.


  • Southwest Music Summer Exhibition
    • When: July 23rd – 26th 2015
    • Industry: Musical Instruments
    • This four-day event will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. It will highlight products such as musical instruments, orchestral instruments, and other products related to the music industry.


  • Summer Family Train Show
    • When: July 25th – 26th 2015
    • Industry: Railway, Shipping & Aviation
    • This event will feature trains and products related to the railway industry. It is a family friendly event, which allows exhibitors an opportunity to appeal to families with kids.


  • Your Weight Matters National Convention And Healthy Living Expo
    • When: August 13th – 16th 2015
    • Industry: Medical & Pharmaceutical
    • If your company is centered on healthy living or nutrition, this is the one place that you must exhibit. The expo is a four-day event that will take place at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter.


  • Cornerstone Leadership Conference And Expo
    • When: September 10th – 12th 2015
    • Industry: Business Services
    • This event will be geared toward team building and leadership. It will focus on communication skills, as well as showcase products and services related to this field.


  • Digital Marketing And Social Media
    • September 21st – 22nd 2015
    • Industry: Scientific Instruments
    • This event will focus on the fields of computer vision, social media, graphics, and digital marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the digital marketing conversation.


  • International Flower Show
    • When: September 29th – 30th 2015
    • Industry: Industrial Products
    • This two-day event will take place at the San Antonio Grand Hyatt and is geared toward scientists, scholars, engineers, and college students. It will discuss research activities related to the floral industry.


  • Comfort Village Fall Antiques Show
    • When: October 17th – 18th2015
    • Industry: Gifts & Handicrafts
    • Do you sell handmade specialty items such as jewelry, stoneware, textiles, country furniture, quilts, and more? If so, this two-day event is perfect for you.


Wherever you choose to exhibit, know that Xtreme Xhibits is available to help your company succeed. Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize exhibiting ROI.

5 Ways To Maximize Promotions At Trade Show Exhibits In San Antonio

trade show exhibits San Antonio The large majority of exhibitors use different kinds of promotions at their trade show exhibits. Promotions like giveaways, demonstrations, and sales materials have proven to be valuable. However, perhaps these exhibitors are not making the most of these promotions. Xtreme Xhibits has the answer. Here are five ways to maximize promotions at trade show exhibits in San Antonio.


  1. Develop An Exciting Product Demonstration.

One of the most powerful things exhibitors can do is develop exciting product demonstrations. Product demos are one of the most effective ways to, not only attract the attention of event attendees, but to keep their attention as well. An excellent demo should include interaction with the audience, should inform attendees about how your product or service works, and should initiate meaningful conversations with visitors.


  1. Choose Giveaways That Are Specific To Your Target Market.

Giveaways are generally a dime a dozen at trade shows. While they can be extremely effective in many cases, research shows that if giveaways are too generic, they will not be effective. That is why it is important to put a lot of thought into the giveaways you choose for trade show exhibits in San Antonio. Think about who your target market is and what they would appreciate. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more money on giveaways, but it does mean you have to put more thought into them.


  1. Arrange Special Gifts For Top Prospects.

Beyond having a giveaway available for anyone who visits your booth, it is extremely beneficial to prepare special gifts for your top prospects. Putting extra thought into giving them a special gift, or arranging a special meeting, can go along way. Additionally, it could provide you with time to interact with them and give them access to exclusive offers.


  1. Use Giveaways To Initiate Conversations.

Your company is being cheated out of an opportunity, if trade show attendees simply walk up to your booth, grab a giveaway, and then walk away. Obviously, you can’t force an attendee to stop and converse with your staffers. However, you can help train and equip your staffers to try to start a conversation with event attendees. Giveaways and other promotions should always lead to conversations with attendees at trade show exhibits in San Antonio.


  1. Prepare A Discount

Prepare a discount in advance that your team can “keep in their back pockets” for attendee who show an active interest. A lot of companies offer potential discounts to try to persuade customers to give them their business. However, a discount does not seem as special when it is offered to everyone. However, you can give your employees a discount they can keep “in their back pockets” for when they are conversing with a desired client. If a potential customer is seriously considering purchasing your products or services, offering an exclusive discount could be just the thing to help push them over the edge.


These are just a few of the ways you can maximize promotions at trade show exhibits in San Antonio. Contact Xtreme Xhibits today to find out how we can help you maximize your exhibiting success.

Five Ways To Put The Sizzle In Your Pop Up Displays In Austin

pop up displays AustinAre you currently considering using pop up displays at Austin live events? Congratulations! These lightweight exhibits not only prove easy to transport, they also offer very affordable solutions for business owners in every industry. Choosing pop up displays in Austin can play a key role in carefully managing bottom line expenses during any convention and event.


While pop up displays in Austin are an economical choice for many entrepreneurs, it’s important to remember that these smaller exhibits are popular for another major reason: they work! Don’t let the lower price points fool you; these portable exhibits are just as compelling and informative as full-sized models. Yes, when using pop up displays in Austin, you will have to be more space conscious throughout the design process; however, savvy business owners know how to efficiently use these cost-effective models to overshadow even their biggest industry competitors.


Partnering With The Right Design Team Is The First Step In Success With Portable Exhibits


Perhaps the biggest tip for optimizing results with your pop up displays in Austin? Choose the right design team to partner with. Many rookie exhibitors assume that they should be able to manage the design layout internally. However, live marketing exhibits are different than other promotional mediums. Choosing a reputable, qualified team of professional designers can help maximize the space you have for the biggest audience impact possible.


Other Ways To Cast A Major Marketing Shadow With Your Portable Exhibits


Beyond finding the right design team, there are other proven tactics to employ with your pop up displays in Austin to optimize results and overall return on investment. One key factor sure to garner showroom attention and build audience buzz is to plan the perfect giveaway for your guests. Some business owners assume that handouts offer very little value during a live function. Not true. Not only will some visitors only stop in to see what your business is handing out, but these items also showcase your company name, which makes a long-lasting marketing impact. Strategize the perfect handout with your team and the crowds will be lined up at your portable Austin exhibits.


Next, when strategizing the layout of your pop up displays in Austin, always think about where you will be able to effectively conduct live product demonstrations throughout the convention. No matter what the size of your exhibit, you should be able to find a spot to demo your merchandise. Live demos build crowds and allow your booth visitors see the many features your products deliver.


Another way to put a little extra sizzle to your portable exhibits? Offer free samples and/or product discounts throughout the function. Once your guests have seen what your merchandise can do, they will love being able to take a sample size home with them.


Finally, when conceptualizing the execution of your pop up displays in Austin, it’s important to maximize your biggest assets: your staff. Lackluster game day performances can undermine success at any sized booth; train your staff to keep their energy up to have successful and productive engagements with every visitor to help convert stop-ins into authentic leads.


Want to hear more ways to make your pop up displays pop? Contact us today!