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January 2015

5 Questions To Ask Before Designing Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

austin tx trade show exhibitsExhibiting successfully requires a lot of planning and hard work. Where many companies go wrong is starting to design their trade show booth before taking some time to sit down and discuss trade show strategy. Your trade show booth should be based entirely on your trade show strategy. Therefore, if you have not taken time to define this, you cannot effectively begin to design a trade show booth. Below, strategic trade show marketing company, Xtreme Xhibits, shares five questions to discuss with your team before designing your San Antonio trade show booth.


#1 – Which events are we planning on exhibiting at?

The first, most basic question you must discuss is which trade shows, conferences, and other events your company is planning on exhibiting at. The frequency with which you will be exhibiting will probably affect what kind of products you will be using as well as whether you should rent or buy trade show products. Additionally, specifying which events you are planning to attend will help you focus on the market you will be trying to reach with your San Antonio trade show booth.


#2 – What do we hope to gain from exhibiting at these events?

This question is extremely important. You have to know what purpose you are working towards. More importantly, your team needs to know what purpose they are working towards. Without clearly defined goals, people tend to lose excitement and drive. In order to keep your team motivated, you must clearly define success for them by setting goals. For example, maybe your goal is to leave an event with X amount of sales leads. Perhaps your objective is to raise brand recognition. Whatever your goal may be, it is important to define it prior to designing your San Antonio trade show booth.


#3 – How will we capture the attention of attendees and encourage them to visit our booth?

Learning how to stand out from the crowd is something every exhibitor has to do. What is your strategy for capturing the attention of event attendees with so many other displays vying for their attention? What images, graphics, and giveaways do you envision using to draw them in? It is essential to answer this question with your target market in mind.


#4 – What information will we communicate to visitors at our San Antonio trade show booth?

Drawing visitors to your booth is half of the battle. The other half is figuring out what you’re going to say to them once they are at your booth. Some trade show experts recommend having a predetermined set of questions to ask visitors in order to keep the conversation going and gain their interest in your products and services.


#5 – How will we follow up with visitors after the events?

Finally, what is your follow-up plan? What will you do with all of the sales leads that result from the event? How can you get that information to your sales representatives as quickly as possible?


Xtreme Xhibits can help you both strategize and design your San Antonio trade show booth. Contact us today to get started.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Using Pop Up Displays In Austin

pop up displays in austinFinding the right trade show display for your company is important to your exhibiting success. There are a variety of styles and sizes of trade show products to choose from, including island exhibits, modular inline booths, and portable displays. One type of portable exhibit to consider is pop up displays. These displays offer the professional appearance and convenient functionality that every exhibitor looks for in trade show products. Below, Xtreme Xhibits shares six reasons you will fall in love with using pop up displays in Austin.


#1 – Transportability

The first reason you will fall in love with using pop up displays in Austin is their convenient transportability. Take them pretty much anywhere since they are extremely simple to transport or ship. Additionally, these pop up displays are easy to set up, saving you lots of time and frustration. There are virtually no limits to where you can set up your pop up displays in Austin.


#2 – Quality

Not only are pop up displays easy to transport, but they are also extremely high quality. The frames and channels are very durable and even come with a lifetime warranty. The Mirage frames, available from Xtreme Xhibits, are made of fiberglass or carbon, which are preferable to aluminum because of their flexibility.


#3 – Images

The third reason your company will love exhibiting with pop up displays in Austin is because they have the ability to display high-quality, engaging images. Xtreme Xhibits even offers graphic design services. Therefore, we can help you design your pop up displays for maximum impact using high-quality graphics and images.


#4 – Innovation

The pop up displays available from Xtreme Xhibits are highly innovative. Specifically, the frames of these displays have features that make them durable and easy to set up. Your company has the opportunity to choose between the Mirage Classic frame, Mirage Advantage frame, and Mirage Plus frame. The Mirage Plus frame offers great convenience, as it is self-locking, moving into place without the use of extra connectors.


#5 – Versatility

One of the best things about Xtreme Xhibit’s pop up displays is that they are versatile. Versatility is an important quality in terms of trade show products. For example, the cases that the Mirage displays are transported in can be used as tables at your pop up displays in Austin. This type of versatility gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to paying for shipping as well as saving you space for storage.


#6 – Lighting

Every exhibitor looks for ways to make their displays stand out from the crowd. One way to enhance your pop up displays is with LED backlighting. It is amazing how a little bit of lighting can make your display so much more noticeable to trade show attendees. The more noticeable your booth is, the more likely attendees are to check it out.


If you want to find out more about trade show products and services, contact Xtreme Xhibits today.

4 Tips For Creating Successful Trade Show Exhibits In Austin

4 Tips For Creating Successful Trade Show Exhibits In AustinTrade shows, conferences, and similar events provide great opportunities for companies to present their brand to potential customers. The more that companies put into their trade show exhibits, the more return on investment they will see. For this reason, it is important to constantly improve your trade show exhibits and ensure that you are maximizing your exhibiting ROI. Below, we will share four tips for creating successful trade show exhibits in Austin.


#1 – Don’t do exactly what every other exhibitor is doing.


The first step in creating successful trade show exhibits in Austin is to avoid doing exactly what every other exhibitor is doing. Of course it is wise to learn from other exhibitors, but the most successful exhibitors are those who find a way to make their trade show exhibits stand out from the crowd. What does it look like to stand out from the crowd? It can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Coming up with an innovative marketing strategy is a great starting point. Also, it is important to partner with a trade show product provider like Xtreme Xhibits, who will work with you to design creative, custom trade show exhibits in Austin. You can also stand out from the crowd by hosting exciting activities and demonstrations at your exhibit. Try to think outside the box. What has never been done before? What will create an unforgettable experience for event attendees?


#2 – Don’t be afraid to try new things at trade show exhibits in Austin.


Falling in love with your trade show exhibit is a good thing. Just don’t fall in love with it so much so that you’re not willing to make some changes when necessary. In the world of trade shows, it is imperative to stay one step ahead in terms of equipment and exhibit content. Try to think intuitively about where your company is headed. Providers like Xtreme Xhibits make it easy for you to change out your graphics and messaging when necessary. Just don’t be afraid to make those changes when needed.


#3 – Staff trade show exhibits with employees who have great interpersonal skills.


Some exhibitors make the mistake of focusing strictly on the design of their trade show exhibits in Austin. However, one of the best ways to create successful exhibits is by staffing them with your most charismatic employees. The employees staffing your booth are selling your brand as much as, if not more than, the exhibit itself. Their level of professionalism (or lack thereof) will leave a lasting impression on visitors.


#4 – Make sure your exhibiting products are working for you, not against you.


In terms of trade show exhibits in Austin, it is essential to ensure that they are always working for you and not against you. What do we mean by this? Your exhibiting products should be high-quality and hassle-free. If you have an island exhibit, take advantage of professional installation and dismantling services. If you also use portable displays, they should be lightweight, durable, and easy to set up. For example, Xtreme Xhibits offers portable display systems that inflate with the press of a button. If your exhibiting products are causing you more headache than payoff, it’s time to look into other options.


Contact Xtreme Xhibits today to find out how we can help you create successful trade show exhibits in Austin.