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October 2014

How To Turn Heads With Your Austin Trade Show Stand

Austin trade show stand There are so many things companies have to consider in today’s competitive market. One of those things is how to design their trade show exhibit to stand out from the crowd. At events like trade shows and conferences, there are a number of different products and companies vying for the attention of attendees. How does an exhibitor design a display in such a way as to capture the attention of potential customers and intrigue them to find out more about products and services? Below, we will share a few ideas for how to turn heads with your Austin trade show stand.


#1 – Strong Presence


One of the simplest ways to make your Austin trade show stand more noticeable is simply through a strong presence at your event. For example, companies that have the budget and want a presence that cannot be ignored should consider using custom island exhibits. With sizes ranging from 20′ x 20′ to 30′ x 30′, visitors can’t help but be drawn to these exhibits. Perhaps your company does not have the budget or space for an island exhibit. You can make your brand’s presence known in other creative ways. For example, you could create a fleet of banner stands to be placed throughout an event center, exposing potential customers to your brand frequently and effectively.


#2 – Strategic Marketing


In order to make your Austin trade show stand more impactful, it is essential to be intentional about your marketing strategy. This is precisely why understanding your target audience is so important. Researching your target market provides you with valuable insight into how to design your trade show stand to effectively appeal to them. You should know the demographics of your target market, such as age, family structure, ethnicity, and income. It is also best to consider the cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors that influence their behaviors as consumers. All of this knowledge can serve as a valuable filter for your company when designing your Austin trade show stand. Every detail, from graphics to messages, should be strategically designed to best reach your target market.


#3 – Added Value


Adding value for consumers is the third filter for designing your Austin trade show stand. Optimize your exhibiting success by genuinely adding value. How do you add value? There are many ways. One way to add value is to put your best people on the floor to interact with attendees. Capitalize on team members with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for exceeding customer expectations. In a world where customer service is everything, this is one of the most effective ways your company can add value for trade show visitors. There are many more ways to add value at your Austin trade show stand. You can give away promotional products, host product demonstrations, hand out free samples of your product, host games and activities, and much more. The goal is to create a positive experience with your brand that leads to a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


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3 Ways To Make San Antonio Trade Show Booths Unforgettable

San Antonio trade show booths At events like trade shows and conferences, attendees are bombarded with thousands of different messages and advertisements. Every brand competes for the attention and interest of event attendees. For this reason, it is more important than ever before for exhibitors to do their best to make their trade show booths truly unforgettable. They want to create positive experiences for attendees that will ideally lead to long-lasting, profitable relationships. How does a company really stand out from the crowd? What can a company do that everyone else is not already doing? What are some out-of-the-box ideas? Below, we will share three ways to make your San Antonio trade show booths truly unforgettable.


#1 – Celebrity Appearances


What could be more unforgettable than hosting a celebrity guest at your San Antonio trade show booths? Attendees will always remember the time they saw “that actress” or “that singer” at your booth. Having a face that consumers recognize and admire supporting your brand is an extremely powerful thing. Potential customers are generally more likely to trust a celebrity that is endorsing a product, rather than someone who works for the company endorsing the same product.


#2 – Fun Experiences


So many exhibitors focus on free giveaways like key chains and pens. While there is nothing wrong with these types of giveaways, they are also very predictable. They do not offer the “wow factor” that will make a brand unforgettable to trade show attendees. Instead of investing money into the types of promotional materials that everyone else is handing out, what if you put those dollars toward something a little more out of the box? Maybe what would make your San Antonio trade show booths more memorable is not necessarily the stuff people walk away with, but rather the experience they have at your exhibit. Here are a few ideas for creating a fun experience at San Antonio trade show booths:


  • Have an artist making live artwork at the exhibit.
  • Feature a complimentary coffee bar (the cups could have your company name on them).
  • Host high-energy contests and games that get the crowd involved.
  • Set up a photobooth with props and post the pictures to your company’s Facebook page after the event (this is a great plug for your social media platform).
  • Give away free food items – like specialty donuts or cookies.
  • Hand out cards that have a scavenger hunt challenge on them. If attendees complete all the tasks and bring the card back, they get a prize.


#3 – Amazing Customer Service


One of the best ways to make San Antonio trade show booths memorable has nothing to do with big time celebrities, games, or giveaways. That one thing that can make your exhibit genuinely impactful is amazing customer service. This seems so obvious, yet so many companies still do not put as much emphasis on customer service as they do on giveaways and other marketing campaigns. Trade show attendees are sure to remember the amazing customer service they experienced while at your booth.


Xtreme Xhibits can help you make your trade show exhibit unforgettable. Contact us today to find out more.

Great Things Come In Small Packages: How To Make Big Impact With Portable Trade Show Exhibits

San Antonio Trade Show Exhibits

Great Things Come In Small Packages: How To Make Big Impact With Portable Trade Show Exhibits

Xtreme Xhibits specializes in a wide range of customized San Antonio trade show exhibits. We partner with clients operating in a comprehensive assortment of industries to help each create a one-of-a-kind trade show booth that captures the very essence of their business brand. With just a glance, your prospective clients will know exactly what your company is about for long-term, sustainable marketing results.


Portable San Antonio Trade Show Exhibits Offer Superior Marketing Return On Investment


What’s one of our most popular options for San Antonio trade show exhibits? Portable displays. Lightweight and easy to transport, our portable displays offer big marketing impact, all in a small, innovative and eye-catching promotional package.


When working with our clients to create compelling portable San Antonio trade show exhibits, our team of design experts will work closely with you to conceptualize an easy-to-transport display that will resonate with your targeted niche. How? By keeping a few key considerations in mind throughout the design process. When designing your portable San Antonio trade show exhibits, we will work to:


Keep a simple and organized appearance: At Xtreme Xhibits, we know firsthand that eye-catching and compelling doesn’t have to mean over-orchestrated. We team with your staff to design a finished exhibit that focuses on your main goals and objectives without seeming cluttered and unorganized.


Professionally showcase your brand: Professionalism is a key component in all of our portable San Antonio trade show exhibits. Our skilled exhibit experts know how to professionally highlight your brand image for optimal impact at every live encounter event.


Think outside the box: A signature facet of our portable displays? We don’t believe in templates and one-size-fits-all looks and styles. Instead, we can customize an exhibit in virtually any shape and design. The result? Our displays instantly set themselves apart from the competition on even the most crowded showroom floors.


Accessorize for a comprehensive final look: Once we’ve created the main components of your stand, the team at Xtreme Xhibits will work with you to fully accessorize your exhibit. Customized banner stands, shelving, organizational options and even storage units are just some of the items we can include for a comprehensive final showroom look.


Doing Your Part To Create Lasting Impact


Of course, our award-winning displays are just one piece of a successful live marketing event experience. Our clients’ overall execution is the final component of achievement. When working with your team to create best practices for trade shows, include your pre-event marketing strategy. Reaching out to the most relevant players in your consumer pool can help stack the odds in your favor for number of visitors at the function itself.


Additionally, always work with your team to ensure that they are ready to handle the specific nuances that come with a convention engagement. Role play pitches, dialogues and how to best move a conversation forward from informational to lead. Having your team prepared for any potential scenario can help garner the best results possible from your portable San Antonio trade show exhibits.


For more information on our comprehensive line of booths, stands and displays, along with the latest exhibition strategies, contact Xtreme Xhibits today.