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April 2014

Boost Customer And Team Loyalty With Your San Antonio Trade Show Display

trade show displays san antonioDesigned for impact, polish and branding, your San Antonio trade show display can also be used to promote loyalty among existing customers and employees. Often seen as an afterthought, or not considered at all, employee and customer loyalty are what make most companies successful. Loyalty is what brings customers back and what allows you to hang on to valuable employees, regardless of what the competition has to offer. These simple design and management tips will transform your San Antonio trade show display into a tool for showing customers and staff just how much they are appreciated.

Designing A San Antonio Trade Show Display For Loyalty

The design process for any San Antonio trade show display will normally focus on individuality, lighting, messaging and flooring. These are critical aspects of any event exhibit. Event goals, staff scheduling and travel logistics are also important. When designing your San Antonio trade show display with an eye for boosting loyalty, however, you will want to also consider the personalities, interests and desires of existing customers and employees. This helps managers shift their focus from the product to the people who make selling the product possible.

Appreciating Existing Customers

Industry exhibits are noisy, busy and more than a little demanding of our attentions. Distractions and appeals are on every side. One way you can design your San Antonio trade show display to promote customer loyalty is to make it familiar and welcoming. Even if you have new products or services that you wish to promote, they can be an aside to the tried and true recipe for your current success. Familiar colors, signs and products can be reassuring to attendees who may be feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Provide a quiet place to sit and some simple refreshments. A pre-event social media campaign can be used to collect photographs of customers using your products and used to make a Wall of Fame. Your San Antonio trade show display will feel like an oasis in the storm and customers will remember feeling appreciated.

Build Team Spirit

Your San Antonio trade show display can boost team spirit by appealing to your employees’ need to feel valued and challenged. Anyone worth hiring is not going to want a free ride. Worthy employees want to feel both challenged and appreciated, and your exhibit can showcase not only the company’s goods or services, but the people who make it all happen. This is especially true for the individuals staffing your San Antonio trade show display. Make sure their accommodations are comfortable, meals are paid for, and scheduling provides enough time for rest and relaxation.

Designing your San Antonio trade show display to boost customer and employee loyalty is an excellent way of investing in the people who make your business successful. Xtreme Xhibits can help you with this and all of your trade show needs.

To learn more about designing your San Antonio trade show display for improved customer loyalty, contact Xtreme Xhibits today.

3 Ways To Protect Pop Up Displays At Austin Trade Shows

Austin Pop Up DisplaysTrade shows can be exciting events, but they can also be exhausting. By the end of most trade shows, everyone on your team is probably feeling a bit worn out. Unfortunately, this can result in damage to pop up displays. Austin offers many attractions and distractions, but it is important to create a set routine for wrapping up trade show events. This helps you avoid the problems associated with putting off maintenance, lost components and improper packing and storing. These three simple tips can prevent damage and excessive wear and tear, protecting your investment and ensuring a powerful performance by pop up displays at Austin and other trade shows.

1. Inspect Pop Up Displays

Austin and other area trade shows offer plenty of business opportunities. They also require effort. Tired and ready to hit the showers before dinner and drinks at the end of the event, your team needs to take a few minutes at the end of each trade show to inspect pop up displays. Austin can be dusty and there are plenty of chances for dirt and damage to detract from your marketing message. Even the highest quality pop up displays in Austin can be damaged when someone stumbles into them or spills something on them. Before packing them away, conduct a visual inspection of your pop up displays. Austin is filled with events where they can be used and you want them to be ready for use at a moment’s notice. Wiping up a small spill may seem insignificant, but the potential client who sees the coffee stain at the next trade show may wonder about your company’s commitment to product quality. Dealing with simple repairs as soon as they are needed, or as soon as possible, makes it easier to minimize the damage and it serves as a message to potential clients that you mean business.

2. Carefully Pack Pop Up Displays

Austin weather can be hard on materials and people. Packing equipment properly protects your investment. High quality pop up displays in Austin and elsewhere are sold with packing materials that make travel and storage easier. Be sure to use them. These containers are designed to protect corners and edges, as well as flat surfaces, ensuring that your materials and equipment look their best each time they are used. You may want to designate one member of the team to supervise packing everything up at the end of each trade show. It can help to develop an inventory checklist that ensures nothing is left behind. Invest in a cart or other method of moving them safely and conveniently.

3. Store Pop Up Displays Securely

Pop up displays are an investment in brand recognition and they can also represent your company’s commitment to quality. You can protect that investment by storing pop up displays in Austin in a place that is safe from moisture damage and casual collisions. Depending upon how frequently they are used, select a storage location that is safe and secure, while still convenient. Being too casual about storage can lead to irreparable damage or the embarrassing problem of being unable to find them in a big warehouse.

Designate one member of the team for each of these steps to protect your marketing investment. Pop up displays at Austin and other trade shows can transform your business and they deserve proper handling.

For more information about caring for pop up displays in Austin, click here. To see a gallery of display options, visit us today!